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7 reasons to buy

  • The affordable price of the Reebok Lite has been lauded by those who like a basic running shoe that isn’t marred down by an unreasonable price tag.
  • Several consumers have noted that the lightweight structure of this road running shoe has allowed them to tackle their daily activities with relative ease.
  • The fabrics of this product’s upper unit is praised for effortlessly permitting air into the interior chamber and providing a cool and dry coverage.
  • Many testers note that the sporty yet uncluttered design of this Reebok running shoe allows them to wear it for casual walks and urban adventures.
  • The muted colors of the silhouette is liked by those who welcome colorways that aren’t too bombastic or showy.
  • Some runners state that the middle part of the midsole and upper are able to support the arch, preventing it from getting tired.
  • According to some testers, the cushioning unit is able to attenuate shock and smoothen the steps.

2 reasons not to buy

  • Several people have complained about the lack of grip from the outsole, stating that they wouldn’t use the shoe for speed training or intense runs.
  • A handful of consumers claim that the upper unit is flimsy and easily subjected to tearing.

Bottom line

The overall feedback for the Reebok Lite has been positive. People are mostly happy with this entry-level running shoe, lauding its fresh looks and accommodating design. The simple yet eye-catching facade has captured urban adventurers while the comfortable midsole and wallet-friendly price sat well with the general populace. On the other hand, the complaints mostly covered the apparently fragile fabrics of the upper unit, as well as the poor traction capacity of the ground-contact foam outsole.

Fans of neutral running shoes that are designed for the asphalt are the ones who are likely to enjoy the Reebok Lite.

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Good to know

- The Reebok Lite is a running shoe that is designed for those who appreciate performance and stylishness at the same time. This product presents itself with a sporty yet subdued look to remove any perception of bulkiness, a trait commonly associated with shoes that are for athletes. This modern design keeps up with the trends of uncluttered shoe-facades. The color schemes are also of a muted variety.

- Underfoot cushioning is the responsibility of the 3D Ultralite. This full-length piece is designed to be lightweight, durable and reactive to the movements of the wearer. A rubber outsole is not present in this product. In its place is a pattern of nodes and grooves which aim to deliver traction and flexibility. A removable insole is placed on top of the main cushioning unit to provide a soft surface for the foot-pad.

The Reebok Lite was constructed using the standard sizing scheme. Runners are welcome to get a pair using their usual sizing choices. However, it is worth noting that testing the shoe first is beneficial for those who desire a comfortable in-shoe experience.

The available variant for width is D - Medium as it is only available for men. Low and medium foot dimensions are the ones that are likely to fit well into the frame of this product.

The semi-curved lasting board works with the form-fitting upper to provide a fit that accommodates the natural curvature of the human foot.

The outsole unit of the Reebok Lite is made of ground-contact foam. The compound that is used for the platform is a blend that is meant to be durable enough to resist wear-and-tear. The absence of a dedicated layer of rubber as an external pad fundamentally reduces the weight of the whole product, thereby heightening the overall image of lightness.

A tread pattern of diamond nodes and depressions grace the surface of the external pad. These elements are responsible for providing traction, a trait of running shoes that are essential for every run. They’re not as efficient as rubber, but they can help the overall performance of the foot.

3D Ultralite is the technology that’s used for the midsole unit of the Reebok Lite. This material runs the entire length of the product, offering full support to the foot as it stands idly or as it goes through the act of stepping. It is made from mixing rubber, ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) and other compounds. Such an amalgamation aims to make the resulting piece as robust as possible, permitting it to act as both the cushioning unit and the outsole, as well.

A cushioned sockliner is placed on top of the main midsole unit. This add-on is tasked with providing a soft surface on which the pad of the foot can stand. It also offers a bit more cushioning to ensure extended comfort. It can be removed or replaced with a custom orthotic insert if the runner wants to do so.

The outer part of the Reebok Lite’s upper unit is made of a breathable mesh. This material is a staple in many running shoes that are in the market. Its purpose is to hug the foot securely without limiting its movement capacity. It also accommodates the flow of air into the interior compartment to maintain a cool and dry experience for the foot. Well-known shoe-lines like the On Cloud and the Asics Patriot feature breathable mesh.

A smooth inner lining offers a non-irritating wrap. It has micro-pores which preserve the breathable purpose of the rest of the upper.

The padded tongue and collar cushion the topmost portions of the foot, particularly the Achilles tendon, the ankles, and the bridge.

The eyestays and the heel counters are made of suede. These stitched-on overlays are meant to bolster the structural integrity of the silhouette, preventing rips and tears in the process. They also help in locking the foot in place. The ones on the rear are particularly designed to prevent the foot from exiting the inner chamber unexpectedly.

A traditional lacing system helps the runner when it comes to adjusting the tightness or looseness of the fit. Flat shoelaces snake through discreet eyelets, covering the entire midfoot. Manipulating these features results in a customized in-shoe feel that adheres to the expectations of wearers.

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