We spent 6.2 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what runners think:

6 reasons to buy

  • The upper unit of the Altra Lone Peak 4.5 feels like a glove around the foot, according to some runners.
  • Several purchasers have lauded the durable construction of this running shoe.
  • Some users consider the outsole unit a reliable source of traction, even on soft ground conditions.
  • The underfoot experience is welcomed by runners who desire responsive cushioning and a bit of stiffness that complements the hardness of the trails.
  • Toe-splay is a trait that the forefoot section is able to deliver, based on a handful of reviews.
  • A lightweight ride is appreciated by those who have tested this product.

3 reasons not to buy

  • More than a handful of consumers have reported that the in-shoe experience of this running shoe is a bit restrictive.
  • According to some testers, the heel collar has a tendency to rub against the skin fo the foot irritatingly.
  • The tongue unit is said to have a tendency to slide to the sides of the upper, causing irritation.

Bottom line

The overall reaction of people towards the Lone Peak 4.5 has been positive. People largely welcome this update because of its efficient traction capacity and responsible midsole configuration. However, some have noted that the in-shoe experience is a bit restrictive, thus making them miss the immediate predecessor.

Fans of shoes that are for the trails and for neutral pronation can enjoy the Lone Peak 4.5 from Altra.


Expert Reviews

81 / 100 based on 6 expert reviews

  • 90 / 100 | Run Moore | | Level 4 expert

    It's going to give you enough support, it's going to be long-enough durability that it should get the job done.

  • 95 / 100 | Chase the Summit | | Level 1 expert

    It's a great shoe so far and I can't wait to wear it for all my 2020 races coming up.

  • 70 / 100 | OutdoorGearLab | | Level 4 expert

    The Altra Lone Peak 4.5 are possibly the world's most popular zero drop trail running shoe, but have been plagued with inconsistencies for years. The latest update is no different. A notable change has been made to the midsole foam that makes it feel far stiffer, but also more resilient, durable, and protective. The previous versions had very soft and cushy foam that was a dream for walking or hanging out in, but quickly compressed and afforded little underfoot protection when running. We think the new foam will serve runners far better, but this step forward is offset by a couple of disappointing steps back — specifically an overly tight fit in the midfoot and a poor heel design that rubs and blisters. The net effect is a shoe that is hard to wear, love, or recommend.

  • 88 / 100 | Northern Runner | | Level 3 expert

    The Lone Peak 4.5 has the most volume of all the Altra trail shoes. It is designed to be worn for Ultra’s, so has room for warm and tired feet to expand and not get crushed. The last is broader in the midfoot than the Superior 4 or the King MT 2. The Timp 2.0 has the width in the midfoot but has a more fitted upper that won’t accommodate a high volume foot. The Olympus 3.5 has the volume in the upper but, it doesn’t have quite the same width as the Lone Peak 4.5.

  • 68 / 100 | Road Trail Run | | Level 3 expert

    As a first time Lone Peak tester, I was underwhelmed by the Lone Peak. The foothold, especially in the forefoot, is medicore, the shoe is quite heavy, and the ride is too firm for my tastes—borderline harsh. For quicker running on technical terrain, the Lone Peak doesn’t have adequate foothold. They’re also quite heavy for the protection and cushion, and though the weight does come from added durability, this isn’t worth it for me. The Lone Peak’s strongest point is that it's comfortable, grippy, and durable. Though I'm not a fan, those who have wider feet, are used to the LP line, or enjoy a harder-feeling shoe for long distances may find value in the durability and versatility of the Lone Peak as a general purpose trail shoe.

  • 88 / 100 | Reach Your Summit | | Level 1 expert

    On the 4.0 the insole and mid-sole EVA felt a little softer and more cushioned, almost like I was wearing a slipper. I prefer this feel to the stiffer 4.5 at the moment, but time and mileage will tell if that changes. There was also a brief adjustment period for me with change in the underfoot of the 4.5.

Become an expert

The Altra Lone Peak 4.5 is an update to the 4th iteration of the Lone Peak series. This trail running shoe is designed to deliver mild yet noticeable changes to better the performance.

Flexibility is one of the elements that the designers are targeting, so the forefoot section of the facade has been freed of some of the stitched-on overlays, with the printed variant replacing them.

The lacing system is also now simplified. It returns to the traditional scheme, as opposed to the ghillie-style fit-adjustment method of the predecessor.

Altra has designed to the Altra Lone Peak 4.5 to accommodate the usual sizing expectations of consumers. However, it is beneficial to personally test the shoe first or read/watch user reviews from different sources.

The elements that affect the sideways fit are the foot-shaped structure of the midsole unit, the contact and flex points that grace the external pad, and the various accouterments that make up the upper unit. This brand aims to welcome the anatomical shape and motion of the human foot to help the quality of the run.

MaxTrac™ is an outsole layer that is designed to provide traction over the surfaces. The compound that is used for this feature has a naturally grippy nature which allows it to maintain balance on the ground.

Gripping lugs pockmark the external pad. These arrow-shaped nodes are prominent sources of traction, particularly on surfaces that are uneven. The angular edges of each node act like claws. Even upward and downward traversals can become effortless tasks with this trail-ready design. Trail-optimized outsole designs in Altra series like the Superior.

Three technologies grace the main cushioning system of the Altra Lone Peak 4.5. The first of these foam units is the A-Bound™, a full-length piece made of recycled materials. It offers reactive yet consistent underfoot support.

Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) serves as the base of the midsole. This industry-standard compound is tasked with absorbing the impact shock that is generated by the landing phase of the gait cycle, then transferring the energy to the foot and leg for an energized toe-off.

StoneGuard™ is a thin sheet of protective material that is placed in the midsole unit. This element has the goal of preventing sharp trail debris and the ends of irregular surfaces from poking against the platform and causing discomfort or injury to the foot. It has a thin structure to preserve flexibility and natural motion.

A contour-footbed is placed right on top of the main midsole unit. This add-on has a 5-millimeter thickness to add a bit of oomph to the underfoot experience. It has curved sections that support the arch and the crevices of the toes.

The upper unit of the Altra Lone Peak 4.5 is made of a Quick-Dry Trail Mesh. This textile is designed to be breathable and supportive, yet it also has a close-weave construction to prevent small stones and dirt from infiltrating the interior chamber.

Suede overlays bolster the rear, sides, and front of the silhouette. These layers fundamentally maintain the upright position of the upper unit while also helping with the attainment of a secure fit.

The vamp of this Altra running shoe is covered with printed overlays, thin synthetic elements that contribute to the overall durability of the facade without sacrificing weight and flexibility.

The FootShape™ toe box is a roomy forefoot design that allows the toes to splay naturally when gearing towards the lift or even when standing idly. Balance and the efficacy of the toe-off are the areas of the motion that benefits the most from this design.

GaiterTrap™ tabs are incognito portions of the overlay system that welcome the hooks of separately purchased gaiter attachments. Those who desire extra protection against the elements may incorporate these technologies to their Altra Lone Peak 4.5 shoes.

The padded tongue and collar are parts of the upper that are meant to cushion the topmost portions of the foot during the step. They also prevent in-shoe quivering and unintentional shoe removals.

The heel and bridge of the facade have pull-tabs stitched onto them. These add-ons help to ease the process of wearing or removing the shoe.

Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen

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