10 Best Fila Sneakers in 2021

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Here is the thing: there are too many Fila sneakers with varying styles and features sold on the market. Picking which one suits your needs can be a difficult task. 

To help you out, we meticulously tested and compared 30+ Fila models to get all the information you will need. Whether you enjoy chunky Fila kicks or the classic Fila pairs, we've got a selection for each. 

We also narrowed down our top picks in several categories; check them below for your quick reference.

How we choose the best Fila sneakers

  • We purchased these Fila sneakers using our fund to avoid any biased feedback.
  • To yield actual results, we put these shoes to a series of tests and comparisons.
  • Extracting the spam, we gathered reviews from the verified users of these kicks.

The results from these tests and reviews were used to rank the sneakers using our CoreScore tool. This scoring system will give an overview of how the shoe performed.

Best overall

More than 30 fascinating Fila sneakers have undergone tests and assessments, and we picked the Fila Ray Racer as the top among all the other iterations on our list. This sneaker aced all the features that we must look for in a daily beater. 

It got an A on comfort. After using it for hours, we have no pains and aches issues. We love how its well-padded sockliner cradled our feet as we took our strides. 

Though it is chunky, it is surprisingly light! No dragging-down sensation, even a single bit. Plus, it has ample support that makes our steps more solid. With Fila Ray Tracer, walking faster is more effortless and worry-free.

When it comes to style, it breezed through the fashion department. Its sculpted midsole plus layered cushioned upper begs attention from onlookers. Its beefed-up profile flaunts a neck-breaking flair that is reminiscent of the pricey Yeezy 700. 

Though it may look luxurious for many, it will not break your banks! This sneaker is sold at an affordable price range. What can be more impressive than that? Snag a pair now before they run out!

Level up your '90 dad fashion style without spending extra with the mind-blowing Fila Ray Tracer. 

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Landing not far behind our top pick is our also great choice Fila Oakmont TR. After a series of tests and comparisons, this sneaker surpassed all the other 30+ Fila shoes for heaps of reasons. 

It may look tough and rigid, but this sneaker is a monster when it comes to coziness! Astonishingly, we felt so good after donning this for hours. Our feet felt amazingly well-cushioned inside. 

We also felt satisfied with its looks! Its color-blocking and notable details added a mind-blowing update to our traditional looks. Not only that, we were able to don it to various activities. It is an adaptable pair to have!

Oh, did we mention that this sneaker literally and figuratively lifted our confidence? Yes, you read that right. Its chunky sole added a few inches to our heights, making our strides a little more aplomb than usual. 

Enjoy all these and more with the Fila Oakmont TR. By slipping this sneaker into your feet, it will instantly perk up your attitude without sacrificing your overall comfort and style. Grab a pair now before it's too late!

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Best high-top

Among the Fila trainers, the Fila MB topped the spot for the best high-top Fila sneakers.  

This basketball sneaker is one of the most memorable silhouettes under Fila's umbrella. With its updated style, it was an instant hit among retro-style enthusiasts! It can quickly boost up our everyday look with its retro-inspired vibe.

Besides style, this provided us with a fantastic amount of supportive feel. We are over the moon by its padded tall collar height. It hugged our ankles snugly, and twisting it has never been an issue. This kick is indeed the best Fila high-top we have ever tried on!

Surprisingly, this sneaker is light on our feet! We were amazed at how it feels airy, especially when worn. As we pound the streets, this did not give us a dragging down feeling. It made our steps faster and easier. 

Comfort-wise, this did not disappoint us. We felt pain-free for hours, and we couldn't wait to walk the streets again for another day or two in these high-top sneakers. 

With oodles of reasons why Fila MB must be in your collection, we can say that its affordability is one of the main reasons we are dumbfounded at this iteration. It is simply one of the best high-tops you could ever have!

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Beating the rest of the 30+ Fila models on our list, the Fila Grant Hill 1 is one of the best high-top models we highly recommend. 

Amazed by its superb support on our ankles, we enjoyed the cushioning that shrouded our feet comfortably as we wandered around. We felt cozy and didn't mind walking another hour or two wearing the Fila Grant Hill 1.

Its durability is another noteworthy feature. Its solid build allowed us to enjoy this for an extended period. It is one of the most durable pairs we've ever tried on. 

Wet or dry seasons, strutting the streets feel more relaxed. Thanks to its thick rubber gum sole, this sneaker delivers a solid amount of traction. 

And to add more, we are astonished by its neck-breaking aesthetics. Its bold '90s look with luxurious flavor instantly boosted our conventional flair into a crowd-pleaser.

Fila Grant Hill 1 may be molded for hardcourt use, but it fits the fashionable lifestyle scene. It is a crisp pair of high-top sneakers that works best for both men and women.

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Best colorway

If sneaker hues are vital for you, we highly vouch for the Fila Renno model. After comparing it to more than 30 Fila sneakers, it was easy for Renno to snatch the top spot. 

We were like a child with a new toy the moment our eyes laid these colorful sneakers. The bold color blocking is truly eye candy. Our dull attire instantly became a conversation starter as the Fila Renno boosted it with a fun and lively vibe. 

It is also a versatile pair to wear. Jumping from one occasion to another has been easy with the adaptable look of Renno. 

We never got worried about wearing this every single day. Fila built it sturdily, which allows us to enjoy this sneaker longer. After checking it meticulously, we've seen zero damage. It is indeed superbly constructed. 

When it comes to pricing, don't fret as its price range is amazingly found at the affordable range. This sneaker can be your budget-friendly alternative to the pricey Nike LD Waffle Sacai. 

If funky, comfy, and not pricey sneakers are what you are looking for, the Fila Renno must be the one for you!

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One of the best Fila sneakers that we consider exceptional for its colorways is the Fila Disruptor 2 Premium. Dominating the other 30 Fila models, we couldn't get enough of the Disruptor 2 Premium's chic and trendy hues. 

This mind-blowing dad sneaker begs attention. With its sculptured thick rubber outsole inspired by the aggressive lugs of hiking kicks, it quickly catches the interest of many onlookers. It instantly turned our regular attire look edgy and striking. 

Besides the look, we love Fila for presenting it with a broad color spectrum. From the muted white to the bold orange, it is easy to pick Disruptor 2 Premium that will suit your style. 

Moreover, the Disruptor 2 Premium is insanely comfortable! It may look chunky and stiff, but its coziness is beyond our expectations. It felt like walking on clouds, literally and figuratively. Its sky-high sole adds a few inches to our heights, while its soft cushioning delivers a heart-stopping smooth ride. 

If you're pumped into getting compliments and, at the same time hunting for comfort-driven sneakers, the well-loved Disruptor 2 Premium is the suitable sneaker for you.

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Best retro

Among the retro Fila sneakers on our list, the Fila Trigate quickly outstripped the rest after subjecting it to a series of tests and countless comparisons. 

This sneaker heavily flaunts a vintage style to pay homage to Fila's running ancestry. We love how Fila reworked it with some modernized features to fit the current fashion style without sacrificing the quality. 

Underfoot, it gave us a lift! We enjoyed walking while feeling and looking a bit taller as its thick rubber sole delivers additional inches to our heights. We were literally and figuratively on a high with the Fila Trigate shoes!

And to make it more unique, we did not have any comfort issues! It was so easy to glide through the streets as this sneaker provided an out-of-this-world homey feel. 

Thanks to its firm cushioning, inward or outward rolling of our foot never happened. Its support is remarkable, and we did not mind walking in these kicks all day long. 

But wait, there's more! Fila sells this at an amazingly affordable price range! With Fila Trigate, you can flaunt a stylishly relaxed retro attire without spending beyond your budget.

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Another retro Fila sneaker that we think highly of is the Fila Original Fitness. This sneaker beat the rest of the 30 Fila iterations found on our comprehensive list.

Let's beat the drum for its throwback aesthetics. The suede, reminiscent of the classic track fashion, covers the entire foot that quickly adds a retro flair to our attires. Pair it with jeans, skirts, or sweatpants; the Original Fitness is a surefire way for a nostalgic ensemble. 

Its weight is another remarkable element. It feels so light! After using it for hours, we did not have any lugging down experience. It made our steps faster and breezier!

We love wearing this every single day. We did not worry about wear and tear as Fila built this sneaker to last. 

Although this sneaker might feel a bit narrow, we are dumbfounded by its comfort! Day to day, in these sneakers, we experienced zero pain at all. It is hands down one of the comfiest in Fila's arsenal. 

This affordable sneaker is indeed a must-cop for Fila sneaker fans looking for retro shoes to add to their arsenal.

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Best budget

They may say that the Fila Disruptor 2 is ugly, but it is unquestionably our top pick in our list of best budget Fila sneakers beating the other 30+ Fila models. 

Unlike its luxurious counterparts Balenciaga Triple S and LV Archlight, the Disruptor 2 surprisingly goes with a rock-bottom price! With this massively popular shoe, it is undoubtedly possible to look fashionable without touching your rainy day's fund. 

We love its hard-to-miss style. Its bold flair straight away added a fun twist to our customary attire.

Unexpectedly, we find this pair lightweight! Despite its extra beefed-up profile, it feels airy on our feet! We had faster, easier, and lesser leg pain walks with the Disruptor 2.

If you're concerned about wearing it daily, definitely our answer is YES! It felt so cozy on our feet and experienced no issue. 

And to add more, Fila designed it with premium and lasting materials. After wearing it numerous times, it stayed astonishingly intact. 

With its below $90 price range, the Fila Disruptor 2 is indeed a pair for every practical sneaker fan looking for an eye-catching beater.

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After several tests and countless comparisons, the Fila Vulc 13 also bagged our recommendation on our best budget Fila sneakers list. 

With so many sneakers that offer comfort, style, and durability, the Fila Vulc 13 is categorically a gem! Sold at a knockdown price, this kick is packed with features that make it one of the best affordable Fila sneakers. 

Its coziness is superb! We felt no pain problem as we walked in this, and its mid-top collar embraced our ankles amazingly. It is a downright pair perfect for any everyday activities. 

Despite its bulky shape, it did not pull our feet down while wearing this. Unexpectedly, every step felt so light, faster, and more manageable. 

Style-wise, the Vulc 13 displays an impressive one. Thanks to its straightforward aesthetics, it was easy for us to pair it with oodles of attires. 

If you're after sneakers that are easy to maintain, we highly recommend this sneaker. It was easy for us to keep this clean just by using a damped cloth. Wiping off the dirt has never been this easy!

Grab a pair of Fila Vulc 13 to enjoy all these features without frittering away!

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