Our verdict

This performance-ready shoe has a nice, futuristic design. Kudos to Nike for stepping outside the box to design a far-out training shoe. The shoe is impressive and feels very stable when it comes to hard lateral movements. While it runs true to size, I don't think it is suitable for users with wide feet.


  • True to size
  • Stable
  • Reliable traction
  • Futuristic design
  • Well-cushioned
  • Bouncy feel


  • Lockdown issues
  • Narrow toebox
  • Bulky sole

Audience verdict



Who should buy the SuperRep 2

I recommend this performance-ready training shoe to fitness enthusiasts who love pushing their limits in fast-paced workouts.

Who should NOT buy it

Consider other training shoes if you: 

  • need a dedicated Crossfit shoe (in this case, consider a shoe from the Nike Metcon series)
  • are looking for a weightlifting shoe (the Nike Romaleos 4 is a favourite among athletes)
  • have wide feet (see the list of wide training shoes)



Nike Air Zoom SuperRep 2 is a show stopper

The Nike SuperRep 2 is a HIIT class-specific training shoe. This is probably the Nike-est shoe that I’ve owned in a long time. It looks like it commands attention with its unconventional de-coupled sole, and any technology it uses is very visible, along with the branding. 


It’s an average-performing shoe with a higher ceiling than I give it credit for, at least regarding future iterations. It performs adequately in key movements that running shoes can’t but sacrifices overall performance due to a fit that just didn’t cut it.

The SuperRep 2 has a futuristic design

First off, the look. In all of my years looking at any buying athletic shoes, I’ve seen very few that are as radical as the SuperRep 2. The forefoot and heel of the midsole and outsole are two different pieces, bridged together by what Nike calls a FlyPlate.

In the forefoot, there are two visible Zoom Air units, placed strategically underneath the ball of the foot, and mirrored on the lateral side. In true Nike fashion, a translucent rubber outsole allows the wearer to see the cushioning technology from the bottom, as well as the sides.


In front of the Zoom units, there is a deep V-groove and a rubber toe-off outsole piece. The heel piece is a bevelled horseshoe-shaped slab of EVA, with a rubber outsole along the perimeter of the bottom of the shoe. 

The FlyPlate I had previously mentioned runs from about mid-heel to the metatarsal heads, which is on the front end of the Zoom Air units. Directly underfoot is a PU footbed, designed specifically for this model. The forefoot is significantly thicker and more sculpted than the rest of the liner. 

The upper is also kind of its own creature

The lateral side of the shoe is a ribbed mesh material, that runs from the toe-cap area around to the heel, tapering at the arch of the foot. The medial side is a lined neoprene material.


Asymmetrical lacing is featured, with the lateral sides holding 4 loops of hidden nylon webbing and the medial with 4 ovular plastic eyelets. Making sure we know who made the shoe, Nike slapped a giant swoosh on the lateral side, and a smaller swoosh printed on the medial side.

Order true to size

The SuperRep 2 is relatively true to size by Nike standards. They are a little bit narrow in the toe area, but not to the point of discomfort.

Annoying issues with lockdown

Locking my foot down, however, was a little bit of a challenge. If I tied the laces too tight, they dug into my foot, along with the collar and the edges of the gusseted tongue. If they were too loose, there was heel slippage. Maybe thicker socks could solve the issue, but throughout the cardio workouts, I had to stop multiple times to adjust the laces.


Stable on side-to-side movement

The good news on these shoes is that on exercises like mountain climbers, burpees, and skater jumps, they play their role quite well. Although they’re bulky with super chunky sole units, they remained stable on side-to-side movements. At no point did I feel like I was going to roll my ankle.


While rocking forward and doing jump rope hops, the shoes actually rock my foot forward. The cushioning works very well in high-impact situations and remains stable on hard lateral moves. 

Perfect traction on wood and hard flooring

The rubber provides nearly perfect traction on wood and hard flooring surfaces, holding up during planks and burpees.