Who should buy the Teva Original Universal

By default, the Original Universal lives up to its name by being a multi-use outdoor piece. You will likely enjoy this Teva offering if:

  • you need all-around versatile athleisure footwear for the following:
    • light hikes
    • walking on the beach
    • swimming
    • paddle boarding
    • casual wear with a summer dress or a pair of shorts 
  • you prefer extra lightweight hiking sandals
  • you often take on the trails which require you to cross pebbly creeks and streams.

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Who should NOT buy this sandal

If you need a hiking sandal for the more strenuous types of hiking, you may want to have a look at the Teva Universal Trail or the more substantial options from the Teva Hurricane series.

And if you want better adjustability in the straps, consider the Hurricane 4 instead. Its back strap also has Velcro and can be regulated.

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The Original Universal's inviting confines

Scores of trail-goers find the Original Universal plush all around. Most of them link this quality to the sandal's soft fabric. Some of the reviewers mention that the straps feel soft even though they are not padded, like some of the other Teva offerings.

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Underfoot texture ruined the comfort for some

On the downside, not everyone was happy with the cross-hatch pattern on top of the sole. This semi-rough surface is "impossible to not feel," says a wearer. Most people didn't enjoy this texture, comparing the experience to walking on sand. They expressed hope that it would flatten out over time.

Ready for virtually everything

Whether for everyday use, water hikes, or grocery shopping, this piece from Teva delivers greatly, based on numerous reports.

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A feather on the scale

Experts are more than impressed with the sandal’s barely-there lightness. This Teva sandal weighs a measly 6.7 oz (190 g), after all! For reference, the average is 11.3 oz (320 g).

Teva Original Universal light

As one of the reviewers claims, "your feet will feel light as a breeze." Another one also finds it way lighter than the Hurricanes.

The Teva Original Universal's breathing space

Reviewers adore the sandal's roominess which offers all that generous wiggle room. With the wide footbed and adjustable straps, all foot shapes are going to feel comfortable in this Teva sandal.

Teva Original Universal space

Traction is mostly a letdown

Don't expect the Original Universal to be a reliable partner for wet rocks and inclines. Its rather smooth outsole barely has any treading to keep you confident and surefooted in slippery conditions.

Teva Original Universal versa

This Teva lasts a while

Those who have worn the Teva Original Universal for at least a few months are happy with the durability of this sandal. One reviewer has walked around 10 km a day in this model and claims that it "barely looks like there is any wear and tear" on the outsole.

Teva Original Universal strap

For the asking price of $50, it is two times cheaper than the average $93. What's more, you can now get it for 50% less from most retailers. And yet, this sandal proves to be a wear-resistant option for at least one season.

Cushioned just enough for shorter hikes

Although not the brand's most substantial hiking sandal, the Original Universal is reported to have enough cushioning and support in the sole to keep you comfortable for distances up to 6 miles (minus the heavy bag, of course).

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There are few-to-none complaints about the sandal causing discomfort or pain to the feet.

One of the best-looking sandals out there

Style-wise, Teva Original Universal seems to have outperformed many of the hiking sandals on the market. This model proves that a sandal can be a nice-looking and even trendy piece of footwear.

Someone mentioned that it looks more attractive than many other Teva models because "it is slimmer." This sandal is also offered in loads of different colors and patterns which makes it much easier to style with all sorts of outfits.

How to keep the Original Universal odor-free

  • Soak the sandal in a mixture of two cups of water and a cup of antimicrobial mouthwash for 15 minutes.
  • Scrub it with a soft-bristled brush.
  • Rinse it with clean water (preferably warm) then air-dry.

If you want to help the sandal dry faster, wipe it with a towel or another moisture-absorbing piece of cloth before putting it out to dry.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 189g / Women 142g
Use: Multi-sport, Water hiking
Collection: Teva Original
Features: Strappy, Vegan, Eco-friendly / Lightweight
Width: Normal
BRAND Brand: Teva
Construction: Strappy, Vegan, Eco-friendly

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