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    Adidas Dropset Trainer - Golden Beige/Black/Wonder White (GZ8613)
    Adidas Dropset Trainer - Cblack Ftwwht Gresix (GX7954)
    Adidas Dropset Trainer - Grey Three / Cloud White / Grey Six (GX7955)
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20+ Adidas gym shoes on RunRepeat

The term 'gym shoe' means something different for everyone. It can be a pair you wear for P.E., on the streets, or for workouts. The same can be said about Adidas gym shoes, but in general, they are trainers that address the needs of fitness aficionados.

Which Adidas gym shoe to get

If you want to feel bounce or responsiveness under your feet, choose Adidas workout shoes with Boost or Bounce on the midsole. These foam technologies absorb shock and use that for energized steps. They usually have breathable uppers to keep you comfortable while you're training.

On the other hand, if you're the type to focus on building muscle by lifting weights, then wearing a pair of Adidas weightlifting shoes would suit you. These gym shoes provide wearers with a snug-fitting upper, so they won't feel like their foot will slip from under them. Those with poor ankle flexion will benefit from the elevated heel on these trainers, allowing them to squat deeper.

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