Nike Pegasus Trail 2 review

The Pegasus Trail 2, as a legitimate trail shoe, is a miss. It looks great and has tons of cushions. It excels in short-distance runs and it is a great shoe for less trail, more concrete.

Who should buy it

The shoe is recommended for runners who:

  • want plush cushioning
  • usually, run short-distances
  • run on light (hard-packed) trails

Who should NOT buy it

The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 is not for you if you:

  • Overpronate (this shoe lacks overall stability)
  • need a trail shoe for technical terrain (the Nike Wildhorse 6 is more suitable for technical runs)
  • prefer a firmer cushioning (the Nike Terra Kiger 6 is praised for its firm yet supportive ride)
  • want a waterproof trail shoe (in this case, the Pegasus Trail 2 GTX is superb)

The Pegasus Trail 2 is true to size

The shoe runs true to size: I wear a men’s US 11 and it is a perfect size. I like the fact that the shoe is not too wide, and not too narrow. 

Very comfortable

Nike did a good job creating a shoe that is comfortable. I like that the Pegasus Trail 2 has a fairly natural feel to it. No hot spots developed during testing. 


Break-in is not necessary

Right out of the box, the Pegasus Trail 2 was ready to roll. Since the upper is thin and pliable, a break-in period is not necessary. Lace them up, and head out the door. 


It is too plush

The foam is too plush and did not provide enough arch support. When you land, it feels too squishy. Think of when you jump in the water, but cannot see the bottom, how your body has to compensate for what your eyes cannot see. This is the same with this shoe. I found myself using my knees and quads more to adjust for the abundance of foam. 

Pegasus Trail 2 lacks stability

All that foam, combined with a thinner outsole and a good deal of flexibility in the shoe construction, makes it easy to lose your footing and balance if you’re not paying attention. 


Aggravating heel lockdown

Lateral slippage was minimal, and not adversely noticeable. However, there wasn’t quite enough overall grab in the ankle area to keep the heel from slipping. After about 8 miles the heel slippage started getting aggravating. 

Lacks trail feel

If you are looking for trail “feel”, then the Pegasus Trail 2 is not your shoe. The thick foam mutes what’s happening underfoot. If the surface is flatter and harder, then this isn’t an issue, but if you are on cambered, rocky, rooted, or deteriorated singletracks, then you’ll want to consider a different shoe. 


Springy midsole for mid-distance runs

If you’re logging miles on the harder, flatter surfaces, then this is a decent shoe for mid-distances, as the springy midsole will do its job absorbing the repetitive landings. 

The Pegasus Trail 2 does not feel heavy

The Pegasus Trail 2 weighs 315g. While this is on the heavier side for trail running shoes (average 296g), it falls within the realm of acceptable for trail runners. More importantly, the Pegasus Trail 2 does not feel heavy when running in them.


The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 is not for technical terrain

The Pegasus Trail 2 is a great shoe if you want to hit a variety of trails. You may find this to feel slower on shorter runs, but log distances over 6 miles, and you’ll appreciate the overall comfort. Save the technical trails for your Salomons and La Sportivas. Use the Pegasus Trail 2 for the rail-trail conversions, well-worn community trails, and maintained double tracks. 

Reasonably ventilated

The breathable, thinner upper makes for a freeing and gliding experience. The upper is reasonably ventilated, and the Pegasus Trail 2 comes with an antimicrobial insole. The tongue has a unique slit pattern that I assume is for ventilation, but produced no noticeable effect. 


I started running in these during the summer, and in fact, hit some near record highs for my state. They are a darker color, so they ran a bit on the warmer side, however, not to the point of being uncomfortable. 

Stylish and good-looking

The Nike Pegasus Trail 2 is extremely stylish and looks good while actually running, and even on casual walks to the store or coffee shop.


At $130 USD, this is not the most expensive on the market, and it has plenty to like; especially if you want a shoe for light trails. Consider it if you want a super cushioned, stylish, and entry-level-only running shoe.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Trail
Weight: Men 11.1oz / Women 9.5oz
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: Nike Pegasus Trail 3
Forefoot height: 21mm
Heel height: 31mm

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Timothy Ashford
Timothy Ashford

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