10 Best Travel Walking Shoes (Buyer's Guide)

If you are looking for a lightweight, airy, and cushioned shoe for your next trip, then this is the right stop. This category of walking shoes will keep you comfortable while getting to your destination, exploring a new city, or walking about a local museum.

You can also expand your options by looking into lightweight all-day wear running shoes that share the above-mentioned characteristics.

Those traveling outdoors, far from the smooth city streets, can have a look at the rugged hiking-specific footwear.


How we pick the best walking shoes for travel

Our system collates thousands of actual wearers’ opinions on walking shoes from all over the web. This data gives us an overview of the most liked models, along with their pros and cons. In addition, we consider the opinions of shoe experts who provide in-depth reviews on a regular basis.

The verdict on each shoe comes as a number from 0 to 100 (CoreScore), which forms the ranking of travel walking shoes. This rating is updated daily, considering the newest releases and the freshest reviews.

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6 must-haves of a travel walking shoe

Having a comfy pair of shoes for traveling is a treasure. Everyone has different preferences when it comes to style and construction, but you could never go wrong if you choose a shoe that won’t cause your feet to ache at the end of the day. No matter how long your trip is, comfort should not be sacrificed.

Here are some points to consider when you're shopping for a travel companion:


1. The footwear has to be lightweight

There is a good chance that you'll be spending plenty of time walking on your trip. Make sure a pair of shoes feels light and doesn't drag your foot down even during long periods of wear. Heavy shoes should not detract your attention from enjoying the new experiences.


2. The trainer should have enough underfoot protection

The platform could come in the form of a thick midsole foam that attenuates shock or a thin midsole-outsole combination that absorbs shock and also protects against sharp elements on the ground.


3. There should not be any irritants

Seams inside the shoe are the number one culprit causing chafing or blistering. Shoes for travel should be smooth inside, preventing you from any discomfort.


4. The underside should be durable

While traveling on foot, you may be traversing pavements, soil, rocks, and other types of surfaces so the outsole of the footwear should be able to withstand walking on them as well as providing traction to prevent slippage.


5. The overall construction should suit the weather or climate of your destination

You won’t wear a travel walking shoe with a mesh upper if the place you are going to is always raining or snowing and you would not wear snow boots when you are traveling to a tropical paradise. Plan ahead.


6. The footgear should make you happy

The moment you put on a shoe, it should be comfortable. And when you look down at your feet, you should be able to smile and be proud to show off your pair of travel walking shoes. Though style may not be the first thing that pops into the mind for some people, it is a factor to consider if it’s something you will be wearing for a long time.


Types of travel walking shoes


Everyday trainers

Brands like New Balance and Skechers offer a wide range of walking shoes that are meant to be worn all day long.

Skechers' GOwalk line is specifically designed to provide comfort no matter how far or how long you walk. The spectrum of these models ranges from casual styles to sporty ones. Still, all of them are designed to be lightweight and breathable.

If you are going for a more athletic, running-shoe like look, be sure to check out walking shoes from New Balance.


Slip-on shoes

A pair of slip-on walking shoes is an ideal buddy for transport, be it a plane, a train, or a bus. Because there are no laces or straps to fuss with, you can be in and out of your footgear in a matter of seconds - no more holding the line at the airport.

Trainers sporting a slip-on design usually employ a soft mesh upper that allows the toes to spread and the foot to expand which usually happens when you’re sitting for hours.

These shoes are also lightweight and flexible, allowing you to do some foot exercises without the need to remove them.


Pronation control footwear

If you suffer from flat feet or overpronation (excessive inward rolling of the foot), then wearing a pair of supportive travel walking shoes can help you go the distance without experiencing discomfort.

A suitable option for this case could be the Vionic brand. Each model in its walking footwear line is equipped with in-built arch support. This orthopedic construction helps to maintain the correct foot and leg alignment, keeping the wearer safe and sound.

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