Updates to Merrell Mix Master 3

  • Both the trails and the roads are the surfaces that the Merrell Mix Master 3 accommodates. This neutral running shoe has a lightweight configuration and an external pad that doesn’t lean too much on the side of off-road adventures. The M Select™ GRIP has gripping lugs that can clamp onto the uneven ground and maintain steadiness on asphalt.
  • The upper unit of this product is composed of a breathable mesh and fused overlays. These elements work together with the traditional lacing system to provide the foot with an in-shoe embrace that’s secure yet relaxed. A reflective coating on the exterior and antibacterial agents on the interior heighten nighttime visibility and odor-prevention, respectively.
  • Merrell touts that no animal products were used in the making of the Merrell Mix Master 3.

Size and fit

The Merrell Mix Master 3 was designed to have a standard running shoe length. Runners are encouraged to get a pair using their common sizing choices, but it is worth noting that there have been a few testers who claimed a coverage that’s half-a-size bigger than their usual fare.

When it comes to width, the available option is B – Medium. This running shoe was made using the foot dimensions of women. It welcomes narrow and medium foot measurements. The semi-curved nature of its last and the form-adapting upper contribute to a snug in-shoe hug.


The outsole unit of the Mix Master 3 is made up of the M Select™ GRIP, a hard-wearing compound. It is sparingly layered over the contact points, ensuring protection against wear-and-tear. It extends to the front of the upper to act as a thin shield.

Traction is given by a set of circular gripping lugs. These nodes have edges that are designed to clamp onto the ground, ensuring extra surface control.

Versatility is offered through the non-aggressive construction of the outsole. There aren’t any prominent traction nodes or uneven midsole support pillars which may destabilize the foot when traversing flat surfaces.

Shallow flex grooves allow the platform to bend in conjunction with the foot as it goes through the gait cycle. The forefoot lift is the part of the step that benefits the most as it is the phase that involves the most bending.


Underfoot cushioning is the responsibility of a full-length ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) unit. This feature is meant to mitigate impact shock during the landing phase then lead the foot towards a reactive toe-off. It doesn’t have a substantial weight.

A molded nylon arch shank is tasked with buttressing the midfoot, protecting the tendons and muscles from working too hard during the run. This thin thermoplastic layer also reinforces the midsole foam, staving off sagging and early material breakdown.

An EVA sock liner is placed right above the primary source of cushioning. This add-on offers a bit more support for the underfoot. It can be removed or replaced with a custom orthotic insert if the runner chooses to do so.


Many trail running shoes employ an upper that provides ample breathability for extended adventures. Such a distinction also applies to the Merrell Mix Master 3. An open-weave mesh accommodates the flow of air into the foot-chamber, thus giving ventilation throughout the running session. A multilayered approach staves off tears and other sources of abrasion.

A set of fused overlays bolster the façade. These thermoplastic polyurethane layers help the silhouette when it comes to hugging the foot and maintaining its place in the hollow of the shoe.

A molded TPU heel counter holds the Achilles tendon, stabilizing it and preventing it from exiting the shoe unexpectedly.

A traditional lacing system is used for this trail companion. Flat shoelaces snake through discreet eyelets. These strands encompass the instep, manipulating the tightness or looseness of the coverage to suit the fit-preferences of the wearer.

The toe box as a protective print that acts as a barrier against bumps and debris. It also prevents the toes from boring holes through the fabrics.

M Select™ FRESH is an antibacterial coat that graces the internal sleeve of the Mix Master 3. This technology maintains a healthy foot environment by preventing odor-causing microbes from proliferating.

The padded tongue and collar are designed to cushion the upper portions of the foot, particularly the heel, the ankles, and the bridge. These parts of the shoe are also responsible for averting wobbling and unsteady heel-to-toe transitions.

Some sections of the upper unit have reflective details. Such an article helps the runner to be seen in areas that don’t have a lot of light sources. Nighttime runners may find value in safety elements such as these.


The current trend of Merrell Mix Master 3.
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