Adidas Duramo 9 review

The Adidas Duramo 9 comes to the table as a great shoe for those of you looking for a casual gym/running shoe that doesn't break the bank. For the rest of us, however, there is just tons of disappointment. 

With the lack of features, the heavyweight and the less than ideal "feel", this shoe from Adidas is a hard pass. 

Who should buy the Duramo 9

If you are someone wanting a cheap running shoe for occasional exercise and light jogs, get the Duramo 9. You can get them cheap and they'll allow you to get through a workout. 

Who should NOT buy it

Consider other models if you:

  • want a shoe for long-distance runs (the Ultraboost 21 is worth checking out)
  • need a stability shoe (the Adidas Solar Glide ST offers a comfortable ride and effective stability features)

A good fit but not the best security

The Duramo 9 is true to size and has plenty of room to allow for toe spread with running. The issue here though is there is such a minimal amount of upper tech and lacing system upgrade, that it leads to a sloppy feel unless you over tighten. I had to use a heel lock lacing strategy to make these work.


Good comfort for a good price

When it comes to comfort, you must have minimal expectations whenever you buy a cheaper shoe. The Duramo 9, with Adidas Cloud Foam, seems to show some life, however. They are not uncomfortable or flimsy when it comes to the midsole. They have the cushion you need for a day of standing at work and for a run of 5 miles or less.

Take a ride on nothing but essentials

When taking the Duramo 9 for a ride you'll find that it gets the job done, nothing else. You will feel a moderate cushion with a pliable midsole allowing for a more natural foot movement and not so much of a supportive feel. The upper has a  very low level of tech. There's no midfoot support, no internal bootie(just a floppy tongue), and a heel lock that has more to be desired. 


Good for 3-5 miles run

The Duramo 9 does get the job done. I was able to do some training runs from 3-5 miles in them without a problem. Now, they didn't make me feel fast nor put me in the running zone when you’re flowing smoothly but they did do the job.


Wear the Duramo 9 from box to road

One thing I love is pliability. It's not an overly stiff shoe which leads to me being appreciative. I love shoes that allow for natural movement and the Duramo 9 helps with that. Due to the low level of tech, I am seeing for a more bendable shoe which will allow you to lace and go.

A moderate weight trainer

At 10oz the Duramo 9 comes in on the moderate-high side of weight for running shoes. After some further investigation and runs put in, I am getting some clarity. 


The outsole is a full shoe and is a thick rubber. Plus - you'll have traction, Negative - you'll have tread for days! In addition, the more expensive features on shoes recently, are added with the thought of helping keep shoes lighter. With no-frills, we get what we get. A heavier shoe that will get you through.  

The Adidas Duramo 9 is durable enough

For a cheap running shoe, I experienced no issue with the shoe in this area. Now, I only have about 50 miles total on these puppies but I definitely can see these holding up just fine. If anything was to break down, it would be the upper, which is pretty thin.


A full rubber outsole

A simple and traditional outsole that holds up nicely on the everyday roads in town. I had no issues on dry and wet ground. 


This is a road shoe and doesn’t see it as a hybrid by any means but due to the full-length outsole and heavy-duty rubber, these will most likely hold up on light trails.

The Duramo 9 is for easy runs only

The Adidas Duramo 9 is for easy use only. I attempted to push past my easy pace (8:30ish), in these and I just couldn't get locked in. I felt a bit sloppy and labored. There just wasn't the zip I would like not the upper stability to keep me secured. 


For a casual road or treadmill runner looking to get 1-3 miles in, I'd say these are perfect. Use them now and then when you get one in, you'll have no complaints.

Worst lacing system

The laces go through a hard plastic that is sewn onto the upper. I have never seen a shoe that puts plastic that could actually cut you on the shoe. These things are awful and have no confirmation to the foot. Just a rigid plastic. Terrible.


Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 9.9oz / Women 8.2oz
Drop: 10mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: Adidas Duramo 10
Forefoot height: 14mm
Heel height: 24mm

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