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8 reasons to buy

  • A vast majority of fitness enthusiasts lauded the versatility and durability of the Nobull Trainer as it performed well in running, walking, and various rigorous workouts like CrossFit and HIIT.
  • The shoe was deemed comfortable for casual wear, extended periods of walking, and training.
  • The lightweight and breathable construction of the footgear pleased numerous testers.
  • The flexibility of the sole unit was appreciated by multiple users.
  • The flat heel provided steadiness during weight training and squatting, according to several individuals.
  • Some buyers welcomed the roomy toe box.
  • A few commenters were contented with the support offered by the trainer.
  • The traction of the outsole was commended by a handful of people.

3 reasons not to buy

  • There were a number of quality issues cited by more than a few individuals. These included unraveled seams, the logo and the dots that fell off, frayed laces, ripped tongue, and the insole that slid during workouts.
  • Several training aficionados ranted that the sole unit was stiff and caused foot pain when used for extended periods of walking, running, or exercising.
  • The steep price was a bit of a turn-off for a couple of budget-conscious consumers.

Bottom line

The Nobull Trainer was lauded for its durability and breathable upper. Folks also commended the sole unit because it was flexible for plyometrics, yet the heel was flat and steady for weight training. Though many raved about the shoe’s comfortable footbed, there were complaints that it was too stiff and caused discomfort. Other gripes were associated with the quality. But in the end, its versatility as a Crossfit shoe influenced many to recommend it.

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Good to know

The Nobull Trainer is fashioned as a CrossFit shoe that also functions as an everyday casual shoe. It is intended to be used from the streets to the gym, and vice versa, so the wearer doesn’t have to worry about shoes and focus on beating their personal records.

The outsole of the Nobull Trainer is made of high carbon rubber. The compound is engineered to be durable to endure workouts on various types of indoor and outdoor surfaces. The lug pattern is crafted to provide traction and assist in the multi-directional flexibility of the unit.

The outsole is raised at the lateral and medial sides of the midfoot section. The lugs are present at the medial structure and aids in gripping the rope during rope climbs, while the lateral component assists in smooth descents.

The full-length midsole of the Nobull trainer is engineered to be incompressible to deliver steadiness during workout sessions. It is able to attenuate shock and is also flexible to promote natural foot movements during plyometrics.

Inside, the anatomical insert enhances the shock absorption offered by the midsole. The molded nature of the sockliner allows it to better cover the underfoot for maximum comfort.

The Nobull Trainer uses a one-piece SuperFabric for the upper. The SuperFabric guard plate is applied on top of a mesh textile. This material is crafted to be durable, withstanding abrasion associated with high-intensity training. The seamless construction gives it its sleek look. It is pliable and allows the foot to move accordingly. The fabric is also breathable to keep the foot chamber aerated. Though the brand is known for its proprietary SuperFabric upper, there are also leather and canvas versions available.

The footgear is equipped with a traditional lace-up closure. It comes with two laces of different colors, so users can update their look by simply swapping out the laces. The eyelets are reinforced with metal which prevents the holes from getting frayed because of regular fit adjustments. The tongue utilizes a perforated microsuede component that allows air to circulate inside the shoe.

The collar sits low below the ankle and promotes mobility. It is lightly padded to keep the heel locked down and the back part comfortable and free from chafing.

How Nobull Trainer compares

This shoe: 90
All shoes average: 84
68 95
This shoe: £130
All shoes average: £120
£90 £190
This shoe: 4mm
All shoes average: 4mm
0mm 11mm+
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