Who should buy the Merrell Overedge

The Merrell Overedge is an affordable and comfortable trail shoe best suited for:

  • off-road walking and gym activities
  • easy runs on the trail and other outdoor activities

Provides breathability and secure wrap

The Merrell Overedge is a trail running shoe that is strategically designed for users who have neutral foot mechanisms.

It features the mesh upper that aims to provide breathability and secure wrap to the foot.

The Merrell Overedge delivers sufficient cushioning

Integrated into the midsole of the shoe is the ultra-thin foam. Merrell added this feature to deliver the right amount of cushioning needed by the user during ground contact.

Utilized in the outsole is the M Select Grip. The primary goal of this is to provide excellent traction during the running activity.

Low quality due mainly to thin materials used

One of the testers thinks that the Merrell Overedge has poor quality because the material used in making the shoe is thin.

A user commented that the shoe does not provide enough protection when training.

Offers flexibility and support

This runner utilizes the mesh upper that aims to ensure that the foot is surrounded with comfort during the running session.

With its upper construction, a snugger fit is also offered, making sure that the flexibility and support it provides is not compromised.

Right amount of traction

The M Select Grip is integrated into the outsole of the Merrell Overedge. This component of the shoe is designed to provide the right amount of traction needed in tackling a wide variety of terrains.

With the utilization of this material, added durability to the platform is offered as well.

Barefoot feel

For the midsole unit of the shoe, the same ultra-thin foam is utilized as the Merrell Trail Glove 5. This feature of the running footwear is focused on providing enough cushioning during the landing phase.

The barefoot construction of the platform improves the stability and proprioception during foot movement. 

Conforms the shape of the foot

Fused with the main cushioning unit is the integrated footbed. This feature of the shoe is designed to provide a more comfortable and softer underfoot-feel. This feeling is described as obstructing the board-like and flat feel of the shoe last.

The mesh and synthetic upper is utilized in crafting the Merrell Overedge. This component of the shoe provides a wrapped-up coverage. It readily conforms and follows the shape of the foot. As a result, a more secure fit is encouraged.

Keeps the foot fresh and dry

The mesh also aims to deliver added breathability, resulting in a fresher and drier foot environment.

Used in making the running footwear is the Hyperlock synthetic heel counter. This feature of the shoe is located in the external heel section.

Holds back the foot in place securely

It is described to be a printed TPU counter that is intended to hold back the foot in place securely. This is essential in keeping the foot from wobbling and unexpected shoe removal. 

The traditional lace closure is integrated into the shoe. The primary purpose of this is to deliver a more secure fit during the running activity.

Merrell Overedge is a comfortable trail shoe

Lying in the upper area is the protective synthetic toe cap. This feature of the Overedge provides added protection against hazardous materials that can be harmful to the runner's foot.

The breathable mesh lining is utilized in the running footwear. This lining is added by Merrell to provide additional breathability. As a result, a healthier foot is maintained and encouraged.

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Trail
Weight: Men 14.1oz / Women 12.3oz
Drop: 0mm
Arch support: Neutral
Forefoot height: 15.5mm
Heel height: 15.5mm
Pronation: Neutral Pronation / Supination / Underpronation

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