Our verdict

After putting it to the test, we can confidently say that the Hoka Bondi 7 screams comfort! It's highly cushioned and soft, we just couldn't get enough of it in long-distance recovery runs. It runs as smooth as a butter! And if there was a heaven for the feet, this is it right here. If there's a downside, it's that all its plushness comes at the expense of durability.


  • Next-level comfort
  • Great lockdown
  • Molds to the feet
  • Breathable
  • Stable
  • Awesome for heel strikers
  • Great grip on roads & light trails
  • True to size
  • 3 widths for men
  • 2 widths for women


  • Feels big & heavy
  • Pricey

Audience verdict


Who should buy Bondi 7

This is a maximalist shoe made for runners looking for a soft ride. It’s made specifically for long runs and recovery runs, as well as building up the mileage. Heel strikers benefit from Bondi 7 the most. It’s made for roads, but also works on well-maintained trails.

Hoka Bondi 7 black

Who should NOT buy Bondi 7

Look away if you’re looking for a light shoe to accompany you on your speedwork and uptempo runs. This shoe is about comfort, not speed. 

If speed is your cup of tea, check out Hoka Rincon 2 or the race-ready Hoka’s Carbon X.

Bondi 7 vs. Bondi 6: pricey minor improvement 

If your feet weren’t locked in or had hotspots in the Bondi 6, the 7th is a good update. Other than that, stick to your Bondi 6, especially if you find a great deal. 

Two major improvements of the Bondi 7 are heel lock and breathability. Other than that, it’s about nuances and aesthetics. Here’s what's new in the 7: 

Bondi 7 vs. Bondi 6

What got better

  • Perfect heel lock
  • Great foot lock
  • More breathable 
  • Softer 
  • 3mm lower stack height 
  • Extra-wide option

What got worse

  • Midsole softness depends on the climate

Midsole mood swings no one expected 

If you live in a colder climate, the midsole will not be as soft as advertised. This is because the performance of midsole foam depends on the weather and gets softer in warmer climates. Learn more in our research on how temperature affects running shoes.

In warm temperatures, the shoe has a plush pillowy feel but when exposed to sold, it becomes quite rigid and firm.

Bondi 7 midsole softness

Heel and foot lock that deserve a medal

The Memory foam collar around the heel is the winner. 

It got nothing but praise from us: the padding molds to our foot, adds more security and a truly personalized feel. It feels amazingly cozy around the ankle.

With Bondi 7 it’s not just about heel lock. The shoe provides a stunning lock for the whole foot, thanks to the new upper and overall design. Secure foot in a maximalist shoe = Bondi 7.

Hoka Bondi 7 padded heel

Cushioned for comfort and it worked

This is a maximalist shoe with more than generous cushioning. This is the Hoka shoe to get if you’re into maximal comfort, maximal cushioning, and soft rides. 

Bondi 7 heel lock

Snug forefoot

If you have medium-volume feet, you might find the forefoot of this shoe to be snug. The toebox fits a little narrow.

If this worries you, consider the wide or extra wide option of the Bondi 7. 

Wide feet, catch a break

This is the first Hoka shoe that comes in 3 widths for men: regular, wide, and extra-wide. For women, there are 2 options. Note that not all colors are available in all width options. 

Bondi 7 forefoot

Feels big and heavy

Comfort comes with a price and this Hoka shoe turns out to be one of the heaviest high-mileage trainers on the market.

Just look at the comparison: 

Type of running shoes Average weight [oz] men Average weight [g] men 
Bondi 7 10.7 303.0
Hoka running shoes 9.7 275.8
Maximalist running shoes 10.5 299.0
Running shoes 9.8 278.8

The ride is improved!

Hoka’s signature Meta-Rocker supports the heel-to-toe movement and in Bondi 7 it literally rolls you through transitions. In other common shoes, this rolling is replaced with a distinctive flexing movement. 

Not durable

The best way to describe the Bondi's durability is that it is average or acceptable. The exposed midsole on the midfoot with no rubber elements shows wear early on and we don't expect the blown rubber to last long (400-500 miles).

But it’s a compromise: the shoe does offer a soft ride.

Bondi 7 outsole design

Upper upped the ante 

The new engineered mesh upper receives a bit more structure now with thin overlay strips around the midfoot at the toebox. This update enhances the fit and doesn’t let the upper collapse in on itself.

In addition, Hoka found a way to make the Bondi 7 more breathable than the 6. 

Bondi 7 mesh upper

Forefoot strikers, look for an alternative

This shoe is heavy and high-stacked. Although the cushioning is consistent throughout the entire shoe, when landing on the forefoot you get to feel all the weight. Running becomes difficult. This Hoka shoe is for heel strikers only.

As stable as a maximalist shoe can get

Hoka’s Bondi 7 has a wide base that even widens top-down which adds stability. And it feels stable, especially when the stack height is taken into account. 

Pricey shoe for recovery runs

Given that you can’t do fartlek or speed workouts in this shoe, its price tag is definitely high. It might make sense if you’re only into easy/long runs. 

Also worth knowing

  • There are thin reflective strips so you’ll be more visible during night runs.
  • High-stacked running shoes like Bondi 7 may require an adaptation period.
  • One expert mentioned the ankle being turned due to stack height.