5 Best Under Armour Sneakers in 2022

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While it is considered a neophyte in the sneaker game, Under Armour made sure to give a rattling effect to its rivals by releasing well-crafted iterations worth crowing about. Capitalizing on performance and style, there are oodles of Under Armour models that you need to add to your sneaker collection. 

To help you out, we’ve created some recommendations under various categories to make your Under Armour sneaker hunting easier. 

How we choose the best Under Armour sneakers

Here is our process to give you fair and honest feedback:

  • We turn the internet upside down to collate all available reviews about these shoes.
  • Using our money, we purchased these Under Armour sneakers to avoid biased reviews.
  • We put these sneakers to countless tests, comparisons, and assessments to check their comfort, durability, and many other parameters. 
  • We collated all available reviews from the users of these sneakers. 

Using the obtained results from the mentioned process, we rank each sneaker using the CoreScore system. This methodology will give you an overview of how a shoe performed for the majority - the higher the CoreScore, the better overall performance. 

Best Under Armour sneakers overall

The Under Armour HOVR Summit features a transitionary design from being a trail running footwear into stylish city pavement sneaker. It is made of premium multi-material upper that flaunts comfort and durability. Its look, meanwhile, delivers an awesome off-road look without losing its on-trend style. This model is highly recommended for anyone looking for an all-around pair of sneakers.
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Looking good while working out is not impossible with the stylish Remix 2.0 because function meets the Under Armour sneaker's fashion. This casual sneaker can easily keep up with your active lifestyle with its breathable, cozy, and stable characteristics.
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Best white Under Armour sneakers

Under Armour designed footwear that contains nothing that is not essential. The Under Armour HOVR STRT features a simplified design that aims to deliver a lightweight and comfortable kick. Its arch support and superb ventilation are additional reasons why many recommend this sneaker to one's everyday rotation. Adding to the technical aspect is its overall sleek, stylish, and clean look that most users applauded.
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Best low top Under Armour sneakers

The Under Armour Valsetz Trek features performance-specs of a running shoe. It offers extreme comfort with a soft and stretchy upper. Because of its quirky design, this shoe will likely turn a boring outfit into an interesting one. This sneaker contains tons of the standards of the brand’s tactical boots loved by many wearers.
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What are the cheapest Under Armour sneakers in 2022?

  1. Under Armour Ripple - from $58
  2. Under Armour Remix 2.0 - from $59
  3. Under Armour HOVR STRT - from $62
  4. Under Armour Jungle Rat - from $81
  5. Under Armour Threadborne Shift - from $90
  6. Under Armour HOVR Summit - from $170

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What are the most expensive Under Armour sneakers in 2022?

  1. Under Armour HOVR Summit - from $170
  2. Under Armour Jungle Rat - from $122
  3. Under Armour Threadborne Shift - from $90
  4. Under Armour HOVR STRT - from $62
  5. Under Armour Remix 2.0 - from $59
  6. Under Armour Ripple - from $58

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