Our verdict

With less flair than many modern alternatives, I couldn't deny that the Merrell Nova 2 is a traditionally designed trail running shoe. However, in my personal encounters with its versatility and grip, I verified its position as one of the best trail running shoes for beginners.


  • Fits true to size
  • Grip is great in good conditions
  • A decent amount of cushioning
  • Excellent lockdown
  • Sturdy upper
  • Dependable Vibram outsole
  • Good laces


  • Too much ground feel for some
  • Heavier than most
  • Grip isn’t reliable in wet conditions

Audience verdict


Merrell Nova 2 Review and Lab Test

With solid construction, plenty of grip, and an easy 9.3mm drop, the Merrell Nova 2 are a well-suited beginner trail shoe. They are also incredibly versatile and suits anything from fast, day hikes to easy trail runs.

Who should buy the Merrell Nova 2

The Merrell Nova 2 is the perfect option for you if:

  • You’re looking for an easy-paced trail runner
  • You want a versatile, do-it-all off-road shoe

Who should NOT buy them

You may want to look for alternatives if you:

  • Want a lighter trail running shoe. I recommend trying the Altra Superior 6
  • Need something more responsive for technical trails. I believe that the Salomon XT-6 is your best bet.

Merrell shoes fit perfectly


The shoe fits true to size, with a nice heel cup. The lacing system works well, this is pretty normal for Merrell, and getting a nice lockdown was easy. I felt no slip on any of my runs in this. 

Merrell-Nova-2- 21.jpg

Don’t expect much in terms of width in the toe box. While there is some space for narrow and medium-width feet (98.1mm), the lack of a stretchy mesh upper means that there’s little give for anyone with a wider foot. 

A bit of a misguided midsole

Merrell-Nova-2- 27.jpg

With a heel stack height of 35.1mm, there’s plenty of midsole for cushioning. Strangely though, it feels quite hard underfoot. I’d put this down to the midsole being a little softer than average at 34HA (avg: 41.4HA) which means you can feel every tree root and rock underfoot. 

Merrell-Nova-2- 19.jpg

The result is a shoe that is better suited to a 10km distance rather than something longer like a half marathon. 

If you like ground feel, however, then you get that plus some impact dampening for the rest of your joints. The Merrell Nova 2 seems perfect for easy, regular runs while keeping you injury-free.

The Merrell Nova 2 is grippy in good conditions

With dozens of 4.2mm lugs underfoot there’s plenty of opportunity for grip on the Merrell Nova 2. 

Merrell-Nova-2- 11.jpg

It seems there are as many outsole lug options as there are trail running shoes, with every brand opting for different shapes, sizes, and spacings. Merrell Nova 2 has opted for a more traditional inverted-wedge shape. 


The results in great grip, if you’re running over slightly damp, yet firm ground. Unfortunately, outside of this goldilocks-zone of terrain, there are a few issues. 

Firstly, with so many lugs, it’s easy for them to be smothered in mud if the conditions are too wet, many shoes like the Salomon Speedcross 6 opt for fewer, larger lugs with more spacing to avoid this.

Merrell-Nova-2- 20.jpg

Conversely, the lugs' shape and the softness of the outsole (72.5HC) means that they don’t get dug into more compacted and harder dirt. 

An upper that does what it has to

I think it’s fair to say that a lot of runners care about the appearance of their shoes, and brands like Nike, Salomon, and Hoka pay a lot of attention to this. 

Merrell-Nova-2- 10.jpg

Merrell has tried a little bit to bring their silhouettes into the third decade of this century, there’s still something that screams 90s camping trip about them to me. 

Merrell-Nova-2- 15.jpg

That being said, I’m very glad that they haven’t allowed vanity to distract them from making a comfortable trail running shoe. 

As mentioned, the mesh/TPU upper doesn’t stretch much, but it’s plenty durable and breathable, which I like to see. With a thick padded tongue and heel collar as well, the Merrell Nova 2 is as comfy as I’d expect anything from the brand to be. 

A shoe you can put the miles into

While not the best for longer distances, the Merrell Nova 2 can hold up to a beating. With strong stitching and a carefree attitude to heavy, robust materials, the upper isn’t coming apart any time soon.  

Merrell-Nova-2- 29.jpg

While quite soft, the Vibram outsole is well-established and lasts a solid 400-miles

The Merrell Nova 2 isn’t the lightest

Nothing about the Merrell Nova 2 feels particularly fast, which isn’t too much of a surprise when it weighs in at 10.9oz (310g). It’s surprisingly lighter than I expected when looking at it. 

Merrell-Nova-2- 18.jpg

That being said, 310g puts it in the same weight class as stability shoes, which often have far more things going on in the midsole that the Nova 2. 

Please put a heel tab on shoes

This is probably a bit picky for trail shoes, but then again, that’s what I’m here for. A heel tab would be more than welcome. When you have muddy shoes, cold hands, and wet fingers (possibly all at once), having a nice big heel loop is a big bonus and just shows a bit of extra thought from manufacturers. 

Merrell-Nova-2- 13.jpg

Seeing as Merrell hasn’t worried so much about the weight of the Nova 2, I’d love to see them add a heel-loop just as an added benefit. 


The Merrell Nova 2 is a big, classic-looking trail running shoe that offers a dependable name for a versatile shoe. With decent padding, grip, and upper that’s probably the best way to describe this shoe…decent.