10 Best Saucony Sneakers in 2021

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The word Saucony may not be easy to say, but if you’re a running enthusiast, you’ve probably known this brand for ages. After all, they’ve been around since 1898. Impressive right?! 

Now, what’s more impressive is their sneakers. With their century-old experience in running, their lifestyle kicks all exude a sporty runner vibe. Many are also budget-friendly and a lot are classics that have never gone out of style. 

Their selection (30+ sneakers) may not be expansive, but picking the right one is still tricky.

If you’re not sure what’s right for you, fret not. RunRepeat has got you covered. After all, we’re a bunch of sneaker-doting geeks on the hunt for the next best sneaker, the Sauconys included.

How we test the best Saucony sneakers

To help you save time and energy, we are here to do all the research and comparisons for you. We have reviewed all Saucony kicks on the market to pick out the best ones. How? Here is our approach:

  • We gather as much data as we can about the shoes and what people (users and experts) are saying about them.
  • We try them on and test them out. After all, trying it first hand would determine if the shoe is in or out.
  • We assign CoreScores for each shoe. You wouldn’t really do this, but if you’re a numbers person like us, you’d appreciate this a lot. The score which ranges from 0-100 will help you easily determine how liked this shoe is compared to others.

What's more, no shoes are sent to us for free as we buy all reviewed Sauconys ourselves. It helps us stay honest and transparent.

Best original

The look of classic running kicks is timeless. And when it comes to Saucony, the most classic of them all is the Saucony Jazz Original.

Sporty, simple, and sleek, this old-school charmer is ready to swoon you over its vintage styling. We found its retro hues a plus.

Quality-wise, Saucony made it a point to use top-notch materials - from the mesh underlays to the suede overlays as well as the rubber sole. Everything just looks on point!

Now, when it comes to performance, this simply made our jaws drop. For starters, it offers a snug, glove-like fit. We didn’t feel any pain while donning these kicks. And it also provides the right amount of support in the arches like it’s custom made. And to top it off, walking in these felt like pure bliss. It’s that comfy!

If you’re wondering if there’s anything negative about this shoe, the truth is there is. Its traction is subpar compared to other models. So, be prepared to slip on wet pavements in case you get caught in the rain.

Otherwise, everything else is GREAT about this shoe. Given all the good stuff you can get from a $60 shoe, we’d buy another pair without second-guessing. 

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If you’ve already got the Saucony Jazz Original in your rotation, you might as well try the Saucony Shadow Original. Another retro running shoe, these sneaks are brimming with the brand’s signature 80s heritage vibe.

When it comes to looks, this shoe looks a lot like the popular Saucony Jazz Original. $10 more expensive than the Jazz, these kicks hugged our feet in pillowy comfort. Yes, the additional cost was all worth it! It’s twice as comfortable and cushiony. 

Apart from being ridiculously comfortable, this kick also knocked us out with its incredibly sturdy and supportive construction. We walked in it for miles and the shoe looked like it just came right off the box! It also kept our feet stable all day long. No wobbling and slips!

However, one thing we didn’t like about this shoe is its short laces. Not a biggie, though, since this can be easily replaced. Another letdown is the not-so-perfect stitching here and there. Nevertheless, the Saucony Shadow Original is still worth your time and attention. After all, it’s still a great-looking shoe overall. 

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Best dad shoe

Yes, dad shoes are still in, and it seems like they’ll be staying for a long time. After all, most dad shoes are classics that have never gone out of style. And if you’re a fan of Saucony, one dad shoe must-have in their catalog is the Saucony Shadow 5000.

Well, it’s a classic and it is sporty-looking, a shoe perfect for today’s athleisure lifestyle. What’s more is that this running footwear legend maintains all the good stuff that is well-liked by running enthusiasts back in the day. So if you’re on the lookout for a crazy supportive, stable sneaker that is also shock absorbing, the Shadow 5000 is your best bet!

Apart from being unbelievably supportive, this kick also stunned us with its hard-wearing sole and barely-there underfoot feeling. Yes, it’s so light and sturdy, this one sure is a bang for the buck given its $90 price tag. 

If there’s anything that disappointed us, it’s its tight fit. Our toes felt a bit cramped in its narrow toe box. Good thing, we managed to find the size that works best with our broad feet. If you’re still in, you might want to size up. Once you get the right size, the rest is history. 

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If you want to look cool and on trend, consider wearing a pair of dad sneakers from Saucony - the Saucony Shadow 6000 in particular. Why? Well, these shoes are just oozing with 80s vibe, a characteristic all true blue dad shoes possess.

Although released in the 1990s, Saucony kept its heritage styling for a distinct throwback appeal. After all, that is what Saucony fans (us included) love about the shoes from the Saucony Originals collection. 

Looks aside, these kicks are amazingly comfortable. Our feet felt right at home thanks to its padded tongue and collar. Its cushioning underfoot is also outstanding! We couldn’t imagine how this could be so bouncy and oh so responsive. 

Unfortunately, this shoe ain’t perfect. We wished this didn’t have any dragging-down sensation, but it did. This slight mishap, though, all goes down the drain once you look at the mirror and pound the pavements with these kicks on! 

These kicks are capable of boosting your style points in seconds. The bottom-heavy sole isn’t really a big deal after seeing your reflection looking all nice and clean!

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Best minimalist

Thanks to Marie Kondo, everyone’s crazy about minimalism. And if you wish to keep things simple and fuss-free, it’s a good idea to start looking for clean, all-rounder shoes that are easy to mix and match with all kinds of outfits. Good thing, Saucony has one up their sleeve - the Saucony Jazz Court. 

Truly the best of its kind, the Jazz Court is a sight to behold with its no-frills construction - from its upper down to the sole. Choose neutral hues like white and black and you won’t have any regrets. We didn’t have to worry about splurging on a new wardrobe thanks to its straightforward design. 

Now, if you’re worried about looking plain, don’t be! Once you get a closer look at these sneaks, you’d surely be impressed. These kicks aren’t plain at all with their full-grain leather upper. Its quality is just top-notch! And for only $90, you’ll find these a real steal!

Apart from looks and quality, surely you’d want to know how comfy these are. After all, comfort trumps style and everything else in between. 

TBH, at first, the toe box felt a bit cramped. But after some time it loosens up. Once it does, your toes will surely thank you because these are uber-comfortable. What’s more is that they’re built to last. What can we say? Saucony did a fine job at stitching this up!

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Many retro shoes sure look crazy - just the exact opposite of minimalist. But not this one. The Saucony Hornet is retro through and through. But unlike chunky dad kicks, these continue to charm sneakerheads with their old-school vibe and simple aesthetics.

Now, with these kicks, you can also expect to reach your destination minutes before the time is up. Why? Because these are unbelievably lightweight. We walked for miles with these sneaks on and didn’t feel any dragging-down sensation. 

In terms of comfort, we were just dumbfounded. Despite the lack of air, gel, Boost, and other stuff that makes other kicks ultra-comfy, these sneaks felt super duper cozy. Its tongue and collar had the right amount of padding and the sole just had the right amount of cushioning. It’s just amazing!

The only pickle we had with these retro-looking kicks is its subpar support. If you’re into stable shoes, you better stick with your Jazz kicks. Otherwise, these are perfect. And for only $60, the Saucony Hornet is sure worth the price. 

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Best Grid style

If you’re a fan of Saucony’s Grid tech, then one must-have shoe under this collection is the Saucony Grid 9000. 

Released in the year 1994, this was once touted as a high-performance running shoe. Decades later, this shoe may no longer be one of the best running kicks out there but it still dazzles casual wearers (us included) with its old-school charm and dad shoe vibe. 

Yes, it still looks fresh and on fire even after all these years. Not just that. It’s still mad comfortable! Our tootsies just enjoy every inch of it - from its heel to its toe and from top to bottom. Its padded tongue and plush EVA sole just hug the feet in pillowy-like comfort. 

And have you seen how well built these are?! The people in charge of checking the quality of these shoes deserve a raise because they’re obviously doing a great job. The materials as well as stitches are all on point.

If we need to nitpick, one thing that peeves us is its bottom-heavy sole. But, this was a bit expected given its chunky look. As long as we don’t have to walk for miles (because who does that in a pair of good-looking kicks?) these Grid kicks are simply perfect! 

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Are you into quirky and eccentric designs? Check out Saucony’s Grid Azura 2000. We’re telling you, this one is truly one-of-a-kind!

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’re missing out on a lot. This sure is a looker with its bold, teeth-like overlays. The color combinations are also incomparable. Wear this with pride (like we did) and you’re sure to attract a lot of attention. 

Although it looks unique, what’s great about this shoe is that it still oozes with a familiar retro, dad shoe vibe. Your pop will surely want to grab a pair or two of these extraordinary kicks.

Besides its striking looks, these sneakers also boast top-notch craftsmanship, an airy construction, and a responsive ride. 

Summer has never been more fun with these bad boys. Aside from turning heads, your feet are also in for a breezy, moist-free, smooth ride. Not bad for a $110 shoe! We just wish this could have been made with a plushier cushioning. 

But, what the heck?! With all the compliments and nods we are getting from these shoes, we don’t mind trading off an uber-plush ride over Saucony Grid Azura 2000’s’ jaw-dropping aesthetics.

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Best budget shoe

Many times, our buying decision all boils down to how much we’re capable of spending. Good thing, Saucony has a lot to offer when it comes to budget-friendly kicks. In fact, its most popular line - the Saucony Jazz collection - is made up of kicks worth less than $100. This includes the Saucony Jazz Low Pro. 

For only $60, we got to enjoy its timeless retro, sporty look, and ultra-cozy interior. Yes, you heard it right. This old-school charmer is crazy comfortable from the get-go. There’s literally zero break-in period with these kicks!

Getting the right size is also easy since they fit true-to-size. However, keep in mind that these shoes have a tapered toe box. So, if you have wide feet, you might want to try sizing up to get that much-needed toe-wiggling feeling. 

Seeing that these are the exact opposite of chunky, its minimal cushioning really helped reduce this shoe’s weight. We tried it on and we felt like we were just wearing a pair of slippers. It’s that light! We can barely feel it!

One let down, though, is that these kicks aren’t as sturdy as other Jazz kicks. Nevertheless, it’s a shoe we’d choose to wear every day given its buttery ride. And since it’s affordable, we’re sure we’ll have some dough saved up once these kicks give up on us.

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If you think that Saucony Jazz kicks are overrated, why not try the Saucony Bullet? It isn't over the place like the Jazz kicks - a plus in our books. On top of that, these are also low-priced. It’s even cheaper than the Jazz Low Pro. 

Apart from its low price tag, these kicks have a lot to brag about performance-wise. Wondering if they’re comfy? Well, they sure are! The makers of this shoe also made sure that these still exude Saucony’s heritage styling. That’s one more good point worth mentioning. 

Besides ace-ing the looks and comfort departments, the Saucony Bullet also exceeded our expectations when it comes to its construction and weight. These kicks are remarkably sturdy and airy! 

However, to attain that almost weightless feel, Saucony had to keep the soles thin. And when you have thin bottoms, expect to feel like your feet are one with the earth, which isn’t totally bad unless you’re walking on gravel and rocks. 

Given all its fringe benefits, these kicks are value for money. Good-looking, hard-wearing, and comfortable, paying $55 for a pair of these sneakers is well worth it. We’d buy one anytime without second-guessing.

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