10 Best Travel Shoes in 2021

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10 Best Travel Shoes in 2021

The right pair of travel walking shoes will keep you comfortable in the following situations:

  • transportation (be it car, bus, plane, train or else)
  • hours of walking through museums, galleries, malls
  • strolls around the city, parks, smooth outdoor trails in warm weather

We have tested over 30 travel shoes from 8 different brands to make sure they live up to these expectations.

Whether you need a supportive shoe for flat feet, or you want it to be barely noticeable on the foot, or you like to travel with style, we’ve got a top pick in each of these categories.

Other types of shoes for travel

Running shoes: You can also expand your options by looking into lightweight and breathable all-day wear running shoes that provide supportive cushioning for hours if walking.

Casual sneakers: If you want to express your style while exploring the world, consider our vast selection of 3000+ trendy sneakers.

Hiking shoes: Those traveling outdoors, far from the smooth city streets, can have a look at the more rugged hiking-oriented footwear.

How we pick the best walking shoes for travel

  • We collate 90,000+ actual wearers’ opinions on walking shoes from all over the web
  • We overview 200+ models to discover their pros and cons

The verdict on each shoe comes as a number from 1 to 100 (CoreScore), which forms the ranking of travel walking shoes. This rating is updated daily, considering the newest releases and the freshest reviews.

How to buy the right travel walking shoe

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Give your feet some love by asking yourself a few simple questions:

Is the shoe light enough?

Generally, a shoe is considered lightweight if it weighs below 250 grams per shoe (women) or below 350 grams per shoe (men).

But your perception of the shoe heaviness can differ from another person’s. That’s why you should pick the weight range that:

  • won’t drag your foot down during long periods of wear
  • won’t add too much weight to your luggage

Tip: Weigh the lightest of your sneakers and look for a shoe within that range or lighter.

Is it breathable enough?

Shoes with mesh and knit uppers are your best bet if you are looking for the following features:

  • consistent airflow throughout the day: no sweaty or smelly feet
  • little-to-no maintenance: easy to clean
  • easily return to their normal shape after being squished in the luggage

Is the cushioning right?

Your shoe buddy should be able to maintain support for hours of walking.

This is one of the key criteria that we consider in our top 10 travel walking shoes. Going for either one of those will guarantee all-day support and cushioning.


What is the best closure type for you?

Along with the good old laces, you can consider shoes with a Velcro strap (these are not only made for kids!) or fun stretchy bungee laces. These types of closure allow to quickly release the fit and adjust the snugness once the foot starts to swell.

If you want to be able to slip the shoe on and off in an instant, especially on the transport, go for slip-on footwear or shoes with a collapsible heel, that can quickly go from a sneaker to a comfy slipper.

Is the outsole reliable?

Walking shoes typically don’t require as much traction as running shoes. That’s why most of them don’t even have a rubber outsole.


  • If you are worried about grinding your soles to dust before the trip ends, look for shoes that have a full-length rubber outsole.
  • If you are particular about staying sure-footed on wet smooth surfaces, consider slip-resistant options.

Do your feet have special needs?

To make sure your old foot problem doesn’t aggravate while you are traveling, make sure you have the right kind of support.

Our selections of travel walking shoes for various foot conditions are based on general recommendations from podiatrists. They are also backed up by thousands of user comments and reviews. 

Disclaimer: This guide was created for educational purposes and tends in no way to offer medical advice or diagnosis.

How much is the fish?

You are lucky as over 80% of our travel walking shoes fall into the budget-friendly range. You can easily get a pair under $100 or even as low as $20, if you check out the best deals.


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