Updates to Asics Gel Nimbus 17

  • The Asics Gel Nimbus 17 is the next iteration in a series that has provided runners with great service for many years. It’s a great looking running shoe that’s meant to keep runners running at a steady and comfortable pace. A sock-like coverage makes the foot feel welcome when wearing it. The platform gives the runner a plush feeling when standing on it. Even the outsole gives additional cushioning on top of its protective purpose.
  • The upper unit of this running shoe makes use of a mesh material that is stretchable. It is able to accommodate many types of feet and a variety of foot-dimensions. It doesn’t have a heavy weight, so it just feels like an extension of the skin of the foot. The smoothness of the fabric reduces irritation and encourages adaptability to the individual movements of the runner.
  • Lightweight and responsive cushioning is handled by the mid-sole unit, which is made up of technologies that are very efficient at keeping the runner comfortable and well-supported at all times. The platform is able to adapt to the natural performance of the foot, making sure to cushion it all throughout the gait cycle. A springy disposition lets the runner bounce back up to take the next step. Impact shock is handled by the Gel® Cushioning System rear and front of the platform.
  • The outsole uses highly abrasion resistant rubber compounds in order to protect the sole unit from the debilitating nature of surface friction and continued use. The one used in the forefoot area has a mild spongy nature, which helps in adding a bit more cushioning and responsiveness to the toe-off.

Size and fit

The Asics Gel Nimbus 17 has a standard running shoe length. It comes in sizes that adhere to the regular measurements for men and women. The available width is medium, so it allows those with medium sized feet to acclimate well to it. Its semi-curved shape follows the natural curve of the human foot.


The AHAR® or the Asics High Abrasion Resistant Rubber is a strong material that’s placed in critical areas of the external sole unit where wear and tear are most likely to occur. It acts as a shield against damage. It also gives traction. The DuraSponge® is blown rubber placed in the forefoot section of the outsole. Aside from its capability to protect the shoe from wear, it is also tasked with giving additional cushioning to the runner.


The FluidRide® is a mid-sole technology that offers bounce-back properties and responsive cushioning. It doesn’t have a heavyweight, but it is durable, so it lasts long. It adapts to the running style of the wearer, carrying the foot responsibly at all times.

Separately, there are gel-like units in the forefoot and rear sections of the mid-sole called the Gel® Cushioning System. These silicon-based add-ons are responsible for absorbing shock during the landing and toe-off phases, making sure to keep the wearer free from discomfort. The same Gel cushioning has been used in Asics Nimbus 21

The structural integrity of the mid-sole is given by the Trusstic System, a unit in the mid-foot that’s also meant to provide some support to the arch.

The ComforDry™ X-40 Sock Liner is a high quality sock liner that adds a bit more cushioning to the immediate underfoot. It is able to manage moisture, so it keeps the platform dry. It even adds breathable support, which helps to cool the interior of the Asics Gel Nimbus 17.


The FluidFit® technology makes use of a stretchable mesh material that is able to accommodate many foot-shapes. It adapts to the foot of the wearer, making a sock-like fit. It reacts to every movement of the runner, moving along with the foot. It prevents skin irritation due to fabric rubbing. The interior lining is made up of a smooth fabric that feels comfortable against the skin. The softness of the material lets the runner feel well-covered, even without the use of actual socks. The Heel Clutching System™ is a heel counter found externally that’s meant to keep the heel in place and prevent any wobbliness or accidental shoe removal.


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