Notable Features

The Reebok Metreon is a product that is meant for those who enjoy max cushioning and fashion-forward shoe-silhouettes that are mixed in one package. The mesh on the upper unit, with its multilayered construction and inclusion of stitch-on synthetic leather, offers support and durable coverage. A huge and eye-catching midsole foam called Floatride Energy is the one responsible for delivering all-around comfort for the foot.

Size and fit

Runners are welcome to purchase the Reebok Metreon with their preferred selection of size in mind because the standard measurements were used when it was made. The available sizes can be accommodated by those who feel comfortable about them. Still, testing the shoe personally can better the perception of comfort and overall in-shoe security, as can studying reviews from various sources.


The outsole unit of the Reebok Metreon is made of rubber. The job of this compound is to shield the rest of the platform from the potentially damaging nature of the ground. This layer is also meant to provide surface traction, a trait that is highly essential for any performance footwear.

There are shallow flex grooves patterned throughout the rubber exterior. These channels allow the platform to provide the foot with the ability to bend slightly as it transitions through the gait cycle. Any help for the heel-to-toe cycle can potentially prevent discomfort or the feeling of being restricted to move.


The Flatride Energy Foam is used for the midsole unit of this road running shoe. This full-length cushioning technology is meant to provide constant support throughout the running session. An extra-large configuration permits the foot to stay comfortable and away from impact shock. The brand touts that though it is noticeably thick, the foam isn’t heavy or cumbersome to the foot. Max cushioning systems are featured in a lot of running shoes, including the well-received Hoka One One Bondi series.

A fabric-topped insole is placed on top of the primary cushioning unit. The job of this add-on is to provide a soft surface on which the foot can rest. It is thin and flexible, though it aims to deliver a bit of oomph to the underfoot experience. It can be removed or replaced with a new one if the wearer wants to do so.


A multilayered mesh is used for the upper unit of the Reebok Metreon. This element is meant to cover the foot and keep it secure. Its multilayered construction aims to heighten durability.

Synthetic leather is used as the overlay system of this product. These stitch-on layers provide the upper unit with extra heft and form. They also help the lacing system when it comes to securing the foot and locking it in place.


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