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If you are looking for the best running shoes that could facilitate a barefoot-like experience, Brooks has an interesting range of low drop shoes that have been highlighted in more or less 100, 000 shoe reviews by professional athletes and casual runners alike. Low drop shoes are expected to be minimal and lightweight and aside from performance and speed, expect a stylish flair to help you develop a natural running movement.

What makes Brooks low drop shoes a good investment?

best brooks low drop running shoes
Best Brooks low drop running shoes - November 2019

  • Low drop shoes are minimalist in nature. If you are fond of developing your running towards a more natural range, the best Brooks low drops will help you progress in your goal. Better choose between 4 mm or a zero drop profile if want to experience a barefoot-like feel.
  • Better ground contact is expected in the best Brooks low drop shoes, but you can still expect a comfortable yet firm underfoot feel. The minimal cushioning, usually from the midsole/ outsole material, allows a more responsive run without the risk of bruising.
  • The cushioning is usually one of the reasons why a shoe platform is heavy. Since the best Brooks low drop shoes only have minimal cushioning, you can expect a lighter profile that is suitable for speed. Using low drop shoes is great for speed training and racing.
  • Low drop shoes are incorporated with durable and protective outsole materials to reduce shock forces and bruising from debris. However, such materials are not thick enough as the ones found in neutral or stability shoes. If you want more cushioning, skip low drop shoes.
  • Low drop shoes are not versatile, and are only recommended for professional runners or fitness enthusiasts with a high level of athletic experience. Beginners could start with neutral shoes if they have medium to high arches, or stability shoes if they are over pronators.

What can help you choose the best Brooks low drop shoes?

  • Heel to Toe Differential. The heel to toe differential can determine how low the shoe can get. 4 mm is already a minimal drop measurement in average shoes, but this is still quite high among low drop shoes. The lowest would be a zero drop profile, perfect for transitioning to barefoot running.
  • Sole Protection. Protecting your soles when running should be crucial, since bruising or discomfort might hinder you from facilitating better performance on the road or trail. For low drop road shoes, a durable and cushioned outsole is recommended. As for low drop trail shoes, an aggressive treading pattern and thicker material would do good. Brooks has a fine range of outsole technologies, including the Engineered Cush Pod Configuration, HPR Plus and HPR Green.
  • Foot Striking. If you want to improve your speed and facilitate an efficient gait cycle, you should learn how to do forefoot or mid-foot striking for running. Low drop shoes are essentially great to practice such striking, but it may vary depending on the heel to toe drop. Zero drop platforms are more reliable to develop a mid-foot strike, while higher drops can improve your forefoot striking.