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    Altra Lone Peak 6 - Black (AL0A7R6K020)
    Altra Lone Peak 6 - Dusty Olive (AL0A547L315)
    Altra Lone Peak 6 - Gray/Blue (AL0A547L242)
    Altra Lone Peak 6 - Brown (AL0A547L990)
    Altra Lone Peak 6 - Dusty Teal (AL0A547L305)
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    Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Gray/Orange (AL0A4VQE280)
    Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Green (AL0A4VQE017)
    Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Red (AL0A4VQE660)
    Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Dark Slate (AL0A4VQE209)
    Altra Lone Peak 5.0 - Blau (AL0A7RD423)
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Altra trail running shoes

Get excited about running in the great outdoors with Altra trail running shoes. Designed to be rugged and reliable, these shoes can withstand any terrain and weather. Whatever your running preference may be, daily trail running or long-distance running, Altra has the right pair for you.

Who are they for? Neutral runners (natural foot pronation with no excessive inward or outward rolling)

What are they best for? All-day wear, fell running, trail jogging

Benefits of Altra trail running shoes for men and women

The Altra brand equates to zero drop running shoes, which is also apparent in their trail shoes line up. Their zero-drop trail shoes like the highly-rated Altra Timp 1.5 reduce the risk of possible injury by naturally aligning the runner’s back, body, and feet, promoting a more organic movement and gait. 

Altra trail running shoes also feature waterproof construction like the ones found in the Altra Lone Peak series. This lets you keep on running even on rainy days or through shallow mountain rivers.

Most of the shoes’ outsoles are incorporated with TrailClaw. These are lugs designed to provide grip on a variety of trail surfaces like snow or mud. No more slipping and injuries while enjoying your trail runs. Such robust outsole tech can be seen in one of their most popular trail shoe, the Altra Superior 4.0.

Additionally, Altra has a range of lightweight and vegan trail shoe options that are equally designed to provide a reliable grip for your runs, all while remaining comfortable.

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