Who should buy the KEEN Newport H2

With the navigational freedom of hiking sandals and protectiveness mostly seen in trail shoes, the Newport H2 is a compelling product as far as versatility is concerned. It is for you if:

  • You're someone who likes boulder-hopping around streams.
  • You despise losing balance and getting achy arches on rocky terrain.
  • An amphibious hiker that deals with odor is what you're after.

KEEN Newport H2 buy

Who should NOT buy it

If stitched uppers make you feel uneasy durability-wise, skip the Newport H2 and try the stringy KEEN Uneek instead. Also, consider the Chaco Z/Cloud if you're looking for a more open hiking sandal.

KEEN Newport H2 not1

The Newport H2's day-one comfiness

To a multitude of adventurers, this remarkable water hiker delivers jaw-dropping comfort right from the get-go.

KEEN Newport H2 comf

Won't let you slip

Quite a number of reviewers are impressed with the sandal's high level of traction, whether on wet surfaces or dry terrain.

KEEN Newport H2 grip

Surefootedness in the KEEN Newport H2

Consumers in droves, including an expert, laud the sandal for providing great stability and arch support on uneven terrain.

KEEN Newport H2 sure

Stitching issues

Scores of reviewers find the Newport H2 worrisome in terms of durability. Many of these people reported ankle strap stitching problems after only a few months of use.

KEEN Newport H2 stitch

Locks in debris

Removing dirt and other foreign elements while the sandal is on is quite impossible, according to trail-goers.

KEEN Newport H2 light

A non-clunky ally

The KEEN Newport H2 won't weigh you down, according to a combination of professional critics and regular hikers.

KEEN Newport H2 clunk2

No place for stink

Many adventurers applaud this lightweight sandal for performing well against foot odor.

KEEN Newport H2 debris

KEEN Newport H2 vs. Newport

The Newport H2 uses the same silhouette as the KEEN Newport (officially launched at a Fall 2003 trade exhibition). The main difference between the two models lies in the upper. The H2 version has polyester webbing confines, while the base model has a leather shell. The Newport is more expensive than the synthetic H2 by roughly $10.

Both models can perform in wet conditions. That said, KEEN sees the H2 version as the better choice since its synthetic upper is more hydrophobic (it flushes out moisture more effectively).

KEEN Newport H2 vs5

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 14.2oz / Women 10.5oz
Base model: KEEN Newport
Use: Water hiking
Features: Closed toe, Vegan, Eco-friendly / Lightweight / Breathable, Non-marking
Width: Normal
Construction: Closed toe, Vegan, Eco-friendly

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