10 Best Nike Air Huarache Sneakers in 2021

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With over 15 shoes to choose from, finding the best Nike Air Huarache sneaker can be confusing. Don’t fret, though, because RunRepeat is here to make things easy for you.

Whether you’re on the hunt for the best high-top or zip-up version of the Huarache, we’ve got you covered. We’re also here to tell you which one is the best retro model and the best overall. So hang tight as we go through each good-looking Huarache kick and go through all its love-its and could-be-betters.

How we choose the best Nike Air Huaraches

Most websites will tell you the best sneaker based on hype or what the brand says, but NOT US. Our aim is to give you honest, unbiased opinions about the shoes. So, how do we do that? See below.

  • We buy the shoes using our hard-earned money and test them out. This way, we can give our honest, BS-free opinions about the shoes.
  • User and expert opinions also matter a lot. As such, we gather all these data and integrate them into our results.
  • For those who just want to see the shoes’ likeability in one glimpse, you’ll find the CoreScores assigned to each shoe extra handy. 

Best overall

One of Nike’s best and most iconic creations is the Nike Air Huarache. There’s no doubt about it. Even if these sneaks were born three decades ago (the year 1991 to be exact), they still look so trendy. They never get old. 

Apart from its retro, chunky, dad look that stands out, another thing we really like about these running-turned-lifestyle kicks is its glove-like fit. Who would have known that mixing a water ski boot with a sandal would create such a perfect-fitting shoe? This one just hugged our feet the right way like it’s custom made. It's amazing!

Its sock-like fit really made this shoe comfy. However, it’s not just that. Surprisingly, these bulky shoes didn’t weigh a lot. That’s something we didn’t expect. It was so light, we just love how this shoe kept us going without any dragging down sensation. 

And, to top it all off, these kicks are oh so airy. Our feet felt so cool and dry inside its breezy interiors. So, if you plan to use this during your summer escapades, go right ahead! We promise you, you won’t regret it (because we didn’t).

Now, just note that all this good stuff comes with a price. Not a hefty sum, so, it’s not really a deal-breaker. But it’s not cheap either. Don’t worry, though, because it’s all worth it. For $120, you get to bring home a pair of comfy, breathable kicks that will make you stand out! And as a bonus, its classic looks are here to stay!

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If you’re a big fan of the Huaraches from Nike but you already have a handful of it, you might want to try something new (but still a bonafide Huarache) like the Nike Air Huarache Drift.

This one still has the iconic external heel cage, however, it’s unlike any other. Its caging can be removed, so if you’re not really happy with the classic’s caging system, Nike heard it. You can have this removed in a cinch.

The lacing system is much more functional as compared to the classic. Not that we’re complaining about the original. The original already fits like a glove in our feet! However, if you are among the few people who need extra security, this works and this is all thanks to the Flywire cables hidden underneath.

Getting our feet in took a few minutes, though, because of the narrow, stiff opening, which Nike could really improve. Nonetheless, once you get your tootsies inside, you’d want to leave them there. These kicks are just so comfortable! Don’t get us wrong, it isn’t as plush as other sneaks but our feet enjoyed its cozy confines.

Apart from that, these are also breathable and sturdy. We ran in these for miles and even went to the gym with these on. These things do not know anything about giving up. A truly good pair of kicks that are made to last!

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Best high-top

Can you imagine combining two classic shoes into one? Well, that’s what Nike did and the result was explosive - the Nike Air Trainer Huarache.

Since it carries the running silhouette of the iconic Nike Air Huarache and the basketball aesthetic of the Nike Air Trainer, this kick is a perfect mix of support and comfort. Its high-top construction also gives a retro, edgy look that you won’t see on other Huaraches. It’s just beautiful!

Now, if you think that its heightened collar will make slipping on a tedious task, think again! Unlike other mid-tops and high-tops, the heel tabs of these shoes work like a charm and make getting in and out of these shoes an easy affair. 

Another thing we didn’t expect is its barely-there feel underfoot and breezy interiors. Yes, this one is unbelievably lightweight and breathable. We walked in these day in and day out pounding the concrete jungle and running errands and our feet didn’t feel sweaty. There were no blisters and hot spots. Not one bit!

So, for $115, these shoes are not bad at all! In fact, they are a STEAL! Comfy, airy, and sturdy - what more can we ask for?!

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High-tops are great! Those with weak ankles would love it since the high-cut construction is there to keep your ankles from twisting. Now, if you’re a diehard Huarache fan, you’d love to see Nike Air Huarache's high-top version - the Nike Air Flight Huarache Ultra. 

This wouldn’t be dubbed Huarache without the classic’s famous external heel cage. The difference? This one got rid of the overlays commonly seen in retro shoes and replaced it with a cleaner, slimmed-down look. This made the shoes look more modern rather than vintage, although they still look sporty. A toggle lacing was also added to make lace cinching quick and easy.

The shoe’s mesh upper is also breathable. But unlike other flimsy mesh-covered kicks, the mesh on these sneaks looks more hard-wearing. A really nice touch! 

Despite the changes, it’s also good to note that these shoes still offer the same sock-like fit we love so much about the classics. We tried these with socks on and off, and these felt unbelievably comfy from the get-go. And did we mention that they’re light as a feather? Yes, they’re really light and these made long walks more fun and enjoyable.

Price-wise, these kicks are not cheap. But, if you have some dough saved up, you might want to add these to your choices. After all, they’re darn comfy, light, and airy, not to mention, stylish! What’s more is that they still carry that iconic Huarache look that everyone adores.

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Best retro

Want something that is both retro and chunky but with tons of spice?! Have a looksy at Nike’s Huarache Type. 

Yes, it’s retro and chunky but more than that, this one has an edgy look that is hard to miss. And you know what?! We’re digging it a lot! It might have the classic’s blast-from-the-past look but it’s futuristic at the same time, it’s crazy!

When it comes to comfort, this one is super duper comfy! You heard it right. And if we have to compare these to other Nike kicks comfort-wise, this will definitely be one of our top picks. Walking in these is such a pleasurable experience.

Now, if you have wide feet and you’re worried that this won’t work for you. Man, you’re so wrong! Its toe box is so roomy, our feet just love its liberating, toe-wiggling interior. 

To get all this good stuff, though, you’d have to save up some dough. To be honest, these aren’t cheap! Nonetheless, if you dig it and you have some cash to splurge, this one is a nice pick. After all, its uber dope style will surely put you in the spotlight and get you the nods and likes you deserve. A win-win situation.

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Best zip style

If you’re looking for something a bit unique yet still retro and sporty, check out the Nike Air Huarache Premium Zip. 

It still has the classic Huaraches retro charm, that’s for sure! The main difference is the zipper which gives this version of the Huarache its distinctive look.

The zipper however isn’t found at the heel or on the side. For this shoe, the makers chose to put the zip-up closure on the tongue so it’s somewhat hidden by the laces. So, if you’re worried about catching too much attention (which you would already since you're wearing one of Nike’s most iconic), don’t be. The change is so subtle, bystanders would have to look close to see it.

Now, if you’re wondering if this shoe still has the classic’s cozy interior and sock-like fit, the answer is a big YES! This shoe definitely made our tootsies want to jump into these kicks every day because it’s that comfortable. Don’t say we didn’t warn you. 

When it comes to price, you might feel intimidated because the name says PREMIUM on it. Well, it really looks and feels premium, and these do come with a price. Worry not, though, because it’s priced reasonably. If you think about it, the $10 uptick on the price is enough to cover its stylish looks, plush interiors, and all the uncalled-for compliments.

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