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What makes New Balance a go-to label among a multitude of entry-level and club tennis players worldwide is the availability of its court trainers in varying width designs. Both women’s and men’s New Balance tennis shoes are engineered with specs that help you achieve flexible court performance. Get to know more about the standout attributes and technologies found in New Balance court shoes detailed on this page.

Top qualities of men’s and women’s New Balance tennis shoes 

new balance tennis shoes

Best New Balance tennis shoes - April 2020

Tennis involves agility. Looking for the appropriate tennis shoe to match your level of game can sometimes be a struggle. Below are some of the key pointers of the best New Balance tennis shoes and why these are among the top picks to players worldwide.


It requires a well-fitted tennis footgear to master those groundstrokes, serves, overheads, and volleys. New Balance, which started out as an arch support company way, way back in time, understands that each person has a different foot width. 


Each pair of shoes is different from the level of comfort it offers. Generally, tennis shoes by New Balance are equipped with a cushioned sole that receives impact every time the foot lands on the ground. Some are devised with padded tongues and extra cushioned collars paired with a closed lacing system that can be adjusted to your desired comfort. 


New Balance tennis shoes are carefully engineered with a supportive body to keep the foot stable during quick side-to-side movements. These stability features keep your foot from rotating outward or inward as you advance towards the net. 


Tennis shoes produced by New Balance are primarily devised with a proprietary rubber composition that’s tailored to grant superb traction without getting too tacky. These outsole compounds allow you to shuffle along the baseline and dart towards the net without wearing out your outsole rapidly.


Intense matches can make the foot sweaty. New Balance has tennis shoes wrapped with porous synthetic and mesh that allow air to circulate. These trainers tend to be light as well.

Different types of New Balance court shoes


  • Typically made with a pronounced midsole thickness to accommodate different cushioning technologies.
  • New Balance cushioned court shoes are the best choices for you if you have normal to high arches or if your foot tends to roll outwards naturally. 
  • These shoes offer minimal rigidity, flexibility, and optimal underfoot support.
  • Some of the usual specs found in cushioned NB tennis shoes are Fresh Foam, Abzorb, and Revlite.
  • An indication that a cushioned shoe is suitable for you is when the outsole of your regular tennis shoe wears out evenly on the inside and outside of the heel.


  • As opposed to cushioned New Balance tennis trainers, the speed shoes have low-to-the-ground or thin soles.
  • Having a thin sole will give you excellent ground control and enhanced agility.
  • These shoes are generally lightweight with the reduction of dense foam padding. 


  • A type of shoe that’s advisable if you’re an overpronator or if your foot tends to rotate inward during movement. 
  • These shoes are commonly engineered with midfoot shanks that hinder inward twisting of the foot. 
  • You’ll know that a stability tennis shoe is appropriate for you if there’s light to moderate scuffing on the inner tread of your outsole or near the ball of the foot.

Motion Control

  • If you’re the type who struggle with moderate to severe overpronation, then the New Balance motion-control tennis shoes are the recommended ones for you.  
  • These shoes are constructed with maximum arch support, lateral support, cushioning, and stability. 
  • The extra rigid component in the shoe will help minimize inward torsion of feet and ankles. 
  • If the inner tread of your shoe obtains wears out severely or really fast, then motion control NB court shoes may be the superb pick for you.

Top technologies used in New Balance tennis shoes 

The main sections of New Balance tennis shoes consist of uppers, midsoles, and outsoles. Enlisted here are the technologies developed by the brand to help you achieve better court performance. 

Upper designs 

Fantom Fit. It’s engineered with internal support and made by fusing two thin materials without sews. Its minimal structure that conforms to the contour of the foot makes the upper ultra-lightweight. This form-fitting upper also comes with supportive overlays in high-wear areas.

Kinetic Stitch. This tech uses an embroidered stitch pattern that comes in distinctive angles and spacing to enhance the maneuverability, support, and strength of the upper. 

Lightning Dry liner. A moisture-wicking liner that grants ventilation and secure fit during rigorous games. 

Cushioning systems

Abzorb. A high-performing foam material called Abzorb, which is designed with compression and cushioning properties. Under the ball of the foot and heel is a high-grade rubber material called Dupont Engage Isoprene that’s flexible and durable. It helps ease out any stiffness under these flex points. 

REVLite. A kind of midsole cushioning that’s responsive and durable as the standard EVA foam but 30% lighter.

Fresh Foam. A denser and more responsive type of underfoot cushioning than REVlite. It has a significantly reduced heel to toe drop and geometrically engineered structure to promote a smooth ride.  

FuelCell. This midsole foam has a carbon fiber plate that grants stability during multidirectional movements. This low-to-the-ground sole offers a high rebound. 

Midfoot support

S-Curve. It’s a stability system shaped in S that’s plotted from the lateral forefoot and midfoot towards the medial heel. It’s designed to provide the right balance and reinforce sideway movements. 

Probank. It offers lightweight stability, which safeguards the midfoot during powerful performances. It primarily disseminates forces uniformly throughout the base of the shoe. Because of such features, you’ll have the freedom to move faster and maintain more efficient directional changes. 

Outsole techs

Ndurance. This rubber compound is usually found in high-wear zones, which is intended to enhance the durability of the shoe. 

Ndure. This feature is an added layer of protection in the form of a forefoot cage. It is devised to provide additional durability against inevitable toe dragging. Apart from overall support, this spec is meant to grant increased comfort.

Nice to know…

  • Cori “Coco” Gauff is New Balance’s youngest brand ambassador, who inked a deal with the brand at the age of 14.
  • Coco was seen wearing the FuelCell 996v4 during the 2020 Australian Open as a tribute to NBA’s GOAT Kobe Bryant and his daughter Gianna. Coco customized her guava 996v4 with “RIP Gigi,” “RIP Kobe,” “Mamba Mentality.” 
  • The New Balance Fresh Foam Lav was formulated through the creative engineering concepts from Canadian player Milos Raonic.
  • Before entering into a partnership with New Balance, Milos was a Lacoste endorser. He partnered with New Balance in January 2013. According to reports, he is NB’s first brand ambassador with a US$ 1 million a year contract.
  • The term Lav is the Serbian term for “lion,” which is also the moniker given to Milos by his grandfather. Milos is a Canadian immigrant of Serbian heritage. 
  • More than 100 years ago, New Balance got its start through creating arch supports for hardworking laborers. They turned out to become the first company to provide running trainers in varying width sizes. Eventually, the brand incorporated the same expertise in its court shoe collection.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Are the men’s and women’s New Balance tennis shoes available in wide widths?    

Not all New Balance shoes for men and women come in wide widths. However, New Balance has an extensive range of wide-sized tennis shoes. Broad-footed players won’t get locked into playing with a tight pair of shoes as certain New Balance tennis trainers come in wide and extra-wide options. On the other hand, narrow-footed players don’t have to settle with shoes that are too roomy.                                                                                                                                                                                                               

How to get the right fit of New Balance tennis footgear?


First of all, you need to measure your foot when it’s at its largest. Specifically, towards the end of the day as the foot tends to swell by such a period. Secondly, when purchasing your next NB tennis footgear, you need to consider your typical athletic shoe size. Below is a checklist to guide you in getting the right fit:

  • You need to allot at least 3/8 space between your longest toe and the inner front tip of your shoe. Also, your heel must be planted firmly and must not wiggle or slip.
  • If the majority of your shoes fit satisfactorily, pick a pair in standard (medium) shoe width or size B for women and D for men. 
  • If your shoe tends to feel roomy on the sides, try opting for a shoe with a narrow width, or 2A for women and B for men. 
  • If your shoe remarkably feels snug, think about getting a wider width, such as D (wide) or 2E (extra wide) for women and 2E (wide) or 4E (extra wide) for men. 
  • If your foot is between sizes, it’s advisable to get a larger size. 

Can I wear my New Balance tennis-inspired sneakers on the court?

New Balance tennis sneakers are more fitting for off-court activities. Although no one’s stopping you from sporting them on the court, it’s highly recommended to wear New Balance tennis-specific shoes whether during warm-up or match days. These athletic shoes are constructed with appropriate support, cushioning, and traction needed on different court setups. 

What do the numbers on New Balance tennis shoe names mean?

New Balance tennis shoes are labeled using numbers and can be decoded through this manner:

  • Those that end with lower numbers, such as 40, 50, and 60 grant the highest grade of stability
  • Numbers in the middle bracket, 70 and 80, are made for light stability
  • The highest numbers, 90 and 00, are the lightest in the pack

How do I know when it’s time to replace my NB tennis footgear?

You don’t need to wait until your New Balance court shoes develop a hole before you consider replacing them. Generally, it takes a year before your shoe wears out entirely if you play at least an hour per week. Below are some of the signs that tell your court footgear is close to retiring:

  • if the outsole hardly grips on the court and doesn’t squeak anymore on hard court
  • if you start to feel extraordinary pain under the ball of your foot, heel, ankles, knees, and lower back 

Are there New Balance tennis shoes come with a six-month durability warranty?

Yes, there are New Balance shoes that are offered with an outsole warranty. Below are some of the considerations under this limited 6-month guarantee program:

  • If the shoe was used for playing tennis
  • If the NDurance outsole is wholly worn through, which means it’s starting to expose the midsole 
  • If the trainer was purchased through the official New Balance website and its official retailers in the US
  • The warranty recognizes a substantial amount of wear on the outsole only

Who are the top tennis players supporting New Balance shoes?

  • Milos Raonic (Canadian)
  • Nicole Gibbs (American)
  • Coco Gauff (American)
  • Danielle Collins (American)
  • Heather Watson (British)
  • Sorana Cirstea (Romanian)

How much are tennis footgear by New Balance?

New Balance tennis shoes are some of the most reasonably priced options for entry-level and recreational players. Budget-friendly selections are from $65 to $100. These New Balance tennis trainers are engineered to provide comfort, stability, durability, and traction needed by beginners mastering their footwork techniques. The more technical ones are reasonably-valued up to $150. There are shoe designs with state-of-the-art technologies such as Kinetic Stitching, Fantom Fit, and Probank.

Where can I purchase athletic New Balance tennis trainers?

Looking for tennis shoes online can be overwhelming. RunRepeat, a shoe review site, helps you obtain your next pair of tennis shoes as it features a selection of the latest New Balance tennis shoes in the market. This site provides you with information on sizing, fit, colorways, and components that make up each section of the shoe. It also has an overview of what experts and users think about the trainer. 

You don’t need to click other pages as RunRepeat automatically directs you to an extensive range of retailers that offer New Balance tennis shoes.