Who should buy the Nike Zoom Rival MD 8

The Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 is a versatile track running spike recommended for:

  • sprints to middle-distance races
  • hurdles and jumping tournaments

Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 nike

Profile of the Nike Zoom Rival MD 8

Use – The Nike Zoom Rival M 8 is a versatile track running spike. It is suitable for running events that range from sprints to middle-distance races. It can also perform in hurdles and jumping tournaments.

Spike Type – For lightweight yet aggressive traction, the mid-distance running spike houses 7 pins. These are pyramid spikes—ideal for rubber track surfaces. These measure ¼ inch in length. 

Spike Plate – To accommodate the pyramid pins, a 7-pin Pebax plate is equipped to the outsole. This plate is responsible for the track spike’s surface grip and durability. To avoid drag, it maintains a featherlight composition.

Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 profile

Updates to the Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 

  • A 7-pin Pebax plate has been outfitted to generate versatile, aggressive surface traction. 
  • For a well-ventilated platform, a single-layer spacer mesh upper is integrated into the design. 
  • Sporting Nike’s very own Phylon midsole, the Zoom Rival M 8 is engineered for responsiveness and comfort.

Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 updates

Adjustable fit

Only available in men’s sizing measurement, the Nike Zoom Rival M 8 is fashioned in standard width. For women, it is recommended that 1.5 be deducted from their usual size preference. This is to secure the precise size of the track running spike.

Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 adjustable fit

There are several aspects of the Zoom Rival M 8 that affect its fit. One of these is Nike’s Flywire technology targets an adjustable fit. 

Zoom Rival MD 8 provides superior grip and durability

For foot conformity, a single-layer spacer mesh is incorporated. Internal synthetic overlays are bonded to the upper intended for structural integrity.

Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 superior grip

The makeup of the Zoom Rival M 8’s outsole is a combination of rubber and Pebax plate. This blend of outsole materials solicits superior grip and durability. 

Mitigates shock impact

The Pebax plate is made out of high-strength thermoplastic elastomer. This material also supplements shock-mitigating properties, protecting the foot from any injury.

Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 pedax plate

Its construction also permits propulsion because of its rigidity. To avoid drag, it keeps minimal weight. 

Superb surface grip and sturdiness

To complement the traction supplied by the spike plate, a rubber outsole is also implemented. Rubber is known for its superb surface grip and sturdiness.

Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 rubber outsole

This attribute lengthens the life span of the track shoe. A proprietary midsole innovation from Nike, Phylon is embedded within the platform. It is made out of compressed EVA foam pellets. 

Responsive cushioning

These are expanded through heat then cooled down into a mold. The Phylon midsole deploys that needed rebound during the run with its responsive cushioning.

Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 responsive cushioning

It keeps a lightweight profile for energy conservation. The same midsole component is present in the popular Nike Zoom 400.

Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 offers lightweight breathability

To keep the weight down as much as possible, a single-layer spacer mesh is added to the mid-distance shoe’s upper design. This upper element permits lightweight breathability. It also allows the runner to have unrestricted foot movements with its flexibility.

Nike Zoom Rival MD 8 lightweight breathability

For security and internal structural reinforcement, synthetic underlays are affixed. Another innovation from Nike, the Flywire technology, integrates the lacing system for an adaptive and lockdown fit across the midfoot.

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 196g
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Running
Features: Removable Spikes
Collection: Nike Zoom Rival
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 1/4-inch

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