Verdict from 6 user reviews

6 reasons to buy

  • Comfortable: Dozens of trail-goers are drawn to the Merrell Zion FST Mid Waterproof for its high provision of comfort straight from the box.
  • Supportive: Hikers in droves find the boot mighty secure around the collar. Someone who injured his ankle even said, “Wish I had them sooner.”
  • Sticky: Its heavy-duty outsole clings to almost every kind of terrain effortlessly, numerous adventurers say.
  • Light: The Zion FST Mid Waterproof, at no more than 800 g a pair, easily earns a spot on our list of lightweight hiking boots.
  • Impermeable: Just like most waterproof Merrell hiking boots, this piece will keep your feet dry through shallow streams and light-to-moderate rain.
  • Thermal wonder: Many testers say that this hiker, despite lacking insulation, provides sufficient warmth in mildly cold pursuits.

1 reasons not to buy

  • Questionable stability (women’s variant): An owner finds the Zion FST Mid Waterproof wobbly on rugged terrain, particularly during twisting maneuvers.

Bottom line

A good dose of agility coupled with footwork efficiency is what you will get the moment you put on the Zion FST Mid Waterproof. Indeed, adventuring in this Merrell hiker translates to triumphing over various trail challenges with pampered feet and minimal effort. So if you wish to enjoy your hikes at break-neck speed, gear up with this bad boy next time.

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Things to expect from Merrell’s Zion FST Mid Waterproof

Top-quality hiking boots put out by Merrell share characteristics that encourage trail-goers to push forward. Fortunately, the Zion FST Mid Waterproof dances to the same tune but comes with several draws all its own. These distinct qualities are as follows:

Low-cost waterproofing. As it is built with a proprietary waterproof membrane, the boot in question provides enough protection from intrusive moisture, all while having an enticing asking price.

Ankle-high gusseted tongue. With it, virtually all sorts of debris—sand, pieces of mulch, pebbles—are also barred from the shoe’s confines.

Enhanced shock protection. The Air Cushion component of the Zion FST Mid Waterproof covers a wider area around the heel, delivering extra shock absorption as a result.

Increased surface contact + toe rocker. This boot can make traversals on level terrain feel a bit more intimate. And since the sole unit is rockered at the toe, push offs over flat surfaces are also made relatively easier.

Additional info

  • Opt for the Zion FST instead if you have no need for waterproofing, and ankle freedom is more your jam.
Paul Ronto
Paul Ronto

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