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Your footwear should fit right, feel right, and perform right. Like all of its products, Merrell hiking sandals make you feel like, despite all the wrong footwear choices you’ve made in the past, you will still end up finding the right one. For a company founded because of a custom-made boot, the right one seems to be a befitting promise Merrell delivers.

Merrell was founded by Clark Matis, Randy Merrell, and John Schweizer in 1981. Its offerings then were high-performance hiking boots. The group started out the company’s production in Italy. It wasn’t difficult to sell the company’s products, especially that Randy Merrell is a name trusted by many for his custom-made boots retailing $500 a pair at that time.

However, it wasn’t all rainbows and butterflies. Despite its success, Merrell bowed out of the company and sold his shares in 1986. In 1987, the company was purchased by Karhu, and then it was eventually absorbed by Wolverine World Wide in 1997.

Since 2010, the Merrell products have been sold in 151 countries. There are over 116 concept stores ready to cater to every fan around the world.

Why male and female hikers love Merrell

Best Merrell hiking sandals - May 2020

Through the years, Merrell has produced countless products that have endeared it to the fans. A variety of loyalists are easily attracted to the stunning looks of a pair of Merrell hiking sandals. Women especially love the breathable comfort and protection these sandals offer them. More importantly, the light and stylish hiking sandals are so versatile; they could be worn even for other activities.

Benefits of wearing men's and women's Merrell hiking sandals

Fans of Merrell often have praises for the pair they are wearing. Here are just a few of the benefits they are raving about:

Comfort and fit

Wearing Merrell hiking sandals means the feet are being cradled by well-fitting and comfortable footwear. The straps are the biggest considerations when fitting sandals. While it is easier to adjust them, ill-fitting ones can cause excessive rubbing and friction. Thankfully, for Merrell hiking sandals, this is a problem that is rarely encountered.

For the women’s models, the Siren Wrap Q2 and Siren Strap Q2 for instance, the overall look is complemented by waterproof nubuck, mesh, and webbing upper. There are Merrell hiking sandals that also come with Lycra neoprene lining and textured EVA integrated footbed for a comfortable walk. 


Hiking sandals are not the first footwear option of adventurers, and some are skeptical of their function and durability. Yet, the best Merrell hiking sandals are considered among the favorites of those who are on the lookout for dependable and durable summer footwear.

Merrell chooses the best materials for manufacturing their sandals. Leather is a top upper material choice while a high-quality sole unit composed of a comfortable footbed, dual-density midsole, and M Select GRIP outsole is relied on.


Another criticism commonly hurled at the best hiking sandals is their lack of support while tackling a variety of trails. However, unlike the usual slipper, this footwear option can provide the necessary arch support needed for an activity like hiking.

Merrell hiking sandals come with a Q FORM 2 dual-density midsole with heel-centering technology that is made to cater to the specific needs of female adventurers. The air cushion in the heel also absorbs shock, protecting the hiker.


As Merrell hiking sandals rely heavily on the sole unit in providing wearers with the support and grip needed to tackle a variety of trails, these are equipped with the most dependable outsoles. Merrell hiking sandals come with a special M Select GRIP outsole which delivers durable and slip-resistant performance on both wet and dry ground. The 3mm lug depth also helps improve the traction of the outsole.


Offering wearers the protection needed to ward off injuries on the trail, Merrell hiking sandals come in durable leather, mesh, and webbing upper lined with Lycra neoprene. These materials not only make each hike comfortable in every step, but also they also prevent on-trail obstacles like bushes, twigs, rocks, and animals from harming you. However, do remember that the extent of their protection only depends on the parts they cover.


Merrell hiking sandals both come in open and closed-toe designs. Both are commended for their style which can complement a hiking outfit or a casual look. Droves of women who had a pair of the Siren Strap Q2, for instance, say they can wear this trusty pair for virtually every other activity they have in mind.

The components found in Merrell hiking sandals

So much is expected in a pair of Merrell hiking sandals. To live up to the expectations of its followers, only the finest materials and technologies are used in designing and manufacturing them. Here, we list down the things that make Merrell hiking sandals awesome:

Materials used

With its tradition of quality, Merrell also sees to it that each pair of hiking shoes, sandals, or casual footwear are made of dependable materials as well, here are some:

  • Nubuck leather. This is the top-grain cattle leather which is sanded or buffed to produce a velvet-like surface. This is best known for its resistance to wear despite being soft to touch.
  • Mesh. Another popular outdoor footwear material is mesh fabric. This fabric is used by Merrell to help promote better airflow in its footwear models.
  • Webbing. Very popularly used in a variety of products, webbing upper is also used in Merrell hiking sandals. This highly-durable material is used as a component for climbing gear, among others.
  • Textured ethylene-vinyl acetate footbed. A few of the models are integrated with textured EVA footbed which allows Merrell hiking sandals to deliver improved comfort. As a result, the underfoot also comes with a springy and resilient construction.
  • Air cushion in the heel. Repeated strain in the heel area can cause pain and some injuries in the long run. Shock-absorption is an important feature that every outdoor footwear must have.


Aside from the materials used, the correct technology can also make a huge difference in the function and comfort that Merrell hiking sandals provide. These are just a few of these techs:

  • Lycra neoprene lining. Neoprene is a durable synthetic rubber that resists degradation. It is commonly used for footwear because it is waterproof and is less expensive.
  • Q FORM 2 dual-density midsole. This is Merrell’s patented heel-centering technology that promotes stability and comfort. The female-specific dual density cushioning encourages body alignment and an efficient stride.
  • Merrell’s in-board compression molded EVA foot frame. This technology also provides additional cushioning when wearing Merrell hiking sandals.
  • M-Select GRIP. Traction outsoles set a good pair of sandals apart from the rest. Merrell, for its part, makes sure that it uses a dependable outsole like its own M-Select GRIP. This outsole is durable and highly slip-resistant even on wet and dry grounds.


Merrell hiking sandals are made by a reputable manufacturer. Thus, it can be expected that it is made of the finest quality materials and technology which could likewise affect the prices of each model. A pair of high-quality Merrell hiking sandals could range from $50 to $100.


Merrell is a reputable footwear brand with its products being sold in over 150 countries around the world. Of these countries, there are around 140 concept stores ready to cater to all Merrell fans. Websites specific to some countries are also available for those who cannot go out to shop for a pair personally.

Merrell hiking sandals FAQs

Are strappy Merrell hiking sandals better than closed-toe models?

The difference in the level of comfort and protection between open Merrell hiking sandals and closed-toe ones depend greatly on a person’s preference. There are those who would rather they wear a closed-toe pair as protection from animals and things that can cause minor injuries. There are also some who prefer the strappy sandals that give more room for air to circulate.

How do I clean my Merrell hiking sandals?

Cleaning Merrell hiking sandals are quite easy. The brand has a simple guideline that can be followed by every owner:

  • Regularly brush away dirt from the surface of the footwear using a soft brush. If you have been using it for a rugged trip, you may consider using mild soap and warm water to clean the footwear. Also make sure to rinse all of the soap.
  • When drying the footwear, make sure to let it air dry at room temperature. Never expose it to heat.
  • Conditioning may be necessary on some materials of the footwear. Be mindful as these could alter the footwear’s color and appearance.

What can you recommend when it comes to finding the right size?

In getting the best pair of Merrell hiking sandals, the brand’s recommendation is going a whole size up. It is good to consider that the company has an easy exchange and returns policy for those having sizing trouble. And of course, if in doubt, visit any available Merrell store.

Do Merrell hiking sandals come with a warranty?

Unlike Merrell’s hiking boots and hiking shoes which both get a 12-month warranty, the brand’s hiking sandals are covered for only six months. However, there are several considerations before claiming warranties. For instance, Merrell only accepts faulty products, those that do not match the sample or description, those with receipts or adequate proof of purchase available, and those that need sizing replacements. The warranty will not be applicable for footwear that is damaged due to regular wear and tear or for problems caused by improper use