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8 reasons to buy

  • Versatile: Plenty of athletes choose the NoBull Trainer above other popular cross-trainers for its do-it-all performance. It makes them feel confident for anything a “WOD could throw.”
  • Sturdy for lifting: The “flat”, “stable”, and “stiff” sole gives a solid foundation for squatting, deadlifting, and snatching.
  • Reactive for HIIT: There is ample rebound in the forefoot to power you through jumps and movements where you get up on the toes.
  • All-day comfort: Gym goers are amazed at how good the trainer feels for simply walking around. They recommend it for commuting, coaching, and casual wear. 
  • Durable upper: The SuperFabric is unbeatable and is even claimed to “resist cuts from a surgical knife.” It is nearly impossible to wear a hole in this material, even with rope climbs.
  • Traction: There is no slippage on boxes, wooden or rubber gym floors as the outsole “grips pretty dang well.” It also bites the rope very effectively.
  • Style: All gym buffs adore the sleek and simple design of the NoBull. It “doesn’t scream CrossFit” and comes in over a dozen of colors and patterns to suit any taste.
  • Easy to clean: The dotted upper collects very little dirt and takes just a few wipes to restore its purity.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Not so breathable: More than a few athletes found their feet hotter than expected during high-intensity training.
  • Not the top pick for heavy lifting: For Oly lifting-focused workouts, some people still prefer the more stable Metcons or special wedged lifters. They say that the more rounded edges and a slight upward curl of the NoBull detract from stability.
  • Price: With the shoe’s simple features and absence of special technologies, not all reviewers understand what they pay $130 for.

Bottom line

The overall vibe towards the NoBull Trainer is that “you can’t go wrong with these.” Clean and minimal, it simply works for CrossFit and day-to-day wear. First introduced in 2016, the shoe has become a true unicorn competing with the top-level Nike Metcons and Reebok Nanos.

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Good to know

The Nobull Trainer is fashioned as a CrossFit shoe that also functions as an everyday casual shoe. It is intended to be used from the streets to the gym, and vice versa, so the wearer doesn’t have to worry about shoes and focus on beating their personal records.

The outsole of the Nobull Trainer is made of high carbon rubber. The compound is engineered to be durable to endure workouts on various types of indoor and outdoor surfaces. The lug pattern is crafted to provide traction and assist in the multi-directional flexibility of the unit.

The outsole is raised at the lateral and medial sides of the midfoot section. The lugs are present at the medial structure and aids in gripping the rope during rope climbs, while the lateral component assists in smooth descents.

The full-length midsole of the Nobull trainer is engineered to be incompressible to deliver steadiness during workout sessions. It is able to attenuate shock and is also flexible to promote natural foot movements during plyometrics.

Inside, the anatomical insert enhances the shock absorption offered by the midsole. The molded nature of the sockliner allows it to better cover the underfoot for maximum comfort.

The Nobull Trainer uses a one-piece SuperFabric for the upper. The SuperFabric guard plate is applied on top of a mesh textile. This material is crafted to be durable, withstanding abrasion associated with high-intensity training. The seamless construction gives it its sleek look. It is pliable and allows the foot to move accordingly. The fabric is also breathable to keep the foot chamber aerated. Though the brand is known for its proprietary SuperFabric upper, there are also leather and canvas versions available.

The footgear is equipped with a traditional lace-up closure. It comes with two laces of different colors, so users can update their look by simply swapping out the laces. The eyelets are reinforced with metal which prevents the holes from getting frayed because of regular fit adjustments. The tongue utilizes a perforated microsuede component that allows air to circulate inside the shoe.

The collar sits low below the ankle and promotes mobility. It is lightly padded to keep the heel locked down and the back part comfortable and free from chafing.


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