10 Best New Sneakers in 2021

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Nowadays, people have more idle time to check online and watch out for new sneaker releases. Yes, sneakerheads’ sneaker game is still ON and footwear brands are all up for the challenge. As such, you’ll find them frequently dropping new shoe models. If you can’t catch up, we’re here to help.

Whether you’re looking for the newest chunky release or the most good-looking one, we got you covered. Now if you have a tight budget, just hang on because cheap yet high-quality kicks are still up for grabs. After all, we have over 50 new sneakers to choose from!

How we choose the best new sneakers

Many new kicks are hyped by social media and marketing campaigns, but we’re not into those. What we’re after is the REAL thing minus the hype. So, to know which one really sticks out and which one is the best new release, here’s what we do :

  • We try the best we can to get our hands on them while they’re hot and get them on our feet to actually test them out. 
  • For us, user reviews matter a lot, and we go the extra mile by gathering thousands of reviews in one place and come up with a summary that’s scannable and easy to read.
  • That’s not all! If you’re into numbers, we also assign a Corescore from 0 to 100 for each shoe. This way you can easily find which new shoe release is the most liked.

Best overall

The pandemic didn’t stop footwear brands from coming up and releasing new shoe models, the Swoosh brand included. And among the best kicks they’ve introduced is the Nike Air Force 1 Crater Flyknit - which for us is the best new shoe release!

Yes, this sneak is the eco-friendly version of the famous Air Force 1. And since it basically gets its looks from one of Nike’s best sneakers, expect this to ooze with retro charm. 

The added bonus? Well, this is lighter and a lot airier than the classic version. If you live in a place where the sun is always up and the wind is dry, you ought to consider buying a pair of these kicks. 

Unlike the leather iteration, this one’s Flyknit upper will keep your feet cool and dry. We’re not joking! Its knit upper sure is breathable and walking on these is like walking with the open-toe sandals because you can just feel the air cooling your feet.

Now, if you prioritize comfort, this one got it in strides. Apart from not worrying about the added weight, this shoe’s knit upper hugged our feet like a glove and just surrounded it in pure happiness. 

If you think, that’s all there is that’s where you are wrong. Because apart from being cozy-cool, this one is also sustainably manufactured. 

Made of 20% recycled materials, these new sets of kicks will not only help you look chic and on-trend, it will also help you reduce environmental waste. Ain’t that cool?! 

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Another new release worth checking out is Adidas’ ZX 700 HD. If you’re more of a fan of the Three Stripes than of the Swoosh brand, then this shoe is for you. Why? Well, this kick just has everything you want in a true blue Adidas kick.

A shoe released under Adidas’ Originals line, the ZX 700 HD boasts a retro vibe seen in most Adidas running kicks. Just look at its rubber sole! It looks like it came off the running track in the 80s. 

Comfort-wise, we have nothing but praise and admiration! Well, apart from its collar that rubbed against the ankle during the first few wears, everything else is just perfect. Long walks have never felt better thanks to its cozy interior. 

Meanwhile, its quality is overwhelmingly satisfying. We can’t believe that we got this without the need to break the bank. Yes, it’s that cheap!

What’s more, is that this is made of recycled materials. While most sustainable kicks are worth over $100, Adidas made sure these kicks can be bought by both average Joes and Janes. 

Now, if you think this ain’t for you because you have broad feet, put your worries aside. These sneakers gave our wide feet enough room for toe splay. That’s why we can’t help but buy another pair.

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Best looks

Love to make heads turn? Try putting on a pair of New Balance 57/40!

These chunky kicks won’t only give you the attention you desire but will also put you in the spotlight. Just look at it! They’re good-looking with the lights turned on. But, they’re all the more alluring with the lights off.

Although made for the modern fashionista, this kick also hits the spot even when you’re someone who’s into retro kicks. Thank goodness, New Balance never forgets about its heritage running roots.

When it comes to quality, well, New Balance never fails to impress. This may not be 100% made in the US, but this surely exceeded our quality checks! It’s that solid! 

Have you seen its outsole? We tried our best to wear it out but it looked like it came right off the box even after a couple of miles. Talk about sturdy!

Good-looking? Check. Durable? Check. High-quality? Check. But is it comfy?

If you like a shoe with the right amount of firmness and squishiness, then this is the one! Watch out, though, because this shoe has a bit of a drag on the feet considering its chunky styling. But, if you’re planning to just hang out and show off your swank, then why worry about the weight?!

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Chunky kicks still look so good! Good thing, Adidas dropped the Adidas Ozelia - a shoe that perfectly combines sporty, futuristic, and chunky!

If you’re a diehard fan of Yeezy’s chunky kicks, then you might as well check out the Ozelia from the Three Stripes. For only $100, you get a sneak that will let you walk the streets like you’re strutting the runways. Because with these kicks on your feet, you know for sure that all eyes will be on you.

And, if you think that the Ozelia will make your legs and feet all sore at the end of the day, think again. This kick may be chunky on the outside but it’s surprisingly lightweight! The addition of Adiprene cushioning in this shoe sure did its magic. We can’t imagine where all the bulk went. What’s more, is that it gave Boost’s pillowy-like comfiness.

Apart from its almost-not-there feeling underfoot, this sneaker is so damn breathable. Using this in the summer kept sweat and stink at bay (even for us with broad feet).

If all this good stuff isn’t enough for you, you might think twice when you find out that these are sustainably made. Yes, some Adidas Ozelia models are made using recycled materials so watch out for those if you wish to do your part in ending plastic waste.

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Best chunky sneaker

Yes, chunky kicks are still in even after the birth of the Yeezy 700 four years ago. With all the ruckus, Nike managed to be on top of the game. Just check out its latest release - the Nike Air Max 2021. 

The AM 2021 sure looks amazing with its sporty yet futuristic styling and hard-to-miss Air Sole unit. While its air bubble looks like it’s going to pop, it sure is a pretty sight! 

What’s so cool about it is that the bubble works like a charm. Once you slip these shoes on, there’s no way you’d want to get rid of them because they’re oh so light, squishy soft, and comfy. Wearing this is like walking on air literally and figuratively. 

Apart from its splendid-looking sole, its mesh upper is another thing worth your attention. It may not be as stretchy as the shoes covered with knit uppers, but it sure is airy. 

You may have to size up if you have wide feet since its upper doesn’t have a lot of give, but once you get the fit right, these sneaks will keep your tootsies cool and dry even after walking for miles under the sweltering heat of the sun.

Now, if you mind getting some dirt on your shoes, you don't have to with the AM 2021. Getting the gunk off these kicks is easy as pie! So, if you want it, go and get it. You may need to shell out more dough on these, but we’re telling you - it’s all worth it!

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Chunky kicks are all about being bold and loud. Why would you even bother wearing something massive if you don’t want to be seen, right? So, if you’re into sneakers that scream, give the Jordan Delta 2 a looksy.

Unlike the original Delta which looks a bit subtle and muted, the Jordan Delta 2 just calls out for attention. Have you seen its weird-looking sole and upper? Well, we did and we can’t get over it! 

We know it's hard not to look at its exterior, but we have to look past that to appreciate its true beauty. After all, it’s what's inside that matters. And with these kicks, the interiors are so damn cozy that your tootsies will feel right at home. 

And since it’s a Jordan shoe through and through, expect this bball inspired kick to be supportive and stable. We tried it and our heels didn’t wobble one bit. It’s that solid! 

What’s more, is that you won’t have to worry about stink. So, if you’re planning to train on these or do your errands on these, do so while enjoying the summer breeze. Because with these underfoot, you know your feet are going to stay moist-free.

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Best retro

The Swoosh brand wouldn’t be here today if not for their groundbreaking tech - the Nike Waffle sole. And after over four decades, who would have thought that you’d still see these old tech used on Nike’s new releases - the Nike Waffle One included. 

Yes, the Waffle One is a new release but the Swoosh brand made sure that this kick retains the 70s Waffle Trainer runner’s old soul (or is it old sole?) intact. After all, this Waffle shoe wouldn’t be dubbed as such without Nike’s original tech.

Since this isn’t filled with air like most of Nike’s new releases, this shoe didn’t feel soft and squishy, which was expected. But vintage-loving sneakerheads (like us) would always choose comfy yet retro over cushy. If you’re one of us, you’d understand. 

More about its looks, have you noticed this shoe’s Sacai-like vibe? Well, we did and we just love it all the more. 

What else is there apart from its retro charm? 

After using these for errands and the like, we think these kicks are well worth it for $100. Apart from looking great, these are also light, sturdy, and breathable. Our toes didn’t hurt one bit when we had these on (even right out of the box!), all thanks to its roomy toe box.

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Best budget shoe

Is this for real? One of his Airness’ kicks is actually a budget-friendly shoe? Yes, believe it or not, Nike has recently released a Jumpman shoe that costs less than $100! Itching to find out what it is? Check out the Jordan Series .01.

It’s not like any other MJ sneaker since this one said goodbye to the usual chunky Jordan b-ball aesthetics to take on a simple, straightforward styling. But despite the big change, this kick is still a looker. We got one and we can’t seem to take our eyes off it!

Comfort-wise, this won’t let you and your feet down. Its padded interiors will cradle your tootsies in comfort day in and day out. 

And since these show off a subtle yet street-ready vibe, we wore these during work and play. We thought we’d regret it but everything worked out great! The black pair made us look dapper even when out and about using our plain old joggers.

So, if you’re his Airness’ loyal follower, try these out! It may have a few issues when it comes to its sturdiness, but these will surely level up your sneaker game without the need to rob a bank.

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