7 Best Waterproof Running Shoes in 2024

Jens Jakob Andersen
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7 Best Waterproof Running Shoes in 2024
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Running outdoors is not always sunny and warm. There are also days when you have to deal with rain and moisture; hence, the creation of waterproof running shoes

These shoes are made with a Gore-Tex membrane, which keeps water out. And since there are waterproof versions of both trail and road running shoes, it might take some time to go through everything. 

To help you trim down your options, we have created this list to give you the finest shoes among all the waterproof models that we have intensively investigated. We are proud to say that each shoe went through our meticulous testing and we have really confirmed or disproved their claims during our process. Curious? Read on to find out.

How we test running shoes

Before putting any waterproof shoe on this list, we always test it out first through our own shoe testing lab, and religiously follow these protocols: 

  • We buy each of the shoes we test with our own money to create bias-free reviews. 
  • We run in each shoe for at least 30-50 miles to examine its durability and overall performance. 
  • To dig deeper, we slice each shoe into several pieces.
  • We then proceed to measure every model in 30 different parameters. Of course, the star feature, waterproofness is also tested. We start by pumping smoke inside the shoes and evaluating how much clears out by rating it from 1 to 5, with 5 being the most breathable, thus most permeable, and least waterproof. Of course, there are waterproof shoes that are also breathable so we further investigate by putting the shoes under a source of bright light and our microscope. This way, we can assess how tightly woven, interlaced, and thick the materials are.


Best waterproof running shoes overall

What makes it the best?

In our lab assessments and trial runs, Nike’s Pegasus Trail 4 GTX stood out as the best waterproof running shoe. Wrapped in Gore-Tex membrane, it’s an outstanding performer with tacky grip, incredible energy, and lasting comfort. We could easily run from the road to the trails without counting the miles.

Besides its waterproof membrane, the upper has several protective layers to block debris. Underfoot, we also have an outsole that keeps us steady no matter what surface we run on — whether dry pavements, wet grass, or snow.

This Peg aced its midsole by integrating the React foam that’s both soft and bouncy underfoot. The heel stack rises to 37.7 mm, offering an extra 5.5 mm cushion for protection. Also, our durometer shows the foam is 29.0% softer than average. This heavenly combination ensures long-lasting comfort, while the energetic midsole handles LSDs to tempo runs effortlessly.

Adding to the comfort is the unresisting midsole that boosts our agility and allows us to stride naturally. Our bend test confirms this hybrid shoe is 29.0% more flexible than average.

While the upper is undoubtedly water-resistant, it lacks a fully gusseted tongue for complete block out. We recommend staying away from streams above the ankle.


  • Versatile road-to-trail performance
  • Grippier than the standard version
  • Surprisingly light for a GTX shoe
  • Accommodates wide feet with ease
  • Delivers a really stable ride for neutral runners
  • Upper showcases remarkable durability
  • Fantastic option for heel strikers


  • Non-gusseted tongue allows water and debris to enter the shoe
  • Not suitable for technical terrain
  • Excessive drop for midfoot or forefoot strikers
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Best waterproof running shoes for road

What makes it the best?

Our test runs in wet conditions revealed the best waterproof running shoe for the road, the Hoka Clifton 9 GTX. It’s a cushioned yet stable trainer that graced our streets and lab, all while wrapped up in a light package. It delivers the protection of a trail shoe without the bulky weight and lugs.

Our initial strides already tell us this Hoka has generous cushioning for any foot striker, and our calliper confirms an above-average 37.2/28.6 mm. It’s an excellent shock absorber and landing stabiliser as our durometer reveals a balanced 23.9 HA foam. 

The Gore-Tex membrane effectively kept our feet dry as we ran through rain and puddles. Our jaws dropped when it rated 3/5 in our breathability test, a rare score for GTX shoes! On top of this, the jacquard mesh is so tightly knitted that it resisted impressively against our Dremel, earning a well-deserved 4/5 score.

Underfoot is another tough shield: the 79.1 HC Durabrasion rubber. Despite its average hardness, it showed minimal damage in our Dremel test (0.5 mm) vs. the average (0.9 mm). Even with all these extra features, it remains a light 9.6 oz (271g).

Unfortunately, we do not advise this pair for wide or squared feet as the toebox tapers aggressively to the front.


  • Exceptionally cushioned
  • Comfortable and long-lasting upper
  • Ideal for winter conditions
  • Only $15 more expensive than the non-waterproof Clifton
  • Still remarkably lightweight even with Gore-Tex
  • Excellent for easy and moderate-paced runs
  • Incredibly stable for neutral runners
  • Ultra-durable Durabrasion outsole


  • May be too narrow for many
  • Heel-to-toe drop significantly differs from Hoka's claims
  • Really stiff heel counter for being a daily trainer
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Best road-to-trail waterproof running shoes

What makes it the best?

Running in Hoka’s 7th Challenger GTX is being armoured with all-terrain, all-weather shoes. Our lab and run tests show it’s all about versatility. It provides the grip and protection we need from the streets to off-the-beaten paths, making it our top waterproof road-to-trail shoe.

Upon cutting it open, we discovered the outsole is made of Durabrasion rubber lined with 3.8-mm lugs to ensure traction. This depth feels suitable on gravel roads and moderate trails while not being clunky on pavements — the latter being crucial for comfort.

The upper is fully waterproof and feels very safe from any kind of debris. Under our microscope, we saw that it’s packed with a solid amount of protective layers and a Gore-Tex membrane. The fully gusseted tongue keeps our feet dry even as we pass through river crossings.

Challenger 7 can keep up with our whole-day adventures as it’s generously cushioned. Its stack rises above average, notably in the heel with a whopping 39.2-mm foam. The platform feels comfortable underfoot and our durometer confirms it’s 25.3% softer than average. Overall, the ride feels balanced which makes it a great performer in any environment.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend this pair to those with wide feet since the tapering toebox causes unpleasant pressure on the toes.


  • Fully waterproof and winter-ready
  • Secure lockdown thanks to the gusseted tongue
  • Amazing stability
  • Provides a comfortable ride on roads and easy trails
  • Ideal for long runs
  • Generous CMEVA cushioning underfoot
  • Surprisingly lightweight given its stack height
  • Just $15 more than the regular version


  • Lacks reflective elements
  • Potentially too stiff for hiking for some users
  • Higher heel-to-toe drop than anticipated
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Waterproof running shoes with the best cushioning

What makes it the best?

Speedgoat 5 GTX offered the best cushioning among all the waterproof shoes we tried and tested in the lab and ran with. Rain or shine, this trail shoe is all-weather ready with its surprisingly breathable Gore-Tex membrane. We enjoyed the seamless blend of comfort and stability in our off-road adventures.

On foot, we know there is plenty of cushion for protection no matter where we land. Our calliper confirms an above-average 34.6/27.6 mm stack, allowing us to run farther without worrying about comfort. Our durometer proves Speedgoat’s buttery foam is 26.8% softer than average.

The upper features a double-layer mesh with a Gore-Tex membrane. Based on our previous lab tests, GTX translates to a low breathability score. Yet we’re pleasantly surprised that this shoe earned a 3/5! Upon testing further, we found that it has a ventilated tongue for balance.

Speedgoat delivers the stable ride and traction we need on moderate trails and mixed terrains. We have a generous landing platform, which avoids any awkward foot movements. In terms of grip, the Vibram Megagrip outsole and its 3.5 mm lugs ensure our steady and controlled strides.

We don’t recommend submerging this shoe beyond the breathable tongue since water can seep in through this area. Best to avoid the discomfort of finishing a run with wet socks.


  • Plush, cushioned midsole
  • Exceptional stability
  • Remarkable breathability for a Gore-Tex shoe
  • Spacious enough for most foot types
  • Well-suited for ultra marathons
  • Superior grip on easy and moderate trails
  • Vibram Megagrip outsole
  • Utilises recycled materials in the upper


  • Simply too heavy
  • Midsole hardens noticeably in cold temperatures
  • Could benefit from increased flexibility
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Waterproof running shoes with the best grip

What makes it the best?

We found the waterproof running shoe that’s best equipped with grip after intensive lab tests and extensive runs, and it’s no other than Salomon Speedcross 6 GTX. Its remarkable impermeability allows us to encounter streams worry-free. Meanwhile, its supportive platform and remarkable traction ensure our control and safety on diverse terrains. 

Even as we speed through corners, pass through wet rocks, and run through inclined trails, we feel in control thanks to the shoe’s incredible traction and deep 5.0 mm lugs. Being 1.4 mm deeper than average, it has extra bite even on softer ground. They are chevron-shaped for enhanced control and cleverly spaced to shed debris effectively.

As if dipping our shoes in streams isn’t proof enough, we also performed lab tests to verify this GTX’s waterproofness. Its 1/5 score means it blocks everything out—fine particles, moisture, and even cold air! Our microscope reveals a very compact knit upper.

While the cushion is a stacked 37.0/25.8 mm, its firm nature leads to a stable ride. Our durometer confirms it’s 23.7% harder than the average, which leaves no room for bottoming out. Even in our manual assessment, we had a tough time twisting the shoe (5/5) which proves it’s almost impossible to roll our ankles.

Given its firm cushion, Speedcross may feel too harsh for long distances. Runners who seek a plusher feel should look elsewhere.


  • Fully functional Gore-Tex membrane
  • Ample cushioning for long adventures
  • Excels in challenging, technical terrain
  • Rapidly sheds mud
  • Agile and tenacious grip on twisted trails
  • Remarkable durability
  • Ideal for heel strikers


  • Completely lacks breathability
  • Midsole could feel overly firm for some
  • Exceptionally heavy
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Waterproof running shoes with best durability

What makes it the best?

From light runs to heavy backpacking on the trails, we surely felt stable and protected with Salomon's XA Pro 3D v9 GTX. It inspired confident and surefooted strides on wet encounters and uneven terrains as its watertight upper, firm midsole and grippy lugs supported us. Our lab proves it’s built like a tank, making it our top durable waterproof running shoe.

The first area we analysed is its Gore-Tex-wrapped upper, proving its impermeability when it scored a low 1/5 in our breathability test. Not a single drop of water entered as we traversed through below-the-ankle waters and rain. It also has a toe bumper that shields us from unexpected rocks and roots.

The next supportive layers are the midsole and 3D chassis which give a firm and stable ride. Our durometer confirms the cushion is 23.6% denser than average, which means it won't bottom out. We also found the midsole difficult to twist, meaning it won’t easily give in to our excessive lateral movements.

Lastly, the Contagrip outsole has 2.8-mm sticky lugs to enhance traction on mixed terrains. Even after extensive testing on harsh paths, we felt reassured of its longevity since the rubber didn’t show signs of premature wear.

Unfortunately, this shoe is heavy at 12.7 oz (359g). Those who prefer lighter shoes should look elsewhere.


  • Incredibly protective
  • Extremely stable and supportive
  • Great traction even on wet surfaces
  • Watertight Gore-Tex upper
  • Flexible and forgiving on the foot
  • Makes a great hiking companion
  • Effectively dampens landings
  • Generously padded from heel to tongue
  • No lace bite whatsoever
  • Durable, high-quality construction
  • Simple yet snazzy design


  • Could be lighter
  • Rather firm cushioning
  • Upper needs breaking in
  • Lacks the agility for technical trails
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Best budget waterproof running shoes

What makes it the best?

The Juniper Trail 2 GTX excels in two key areas: protection and affordability. Priced at just £130, it outshines the £160 average for waterproof running shoes in our lab, making it our best budget waterproof running shoe. During our tests, its robust upper and firm cushioning provided a secure and comfortable ride, complemented by its flexible midsole for a natural feel. Impressively, the shoe's waterproofing held up impeccably, keeping our feet dry even in wet conditions. Despite its waterproofing, it still maintains some airflow, scoring 2/5 in our breathability tests. The durable upper material proves its resilience by earning a perfect 5/5 score in our brutal Dremel test, a rare feat for shoes.

The cushioning provides much-needed protection from repetitive impact and maintains a dense composition for surefootedness. Our durometer confirms it’s 27.8% firmer than average. With a wide 114.4/94.3 mm midsole and high torsional rigidity (4/5), it instils confidence in our strides, while its flexible build (20.3% more than average) allows for our natural motions.

However, the firm platform may not suit those seeking a more dynamic ride. If energy return is a priority, it’s best to look elsewhere.


  • Impressive upgrade
  • Top-notch waterproofing
  • Amazing durability
  • Exceptional stability
  • Ideal for heel strikers
  • Spacious toebox
  • Excellent for winter conditions


  • High price increase
  • Firm ride
  • Grip could improve
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