Who should buy the Nike Flex Experience Run 11

Definitely buy this road running shoe from Nike if you want an:

  • "amazing mix of a shoe," says one runner who uses the Flex Experience Run 11 in walking, casual wear, gym training, and everyday runs
  • affordable running shoe that's ready for the summer and won't tip the scales

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 swoosh

Who should NOT buy it

The Flex Experience 11 is a squeaky shoe for sure. So if you don't want that, grab the Nike Downshifter 11 instead. And if you don't want to constantly re-tie your laces, the Nike React Escape Run won't be a bother in your daily runs. 

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 lacing system

Nike Flex Experience 11 vs. 10 

The version 11 is not wildly different from the Flex Experience 10. It only adopts a couple of changes, especially in the upper to make it: 

  • more breathable for summer runs 
  • less harmful to the environment by using recycled materials

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 upper

Encourages you to move

As the name suggests, the Nike Flex Experience Run 11 is flexible as hell. It has deep cut-outs on the outsole to allow your foot to bend as much as it can. And almost everyone agrees with this, saying that the shoe's pliable nature contributes to the comfortable ride it delivers. 

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 outsole

This IS comfortable

"Babyyyy let me tell you, the comfort jumped out!" and "very comfortable!!!" are some of the standout comments from Nike fans who love love love the shoe's plush sockliner and feet-pampering midsole foam. 

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 nike flex

Some even swear that they can wear the shoe all day long because it's very comfortable. Another runner also says this: "My feet do not hurt neither do my knees." Chiming in, another critic says it's "one of the most comfortable Nike shoes" they have ever worn in a long time. 

As stable as stable can be

A road runner who has flat feet finds the shoe's arch support excellent. According to him, his feet are very happy with the shoe. So much so, he even does a lot of gym training in it like weightlifting and box jumps. 

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 support

Keeping weight down 

According to one tester, the Nike Flex Experience Run 11 is THE "perfect lightweight kick." Another Nike fan adds that among their Nike running shoes, the Flex Experience Run 11 is the lightest they own. 

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 weight

Wide-footed folks, this shoe is for you

The upper is stretchy yet supportive, broad-footed runners are very happy with its fit. Some of their feedback include: 

  • "Didn't experience any of that 'pinky pain'" 
  • "In spite of my wider feet, my toes did not feel constricted." 
  • "They fit very comfortably with no hot spots which is a big deal because I have wide feet."

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 forefoot width

Another one adds that while "some running shoes can suffocate your feet," the Nike Flex Experience Run 11 gives plenty of room, especially if you have big feet. 

The Flex Experience Run 11 and its annoying laces

Why? Because they don't stay tied. Worse, it's hard to tighten them because they slip easily. If you don't want this to happen, experts recommend changing the laces. 

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 laces

Keeps you feeling cool

Thanks to the upper's "beehive-like texture," as one runner would describe it, the shoe is highly breathable. On a hot day, your feet "aren't going to feel on fire."

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 breathability

Take the noise down a notch

The shoe's outsole produces a "rubbery stretch sound." Although this doesn't affect the shoe's performance, a commenter claims that it's "annoying to continuously hear." 

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 foam

Value: More bounce for the ounce

"For the price you pay, you will get more than your money's worth." This is a statement from one Nike loyalist. This shoe only retails for $65. What's more is it's comfortable, light, and you can wear it outside of running. 

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 heel

Simplicity is beauty 

The Flex Experience Run 11's design is "pretty simple not too flashy" happily shares one satisfied reviewer. Another finds it "straightforward," while another chimes in saying, "The look of the shoe is very subtle."

Nike Flex Experience Run 11 heel hold 

Facts / Specs

Terrain: Road
Weight: Men 8.4oz /
Arch support: Neutral
Collection: Nike Flex, Nike Flex Experience

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