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Manufacturing maximalist shoes has been the true goal of Hoka One One and the brand’s efforts have been recognized in over 100, 000 shoe reviews written by fitness enthusiasts and runners. If you seek the thrill of the trail, but want thick cushioning to fall back on, Hoka One One trail shoes are the best for you.

Why should you choose Hoka One One trail shoes?

best hoka one one trail running shoes
Best Hoka One One trail running shoes - November 2019

  • Running shoes are either categorized for the trail or track. If you are the adventurous kind who loves the off-roads more than the pavement, you need trail shoes for your shoe collection.
  • The best Hoka One One trail shoes are made for the off-roads, mountain ranges and light trails. You can expect a tougher construction in the upper, more cushioning in the midsole and an aggressive sole pattern.
  • Some trail shoes are made to be waterproof to fare well against the elements, like snow, mud and rain. Hoka One One trail shoes also have upper parts that are weather and debris resistant. Runners who live in locations with unpredictable weather should invest in weather-proof trail shoes.
  • Trail shoes have aggressive sole patterns to provide better grip and traction on uneven ground. Whether you are off to conquer stony paths, grassy routes, sandy shores or rocky ledges, there are outsole varieties for your adventurous needs. The best Hoka One One trail shoes have lugs or spikes to improve your trail performance.
  • Trail shoes are bulky in nature to provide more protection against debris and shock forces; however, there are trainers with a minimal construction. You can use them for speed training, racing or to pursue barefoot-like running.

What should you look for in choosing the best Hoka One One trail shoes?

  • Weatherproof. If you run in bad weather, you should be equipped with the best Hoka One One trail shoes with waterproof features. Look for the Gore-Tex technology when selecting trail shoes. The brand also has the Water Drainage System, which allows the midsole to shed water easily. Weather-proof shoes tend to be more expensive and heavier than its standard counterpart because of the high-tech shoe features.
  • Weight. The best Hoka One One trail shoes may vary in weight. They are naturally heavier than neutral trainer, even the minimalist trail shoes. However, you can still pick a lightweight platform if you prioritize adventure racing or speed workouts. Choose shoes with lesser cushioning or materials, so the result is a lighter platform that performs well and fast on the trail.
  • Outsole. The sole of your trail shoe can determine not just your running performance, but also your protection. If you plan to pursue rougher trails, thicker and more aggressive lugs should be a priority. This might give you a heavier but more secure platform. Hoka One One features a range of outsole technologies, such as the RMAT outsole.