Updates to KEEN Newport

  • The KEEN Newport is a basic multi-sport sandal which features several cutting-edge technologies for hiking. The razor-siped rubber outsole with aggressive lugs provides traction on various obstacles encountered during hikes.
  • KEEN designers wanted to offer a sandal that grants ample toe protection. They made it possible by featuring their patented toe guard in this model. This feature is characterized by the exclamation point logo that’s within a yellow triangle. It is called KEEN.Protect.
  • The compression-molded EVA midsole and antimicrobial treatment provide optimum comfort. The former maintains an environment of soft cushioning inside the sandal while the latter is an enhancement that works against bacteria, keeping the user’s foot comfortably dry and fresh during hikes.
  • With its leather upper, secure fit lacing system, and the 3M reflective pull tabs, the footwear offers a durable build, a snug fit, and better visibility of the product in poor light conditions. Its colorways (like the KEEN Newport Bison) come in earthy tones.

Size and fit

The KEEN men’s Newport is offered to men and women. It offers sufficient space in the toe box to allow for natural splaying of toes. Also, its semi-curved shape enables it to adapt comfortably to the natural foot shape of the hiker for a snug and comfortable fit.


KEEN Newport's rubber outsole features 3 mm lugs which provides traction on challenging ground surfaces. It is razor-siped, meaning it has thin slits across its surface which further enhances its grip on wet rocks. This design also makes it adherent on boat decks. Additionally, this sole is non-marking which ensures a high friction coefficient, making it suitable for a variety of environments.

It has the proprietary KEEN.Protect, where the outsole wraps up to form a toe guard. It prevents injury from stubbing on roots, rocks, and sharp objects.


The midsole of the KEEN Newport houses the compression-molded ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam. It is the conventional form of EVA midsole, manufactured to provide comfort and flexibility to the user for a considerably long period of time. The Metatomical footbed features an anatomical design to support the natural shape of the foot with an emphasis on the big toe (the first metatarsal joint).

Sitting between the midsole and the outsole is a thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shank which gives stability to the wearer. It also prevents the shoe from bending at the midfoot portion. TPU is a lightweight and flexible material. When used in sandals, this component gives the foot enough flex while maintaining a supportive structure.

The footbed is designed to form according to the shape of the user’s foot. As a result, personalized comfort is delivered. It also comes with a microfiber cover. Microfiber is known for its lightness and durability. It is also water repellent. Antibacterial chemicals can also be applied to this kind of material.

The microfiber cover is the reason why Keen is able to infuse the Cleansport NXT technology. This is a natural odor-fighting agent that keeps the underfoot environment fresh. For every square inch of fabric, there are thousands of beneficial microbes that lie dormant. They become active once they come in contact with sweat. They continue to work until they’ve broken down all the organic odor-causing material and become inactive after fighting all the microbes. The entire process repeats once they detect the presence of odor.


The upper is made of leather combined with a hydrophobic mesh lining for fit and comfort. Both materials are washable, making the sandal easy to clean. The KEEN logo can be seen on the lateral side, along the ankle section of the sandal.

The materials selected by KEEN designers are quick drying. Therefore, the chances of getting blisters and other kinds of discomfort during wet encounters are prevented.

This lightweight hiking sandal from Keen uses the secure fit lace capture system for maintaining a snug fit throughout the hiking session. The technology keeps the upper wrapped around the foot in a manner that the foot neither slides uncomfortably inside the shoe nor does it undergo painful chafing against the inside walls. It has a single-pull design for the wearer’s convenience. Users tighten the strap by pulling it and then locking it with a bungee.

The 3M reflective pull tabs ensure visibility in low light conditions. The feature is useful when hiking during the night or when going to dark places, such as caves, where the visibility is poor. These tabs, which are found in the tongue and heel areas, allow quick donning and doffing of the sandal.

Care and Maintenance

  • Machine wash the Keen Newport on a gentle cycle. Use a small amount of mild detergent with cool water.
  • After washing, air dry the pair. Do not expose to any sources of heat.

Other Versions of the KEEN Newport

The Newport sandal came out in the year 2003. Since then, KEEN has been manufacturing multiple versions of the original silhouette to cater to the different outdoor needs (hiking, boating, rafting and traveling) and style preferences of consumers. Just like the original silhouette, these products are also machine washable. The Newport offerings include:

KEEN Newport H2. Instead of leather, KEEN designers opted for a waterproof polyester webbing for this product. This delivers a lightweight and flexible performance. It is lighter than the leather version by about 30 grams. It is made with PFC-free components. This means that when it’s finally time to retire and dispose of the sandal, it will break down easily.

Keen Newport Eco. In efforts to protect nature, the brand decided to use the Newport silhouette to create a sandal with environment-friendly materials. The upper is made of recycled plastic bottles and premium leather sourced from an LWG-certified tannery (meaning, the material is manufactured using proper environmental practices). The outsole is a combination of rubber and upcycled rice husk.

Keen Newport Retro. Just like the Newport H2, the upper is made of polyester webbing. But this time, KEEN used tie-dying, resulting in a splash of colors. The mentioned process involves the tying of sections of a fabric to be shielded from the dye.

Keen Newport Hydro. In function, it is just like the Newport H2. The price is also the same. The difference is that the Newport Hydro uses an ESS shank while the H2 version features a TPU stability shank. KEEN recommends both for hiking creeks and coasts.

Keen Newport Revival. This is a limited edition offer from the brand. Its material construction is the same as the Newport H2. The upper is designed with the Newport Folk Festival logo. KEEN also donates $50 to music education efforts for ever pair sold. This initiative is to support music programs that are going through budget cuts.

Nice to know

-The term metatomical is a fusion of the words metatarsal (the five long bones in the foot) and anatomical—the foundations of KEEN’s proprietary footbed.

-This sandal is machine washable. KEEN specifically developed their leather uppers for machine washing so they won’t stretch, crack or shrink.

-Razor siping is used in the process of creating the KEEN Newport outsole. This method involves the cutting of slits on a rubber surface. The fissures are thin to improve grip performance in wet conditions.

-The colorways for men are Bison, Neutral Grey/Gargoyle, and Black/Black among others. The women’s sandal comes in Sand Trap/Provincial Blue.

Facts / Specs

Weight: 431g
Use: Water hiking
Features: Closed toe / Lightweight
Waterproofing: Waterproof
Width: Normal
Construction: Closed toe

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