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  1. Adidas Dropset 2
    Any colour
    Adidas Dropset 2 - Black (HQ8775)
    Adidas Dropset 2 - Ftwr White Grey One Grey One (IF3198)
    Adidas Dropset 2 - Grey (ID4953)
    Adidas Dropset 2 - Solar Red Bright Red Shadow Red (ID4955)
    Adidas Dropset 2 - Green (IE5489)
    $130 $59 Save 55%
  2. Adidas Dropset Trainer
    Any colour
    Adidas Dropset Trainer - Black (GX7954)
    Adidas Dropset Trainer - Toqgri Grisei Negbas (GW3904)
    Adidas Dropset Trainer - Golden Beige/Black/Wonder White (GZ8613)
    Adidas Dropset Trainer - Legend Ink/Cloud White/Blue Rush (GZ2941)
    Adidas Dropset Trainer - Grey/White/Grey (GX7955)
    $130 $38 Save 71%
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From lightweight narrow-fitting pairs to budget-friendly Adidas workout shoes, our extensive collection of reviews got you covered. We personally tested each workout shoe by seeing them in action in various workout settings. Plus, with the help of our lab instruments, we took measurements and rigorously tested the workout shoes to uncover their strengths and weaknesses.