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9 reasons to buy

  • This model received a high overall satisfaction score from several purchasers.
  • Many of those who left reviews loved how this model is uniquely styled.
  • Quite surprisingly, the Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit is offered at a very affordable price.
  • Some reviewers love the fact that this model actually glows in the dark.
  • Several reviewers gleefully shared that the Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit is one of the most comfortable sneakers they have ever owned.
  • Some of those who took time to write reviews happily shared that this model is easily one of the best shoes that Adidas has ever produced.
  • Several purchasers shared that they are willing to recommend the Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit to their friends.
  • Some reviewers talked about how frequently they get compliments when they’re wearing the Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit.
  • This pair comes in a variety of colors, so it can be a blessing to those who want to experiment with their outfits.

1 reasons not to buy

  • There were buyers who mentioned that the Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit is a bit larger than expected.

Bottom line

The Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit is regarded by many as one of the best shoes from Adidas. This speaks volumes about the quality, durability, style, and the overall positive experience that it gives to its wearers.

One might think that this pair is expensive. But at quite possibly only less than $90 a pair, expensive doesn’t sound like the right modifier. Good deal, perhaps?

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Good to know

The Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit comes in a standard width, and this is the case for both men and women. The gentlemen can choose from sizes 5 to 11. The ladies can pick the best one from sizes 5 to 10.

Because the upper is made of a woven material, the Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit has a snug fit. While it’s true that such snugness gives the wearer high levels of ease, comfort is not the only benefit that one can get from it. It also provides this neat silhouette due to its figure-hugging effect, making it such an easy clothing item to match.

The vertical and diagonal ridges that cover the entire midsole also gives the shoe a distinct character, making the Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit a fashion statement in its own right.

The Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit holds its own in two ways. Its use of the dual-density EVA sole makes it an important part of a revolution that redefines the way shoes are cushioned. Its use of Adidas’s Primeknit technology on the upper sets it apart from other items in its line.

Through the Primeknit, it acquires the ability to provide high levels of breathability and a stylistic touch to the wearer’s overall outfit.

The Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit actually has a colorful story to tell. Its narrative starts with the original Tubular that was released in the early 1990s. It featured a sole that was inspired by inflatable tires, and it could actually be pumped with air to enhance its cushioning capabilities.

The original Tubular enjoyed initial success, but it was not really able to make a commercial take off because the designs were too ahead of their time, and the necessary technology just was not there yet.

In 2013 when Adidas was looking for ways to reinvent their shoes’ silhouettes, the company’s VP for Global Design Nic Galway stumbled upon the plans of the original Tubular. Seeing value in them, he immediately set out to create a prototype that would infuse the silhouette of old with the technologies of the present. Instead of using pumped air to provide cushioning, the new version was to use two densities of EVA.

The outcome was one that long-time Adidas collaborator and fashion designer Yhoji Yamamoto found to be worthy of an equally revolutionary upper; thus, the Y-3 Qasa was born.

The birth of the revolutionary dual-density EVA sole paved the way for the return of the Tubular. In 2014, the Adidas Originals Tubular was dropped, and it featured an Adidas ZX-inspired neoprene upper on top of a dual-density EVA sole. The release of this shoe also signaled the birth of the Tubular line.

One of the line’s most notable releases is the Tubular Nova, which was introduced in early 2016. While the sole mechanism remained the same, its midsole featured unique vertical and diagonal ridges that gave the Nova a distinct identity. Its upper was made of mesh with suede overlays, which included a distinctive midfoot cage and a heel strap.

The Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit is a direct descendant of the Tubular Nova. It retains all the distinctive components of its predecessor. It still has the ridged dual-density EVA sole. It still also has the distinctive midfoot cage and heel strap, only that they are now made of thermoplastic polyurethane or TPU. The titular change is the use of the proprietary Primeknit on the upper, which gives the shoe optimal breathability and a uniquely sleek appearance.

  • The model features a heel pull that makes slipping into it a lot faster and easier.
  • The Adidas Tubular Nova Primeknit is constructed using space-dyed yarn that achieves the melange effect.
  • The inside of this shoe is lined with a breathable textile to maximize comfort.
  • The word “Nova” is used because of the reflective detailing in this shoe.
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