Profile of the Nike Zoom Mamba 3

Use - A jumping shoe that presents updated features, the Nike Zoom Mamba 3 is built specifically for steeplechase and hurdles. However, it is not only limited to these track and field events as it can also perform in distance races. These can range from 800 meters to 5,000 meters. 

Spike Type - To give a closer-to-the-ground feel, the Zoom Mamba 3 utilizes a fixed spike pin design. The track shoe features six pyramid spikes. For maximum grip and traction, these spike pins come in ¼  inch in length. 

Spike Plate - The split-plate engineering of the track spike’s Pebax® plate enables a smooth and highly propulsive ride. To heighten the shoe’s surface grip, a strip of sticky material runs full-length in between the split plate. 

Updates to Nike Zoom Mamba 3

  • Upon first look, the Nike Zoom Mamba 3 appears to be a completely new model because of its fresh upper composition. Redesigned to be more breathable and tight-fitting, this track-and-field jumping spike features an open mesh with a neoprene collar. 
  • Another notable update made to the shoe is its split-plate design. It is the first-ever track spike to feature such a layout. The engineering of the shoe is intended for a smooth and propulsive ride. Moreover, a fixed six-pin spike plate configuration allows for an improved close-to-the-ground feel and responsiveness. 

Size and fit

Giving the Nike Zoom Mamba 3 a secure, breathable fit is its updated open mesh upper. It wraps snugly around the natural contours of the foot, providing lockdown. Its neoprene collar allows a sock-like fit around the ankle, preventing any slippage. For structural integrity and added support, an arch bandage is supplemented to the midfoot. 

The Zoom Mamba 3 is available in unisex sizing, following men’s sizing scheme. Women should go 1.5 sizes down to secure accurate fit and size. 


The Pebax® plate of this track spike presents a split-type design. The first shoe to offer such construction, the Nike Zoom Mamba 3 delivers a propulsive and grippy ride. Moreover, such composition allows for a more flexible and pronounced lateral to medial transition.

Featuring six permanent pyramid spikes, this track shoe enables an articulated ground. With the implementation of this fixed spike pin design, the overall weight of the shoe is reduced. 


For torsional rigidity, a carbon fiber shank is integrated into the shoe’s midfoot. It promotes propulsion and stability- integral parts of a powerful performance. 

To complement the lightweight structure of the Zoom Mamba 3, it employs a Phylon midsole. The same midsole component is found in the Nike Zoom 400. It consists of compressed EVA foam pellets that deliver a responsive cushioning, heightening the rebound properties of the shoe. 


For an eye-catching new look, the Nike Zoom Mamba 3 sports an open mesh upper that enhances its breathability. The perforations in the cover material allow an ample amount of air into the foot chamber. The coverage of the shoe also enables water drainage, keeping the foot dry and light, thus enabling a maintained speed. 

To give a sock-like wrap around the ankle, a neoprene collar is fused into the upper. To further the fit of the shoe, it has an arch bandage that also acts as the midfoot support. 

Facts / Specs

Weight: 142g
Update: Nike Zoom Mamba 5
Closure: Lace-up
Event: Jumping
Spike Type: Pyramid
Spike Size: 1/4-inch

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