Updates to Asics Gel FujiSetsu 2 GTX

  • Icy surfaces won’t be any problem for the Asics Gel FujiSetsu 2 GTX because it is a running shoe that’s made to conquer such conditions. Snow, ice, mud and rough terrains are just what this Asics trail shoe was intended for. Granted, it’s best used for winter because of the permanent spikes on the outsole. Still, it’s a solid running companion for trail adventures.
  • The upper unit utilizes a mesh material that’s breathable and comfortable on the skin. Even the inner sleeve has a smooth fabric and some padding to deliver a cushioned coverage throughout the running activity.
  • The great feature of this section of the shoe is the GORE-TEX® membrane, which completely keeps water away from the shoe at all times.
  • The mid-sole unit of this running shoe is lightweight, but it’s not used sparingly. It runs the entire length of the shoe and it keeps the foot well-supported. It is able to shield the foot from the impact forces when landing on the ground, and add springiness to each step. It doesn’t wear off easily, so it stays efficient, even after many uses.
  • A trail-specific outsole construction allows the runner to be more effective when it comes to tackling the various surfaces of the great outdoors. Multi-directional gripping lugs hold onto the ground well, giving the runner full surface control at all times. Permanent metal spikes clamp onto ice, snow and mud.

Size and fit

The 2nd version of the Asics Gel FujiSetsu GTX has a regular running shoe length. It comes in sizes that follow the standard measurements for men and women. The available width is medium, so those with medium sized feet are the ones who are going to enjoy this model of shoe. The semi-curved shape helps the runner to acclimate well to it when wearing it.


The outsole unit of this running shoe utilizes a high quality rubber compound that’s very resilient against abrasion. It protects the shoe from wear and tear, keeping it safe from any jagged surfaces or potentially damaging debris.

The lugged design of the outsole allows the wearer to hold onto many types of surfaces, making sure that the runner is in control at all times. These gripping lugs are facing multiple directions, so uphill climbs and downhill traversals become easier.

15 tungsten iron pins are placed on the gripping lugs. They help the sole unit grip ice, snow and mud, essentially giving more surface control when it comes to more unpredictable topography.


The Solyte® mid-sole material is a high quality foam unit that’s very lightweight and very comfortable. It doesn’t break down easily, so it remains efficient even after many uses. It is able to hand the landing forces during the foot strike, and keeps the foot consistently cushioned during the transitioning of the gait towards the forefoot lift.


Just like the popular road running shoe Asics Gel Nimbus 21, Durable mesh is used in the upper unit of the Gel FujiSetsu 2 GTX. It is breathable, so it allows air to keep the foot well-ventilated at all times.

The inner lining is soft, so it won’t cause irritation to the skin. It is also padded, adding support to the dimensions of the foot, while also keeping it warm.

The GORE-TEX® is a membrane that’s added to this running shoe. It’s a technology that’s meant to shield the runner from water infiltration. It heightens the confidence of the wearer when going on running sessions in wet or snowy weather.


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