The verdict from 23 experts and 100+ user reviews

“The shoe is a gem,” “brilliant everyday training shoe” - half of the experts love this shoe.

The other half expressed much less enthusiasm. They said “pretty nice, nothing blew my mind,” “minus the hype: good shoe,” and a few of them said it’s one of their favorite shoes. Given the release date (April 2020) that could’ve easily changed by the end of the year and not even in April was this shoe #1.

Who should buy Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

Go for it if you're looking for a neutral daily trainer made mainly for easy runs and long runs. It also doesn’t shy away from tempo runs. As a testament to its versatility, one expert said: “It’s the shoe you can keep in your car when you have no idea what kind of run or workout you’ll do for the day.” 

Who should NOT buy Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37

This shoe will not live up to your expectations if

  1. You need stability due to flat feet (then look at the Nike Odyssey collection) or
  2. You want a dedicated racer (look at Nike Zoom Rival Fly 2 then). 

Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 vs Pegasus 36: 

Pegasus 37 has been “completely overhauled and doesn’t feel anything like previous versions.” Or, as another expert put it: “basically everything is new with pegasus 37.” It’s an agreement: this update was huge and very much needed.

Should you update? Absolutely. 

Look at how Pegasus 37 compares to the 36 and find out why:

Pegasus 37 vs. Pegasus 36

What got better

  • Improved responsiveness
  • More pop in the forefoot
  • Improved forefoot cushioning
  • Softer landing for women, stiffer for men
  • More durable
  • More appealing 
  • Lighter upper
  • More breathable
  • More versatile

What got worse

  • Break-in period needed
  • Heavier
  • Short laces
  • Not stable

Do-it-all shoe

This is the shoe for someone who wants “one running shoe on the go at a time.” It excels as a daily trainer focused on easy runs and long runs. However, it can handle speed as well. Experts have thrown everything at it: fast 5k’s, marathons, recovery runs, and it has proven to be really versatile. 

However, if you’re looking for a fast shoe, look at these Nike’s: 

  1. The race version of the Pegasus Zoom Rival Fly 2 
  2. Elite and race-ready Air Zoom Alphafly Next%

Hugs your foot, after a while

Pegasus 37 has a comfortable and snug-fitting upper. Experts have said it “hugs nicely around the foot” and “disappears once you start running.” In case you find it too snug, worry not, it “stretches over time” and is “slowly breaking in.”

The upper has a “form-fitting design” that is structured but “not constricting.” 

Pegasus 37 profile photo

Horrible rearfoot lock

Pegasus 36 also had this issue. While the pointed fin-like heel reduces stress on the Achilles, the heel doesn’t feel secure in general. The majority of experts have reported heel slipping which some managed with the lace lock. 

“I could feel my heel lifting” is something you don’t want to experience. Using the lock hols will help, but possibly, not 100%. 

Bouncy AND quick

This shoe rides firm and forgiving at the same time. 

New midsole and more cushion lead to “a more springy, responsive, and durable feel.” How good is it? The best description we found was “Shoot that full-length React midsole straight into our veins”. 

Other compliments were phrased as: 

  • “the midsole is the shining star of this shoe” 
  • “softer but definitely not slower” 
  • “a bouncy ride no matter where you land” and 
  • “game changer”. 

The most frequent comment describing the ride of the Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37 is “bouncy.” Other than that, experts have complimented the ride saying “it helped propel me forward” and “snappy and certainly more lively at faster speeds.” 

Pegasus 37 flexed

Forefoot pops!

As the name of the shoe suggests, there is a Zoom airbag unit. Now, it’s twice as thick. It’s ideal for those who need more cushion at the forefoot, without feeling mushy. 

Thanks to this addition, the forefoot has a highly responsive toe-off. As an expert said, it “adds some pop.” Nike even went a step further and adjusted the psi so the landing is softer for women (15psi for women and 20 for men).

Pegasus 27 is durable for all your runs

Experts have thrown a lot of things at the outsole: running on dirt roads, wet pavement, through the mud.  Turns out, it’s “holding absolutely amazing” and “seems indestructible.” After 40 and 100miles, shoes have seen almost zero wear. As one expert put it: “durability isn’t in question.” 

Nike Pegasus 37 outsole

Grabs everything in sight

It’s a consensus: grip is excellent. It works well in both wet and dry conditions. 

This is what experts had to say: 

  • “the grip is outstanding”
  • “no trouble turning or dealing with the wet road”
  • “traction-friendly under both dry and damp conditions.”

Breathability: improved, but not good enough

The upper isn’t only affecting the fit, but also breathability. Thanks to the redesign that made it lighter and more comfortable, the mesh is also more breathable than Pegasus 36. It’s not the best quality of Pegasus 37, but it certainly is improved when compared to its predecessor. 

If breathability is a high priority for you, look at our collection of breathable running shoes.

Pegasus 37 mesh upper

Disappointingly short laces

The heel design might ask for the lace lock, but some experts have reported that laces are simply too short for this action.

True to size + wiggle room

It’s a comfortable, true to size fit. The midfoot “gives the feet plenty of room to splay”. But don’t worry, it’s not too wide. If that’s your cup of tea, look for an extra wide option. 

Nike Pegasus 37 toe box

Peg 37 is not exactly featherweight

It seems like experts prefer all shoes to weigh less than 10oz. When it comes to Nike’s Pegasus 37, some reported it “feels lighter,” but still it’s “slightly heavy.”

Here’s why: 

  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 37: 10.5oz or 298g
  • Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 36: 10.0oz or 283g
  • Running shoes (average weight): 9.8oz or 279g

Good price!

Not many experts have commented on the price tag, which is a good thing. When a shoe is expensive, we can’t hear the end of it. Those who did comment said “reasonable price” and “stupid cheap.” 

Lacks stability

“Unstable.” That’s the most common description given by experts. 

This is a neutral shoe so look away if your feet need motion control and stability. The issue is obviously a base that is not really wide and a midfoot that is narrow.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 298g / Women 235g
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: Nike Air Zoom Pegasus 39
Forefoot height: 14mm
Heel height: 24mm

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