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Just like the Flyknit 1, this is a polarizing shoe. Experts went from “move over Pegasus, there’s a new default in town” and “the most complete shoe in the Nike running lineup” to “it’s not as exotic as Invincible” and “I will not be taking this shoe to 50 miles”. 

The shoe was mostly praised for being better than its predecessor. Even the update splits the experts in half, going from “just a revision”, “much of the shoe is unchanged” to “a significant update” and “like a breath of fresh air”.

Overall, Flyknit 2 did not deserve the title of the favorite or the best road running shoe for easy runs. 

Who should buy Nike React Infinity Flyknit 2 

Recommended for runners who are looking for a great foot lockdown (just don’t pull that tongue hard!) and a durable daily trainer. Due to the amount of cushioning, it’s good for heavier and stronger runners. This shoe is made for easy and recovery runs only. 

Who should NOT buy Nike React Infinity Flyknit 2 

Definitely look away if you’re: 

  • Looking for a versatile daily trainer that can do it all, even speed work. In this case, look at Pegasus 37.  
  • Into light running shoes. Nike’s Pegasus Turbo 2 might be up your alley then. 
  • On the budget. 

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 vs. Flyknit 1

What got better

  • Top-notch flywire lacing
  • Padded heel collar
  • More breathable
  • Tongue sawn in

What got worse

  • Heavier (0.9oz, 27g)

Exceptional breathability

This is THE improvement when compared to the Flyknit 1. This is what the testers have said about upper and breathability: 

  • “Very breathable”,
  • “Did feel the wind whistling around my toes”,
  • “Favorite part of the shoe”,
  • “No complaints there”. 

Transparency test on Nike Infinity React Flyknit 2

Almost a see-through upper during the transparency test (light inside). 

Lockdown doesn’t get better than this

Nothing but praise for the foot lockdown. It makes sense given that this iteration comes with 2 main improvements: 

  1. No heel slipping due to a padded heel collar and 
  2. improved midfoot lock due to flywire lace cables. 

Padded heel collar on Nike Infinity React Flyknit 2

Testers have complimented the lockdown saying “heel lock issue finally solved”, “excellent fit and great lockdown”, “works splendidly”, “helping with cornering”, “no heel irritation”. 

Flywire cables on Nike Infinity React Flyknit 2

One expert went as far as testing the Flyknit 2 sockless and had no chaffing happening. 

Caution: Tongue rips

This has been a known issue so far. While the Flyknit 2 offers an exceptional lockdown, when tying the laces don’t pull the tongue hard. 

Tongue on Nike Infinity React Flyknit 2

It’s sawn into the shoe loosely and might tear apart. 

Flyknit 2 offers a soft and bouncy ride

Given that this is a daily trainer, it doesn’t offer the fastest feel through transition, but it does offer a smooth ride, a “feeling of fluidity” and a “soft squish underfoot”. 

Most importantly, it’s not “the mushy kind”. 

Made for roads

The grip on the Flyknit 2 was praised for road running. 

It definitely did not work on snow and ice. Grass as well, but given it’s a road running shoe, it makes sense.

Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is too heavy

It’s not the heaviest shoe out there, but it is heavy given that it’s made for easy runs only. And when runners tried picking up the pace, they surely felt the weight. 

For comparison, weights of other daily trainers are given: 

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Easy day category

Nike Infinity Flyknit 2 is perfect for “longer easier recovery type of runs”. Experts said it’s “an excellent daily trainer” and it might work for longer distances because of its “deep cushioning”. 

Infinity Run Flyknit 2 is really durable

Experts have gone on to predict it will last “way beyond” the 300-500miles. 

Outsole on Nike Infinity React Flyknit 2

The entire forefoot is covered in rubber. Runners who have tested the shoe for more than 100+ have been satisfied with the durability overall. 

True to size

This. Repeated numerous times so it does run true to size. 

Nike Infinity React Flyknit 2

A few experts found it narrow, but with no issues in that regard. A few experts found it narrow, but with no issues in that regard. Some have mentioned the poking arch sensation - in 1 case it was a deal-breaker, in others only something that “goes away” with running. 

Not for fast runs

There are daily trainers that can do it all, but the Flyknit 2 ain’t it. 

That’s why reviewers said there isn’t “an exciting feel” and “any pop”. This shoe won’t be of help for racing or speed work. 

Other things worth mentioning

  • Many experts have complained about the small number of colorways and the non-exciting looks 
  • The insole is glued in 
  • There’s a heel tab

Heel tab on Nike Infinity React Flyknit 2

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Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 302g / Women 244g
Drop: Men 7mm / Women 8.8mm
Arch support: Neutral
Update: Nike React Infinity Run Flyknit 3
Forefoot height: Men 24mm / Women 23.4mm
Heel height: Men 33mm / Women 32.2mm

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