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New Balance hiking boots are engineered to bring out the best in you during a hike. They promote a comfortable feel without making compromises on traction, support, or protection. The brand’s various technologies also improve the performance of these hikers so you can focus more on conquering the trail. If you’re on the lookout for a pair that can keep up with your adventures, you should consider checking out New Balance hiking boots.

Advantages of the best men's and women's New Balance hiking boots

They’re durable

Every pair you wear during a hike is subjected to rough trail conditions. New Balance hiking boots are built to be tough against all sorts of wear and tear you might encounter outdoors. The company’s mid-cut offerings feature tough uppers made of leather, a material known for its sturdiness. The gear’s midsole is designed to cushion your weight without wearing out while its outsole can handle rough terrain. Thanks to this robust construction, your pair of New Balance hiking boots can last against any challenge the trail throws at you.

Comfort is a given

The brand’s hikers are designed to keep your feet comfortable while you’re tackling a trail. Select New Balance hiking boots come with a dual-density collar that grants improved cushioning while you move. The gear’s padded tongue and cushioned footbed promote comfort for specific parts of your foot. Also, the waterproof liner used in these boots is breathable to ventilate your feet better.

Your footing is secured

There’s a chance you might encounter uneven ground conditions and slippery surfaces when you go hiking. New Balance hiking boots are equipped with grippy outsoles to keep your footing stable. The profile of this component contains a pattern of aggressive lugs which renders traction on challenging terrain. A small heel brake is incorporated in one of their trail shoes to give you better control when going downhill. Also, this outsole design utilizes self-cleaning treads to optimize grip by shedding dirt and debris as you move along.

Support won’t be an issue

In some cases, you might need to bring a backpack for your trip. The additional weight you have to carry can be detrimental, especially if you’re tackling a lot of obstacles. New Balance hiking boots provide ample ankle support, thanks to their mid-cut upper design. The midsole component of these hikers grants responsive cushioning over rugged terrain. The footbed also delivers additional arch support and underfoot comfort.

Protection is highlighted

You won’t be able to maximize your trip if you end up getting hurt while hiking. New Balance hiking boots are built with various technologies and components to keep your feet safe from harm. The brand’s finest hikers come with a waterproof liner to counter wet trail conditions. This component also protects your foot from excessive heat by allowing it to breathe during a warm hike.

A reinforced toe cap is placed at the gear’s forefoot area to protect your toes from stubbing. A gusseted tongue also comes with the brand’s boots to prevent debris from entering them. All of these features come together to keep your foot safe while you’re out hiking.

Fit is optimized

Getting the right fit from New Balance hiking boots is crucial to your outdoor performance. They are packed with features that provide this important quality. The lacing system on these products consists of several eyelets and hooks which grant a customized lockdown. Also, they relatively run true to their size.

Men’s New Balance hiking boots

The company’s mid-cut offerings for male hikers range from sizes 7 to 15. Half-sizes are also offered so you can get a more precise fit. The available width options include narrow, standard, wide, X-wide, and XX-wide.

Women’s New Balance hiking boots

New Balance offers the same mid-top footwear models for female adventurers. These boots are sized around 5 to 12 with half sizes available as well. These women’s hiking boots are also offered in the same width options for men – narrow, regular, wide, X-wide, and XX-wide.

The framework behind the finest New Balance hiking boots for men and women


William Riley, an Irish immigrant, founded New Balance in 1906 with the goal to manufacture accessories that improve shoe fit. By 1960, the company was acquired by Eleanor and Paul Kidd who went on to produce the first running shoe with a ripple sole. It wasn’t until 1978 when New Balance experienced improved sales of their running footwear products because of the boom of running in the United States during that period. Over the following decades, the brand would expand its catalog for runners and even create new products for other categories, such as hiking.

The American footwear company boasts around 130 outlets around the world and numerous retailers carrying their offerings, such as New Balance hiking boots. Various online outdoor gear stores also sell their products and ship them anywhere in the globe.


The brand’s above-the-ankle hikers contain various components and technologies useful for your trip. As such, the company’s mid-cut hikers are priced accordingly with a range of $150 to $155. The prices of these footgear offerings are for both male and female outdoor enthusiasts.

Shoe Technologies

  • Rollbar. This patented NB technology is designed to reduce shock in the heel area and enhance stability. It consists of a thermopolyurethane (TPU) composite plate which acts by preventing the heel from pronating.
  • Thinsulate. Select New Balance hiking boots come with a layer of Thinsulate. This technology helps retain heat inside the gear to warm your foot in a cold environment.

Frequently asked questions about New Balance hiking boots

What’s the best way to clean my New Balance hiking boots?

Cleaning your hikers regularly is a vital requirement to preserve their quality. Otherwise, the accumulated amount of dirt and debris on your gear will cause it to deteriorate. As such, here are some of the brand’s suggested methods on how to maintain your New Balance hiking boots.

  • Get a soft-bristled brush or a damp piece of cloth. Use this item to remove mud or dirt on your footgear.
  • Mix a small amount of mild detergent with some water. Use this mixture to clean your New Balance hiking boots thoroughly.
  • Make sure you choose a detergent product that doesn’t contain dye. You can perform a spot check with your preferred detergent to determine if any staining will occur.
  • Leave your New Balance hiking boots in an airy spot to dry for approximately 24 hours.
  • Never put your NB hikers through a washing machine cycle as it may damage the gear’s quality.

What should I do if I received a pair of New Balance hiking boots that don’t fit me?

There are instances when the hikers you ordered online do not offer the precise fit. If this is the case, you can return your New Balance hiking boots to the brand and receive a replacement for them. Here are some of the company’s tips on how you can perform this action:

  • Pack the product in its original box. Make sure that you haven’t used these boots in any way. New Balance won’t honor your return request if there are signs of usage found in these hikers.
  • Once you have packed your New Balance hiking boots, print and attach a return shipping label addressed to the company.
  • New Balance hiking boots that were purchased from a retail store or an online retailer should be returned to them.
  • Always keep the tracking number of your shipment for verification. The company will request for ten days after receiving your item to process your request.
  • After the processing has been completed, New Balance will credit your account with a refund. You can use this benefit to order the footwear model you want in exchange.

Can I attach crampons to my New Balance hiking boots?

Some of the brand’s hiking footgear products are designed to be used in snowy terrain. Although the boot’s construction is crafted to keep your foot warm in cold weather, it doesn’t allow crampons to be attached for improved footing on slippery surfaces. The best course of action is to find a pair of winter hiking boots that are crampon-compatible. This footwear variant features an outsole that can deliver traction in this kind of environment and sufficient layers of insulation to keep you warm.

1 best New Balance hiking boots

  1. New Balance 1400v1
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