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When running, the weather always plays a part in the activity of the runner. So much so that running shoes are configured to fit different types of conditions. One of these is the introduction of waterproof running shoes that are convenient when it comes to wet terrains. Among athletes, the Nike waterproof running shoe remains a top choice for its high-strength and slip-free characteristics. 

Nike waterproof running shoe vs. other brands

Best Nike waterproof running shoes - June 2020

Nike vs. Brooks

  • Both the Nike and Brooks waterproof running shoe banks on the design principle of maximizing security and comfort. The waterproof running shoes are loaded with several of the brands’ top-notch technologies generating optimal support. Despite their similarities, the Brooks waterproof running shoe employs more weight than Nike. One of the running shoes exhibiting the same featherlight composition with the Nike running shoe is the famous Altra Escalante 1.5

Nike vs. ASICS

  • Nike and ASICS are both recognized by many for placing great value in quality. As a matter of fact, both of the companies’ waterproof running shoes are geared with very technical configuration. Such promotes high-strength qualities while utilizing minimal bulk, disabling the athlete from being weighed down. However, it comes to offering a more stable ride, ASICS’ waterproof running shoe excels more than Nike. 

Nike vs. New Balance

  • Although the New Balance waterproof running shoe is a more affordable option than Nike, the establishments’ running shoes are at par when it comes to pronounced ground adherence. These waterproof running platforms supply a highly stable running performance, impeding any form of slippage. With their respective configuration, the running shoes encourage a soft yet responsive cushioning. 

Nike vs. Salomon

  • Playing a key role in amplifying comfort, both the Nike and Salomon waterproof running shoes are equipped with plush yet resilient cushioning. They also offer the same level of support, preventing the athlete from falling off balance. The main difference between the two running platforms is that the Salomon is furnished with more protective components.

Pros and cons of Nike waterproof running shoes


  • The Nike waterproof running shoe keeps the foot dry for a longer time compared to a typical running shoe. To set the record straight, the waterproof shoe from the brand is just like any other waterproof running shoe; it can still get wet. When the water permeates the interior of the platform, the same lining that keeps the water out is unable to wick away moisture. 
  • During winter runs, the Nike waterproof shoe is especially handy. It keeps the foot warm and well protected from frostbite. 
  • Speaking of protection, the waterproof running shoe from Nike protects the foot better from dirt and debris. This is due to the protective overlays welded into the platform. 
  • The overlays of the running shoe also enhance the structural integrity of the Nike running platform. 


  • Since the primary intention of the waterproof running shoe from Nike is to keep water out, it only makes sense that it is, in fact, less breathable. A well-ventilated upper material, a conventional component in other running shoes, is inherently more porous. This permits air circulation within the foot chamber which also compromises when it comes to delivering waterproof traits. 
  • Because the Nike waterproof shoe is considered to be a special kind of shoe with its impermeable quality, it can cost by $15 to $20 more contrary to non-waterproof versions. 
  • The configuration of a waterproof running shoe from the brand puts on more weight than other running shoe models. This is due to the materials incorporated into the platform’s design to achieve its waterproof function. Although this may be trivial to short-distance runners, it can be a burden to marathoners competing in longer distances. 

Frequently asked questions

What are the benefits of using a Nike waterproof running shoe? 

Nike’s waterproof running shoe sports a very unique and high-quality construction. Given this, the platform yields the following advantages: 

  • Enhanced surface grip 
  • Better support
  • Amplified in-shoe comfort
  • Flexibility 

How do I take care of my waterproof running shoe? 

To be able to maximize the properties and functions of the Nike waterproof running platform, the wearer must take note of the following: 

  1. Always let the shoe dry after use to prevent mold from developing. To fast track the process, the user can stuff newspapers within the foot chamber. 
  2. Never forget to clean the running shoe every after use. To remove dirt and grime, always use a soft, clean brush.
  3. Do not use the washing machine when drying the platform. Also, do not use the dryer to dry the shoe. This might damage the technical features of the shoe, affecting its water-tight attributes.