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10 reasons to buy

  • Many buyers are reeled in with its astonishing looks and silky assembly which exhibits a vintage yet contemporary style.
  • The narrow design of the sneaker is a plus for some users because it doesn’t make their foot look big.
  • Few highly prefer and applaud the white colorway of the sneaker.
  • Several consumers exclaim that the Adidas Sleek is a simple model which brilliantly combines with almost any outfit possible and is a shoe for all occasions.
  • The leather component on the Adidas Sleek’s uppers, according to some reviewers, are superbly soft and supple.
  • According to a good number of commenters, the sneaker is built with high-quality workmanship, and the attention to detail was on point.
  • Its price-performance ratio is duly praised by less than a handful of reviewers.
  • Some purchasers insist that the sneaker, thanks to its silky leather component, is very easy to clean.
  • The addition of fluorescent socks alongside the sneakers is a considerable bonus for several fans.
  • A lot of the wearers are surprised and extremely satisfied with the Adidas Sleek’s comfort.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Several disappointed users found the Adidas Sleek to be a tad narrow.
  • It also feels a little cumbersome when put on, according to a few buyers.
  • A couple of reviewers mention that the silhouette is hard and lacks arch support.

Bottom line


Adidas Originals keeps on hammering their lifestyle line with a perfect mixture of vintage and contemporary details. The Adidas Sleek is the star of the show this time which is a women’s exclusive silhouette packed with a lot of that Kendall Jenner-heat and fashion flair.

Soft, supple leather covers up the exterior surface of the sneaker while the insides provide luxurious comfort.


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These Adidas Sleek sneakers, implied by its name, has a slim build which is favored by those searching for silhouettes that would taper their humongous feet by a bit. This shoe is available in women’s size only.

These Adidas Originals Sleek shoes come in a variety of styles thanks to its moldable design. Aside from the traditional low top construction, the model also stars in different versions including the Adidas Sleek Mid, Adidas Sleek Z, Adidas Hypersleek, and many more future designs.

The most basic look that one can root for is the sporty image which comprises mostly of track pants and suit. It would also help these Adidas Sleek women’s shoes if the ladies would sport their hair upright, in maybe a ponytail or so.

Nevertheless, low top Adidas sneakers embodying a Stan Smith vibe can be worn with almost any outfit possible from short skirts to long, free-flowing dresses.

The oblong window branding would be the most stand-out feature of the Adidas Sleek which is similar to the Continental 80, and quite ambitiously, the Adidas Yeezy Powerphase. Other than that striking element, the Sleek also includes an asymmetric tongue tab patched from the inside.

Window boxes at the side of the vamp with an imprint of a brand is a common element nowadays showcased by lifestyle silhouettes to give off that unique and vintage vibe. The origins of these so-called accents can be traced back to the UK-born brand named aptly as Reebok. Yes, this is an Adidas sneaker article and don’t be confused with the abrupt shift of themes. In the end, everything will make sense.

It was a good thing that Adidas acquired the English shoe manufacturer in 2005 because the move diversified their product portfolio and introduced iconic designs to their already coveted line-up. Little did Adidas knew that Reebok had a lot of hidden gems in its archives one of which would spark a new trend of models in the future.

Let’s rewind a few decades when Reebok was a standalone powerhouse brand which even surpassed Nike as the top-grossing sportswear company. Everything changed in 1982 with the invention of the ambitious-yet-successful aerobic sneaker called the Freestyle. It was in this framework where the window branding ever took shape.

  The window branding battle

For those who have been living under a rock, the window box design cue is a rectangular patch on the medial or lateral side of a sneaker just below the lace bed. It displays the brand name along with other details like for example, Reebok’s Union Jack. Since it was unveiled in the Freestyle, Reebok had been religiously using it in their subsequent silhouettes.

It seemed perfect to infuse the vector logo with a contrasting shape; thus the look stuck to the audience’s liking for quite some time. From Reebok Classic Leather’s to the Club C’s, these famous models were proudly embellished with the window branding spanning years in its existence. Another timeless silhouette was the Reebok Workout, which was an answer to the burgeoning crowd of athletic pursuit.

The proliferation of Jane Fonda’s workout regimens twisted the fashion industry to incline more on a sporty-looking facade for footwear. With Reebok leading the pack, almost all of the global brands in the 80s embraced the funky pantheon. Adidas was somewhat an underdog during this era and joining the bandwagon was the most logical action for the German brand.

First of their attempts to mimic Reebok’s brilliance was evident with the Jet. It was a sneaker belonging to the Adidas Magic line, which closely resembles the tooling and the upper design of the Reebok Workout. To make things worse, the sneaker was also intended for cardio and gym activities, so that’s a bummer. In any case, the Jet served as the core inspiration for Kanye’s Powerphase Calabasas in the more recent years, but more of that later.

The Adidas Magic line also spawned familiar models like the Continental (which is the father of the Continental 80 and Adidas Rascal), and a high top sneaker called the Power Phase (yes, separated into two words). These Adidas kicks somehow enveloped the vamp accent flawlessly which was even brought back to life in 2014 by the re-introduction of the retro Powerphase. A few years after, Kanye could not get a hold of it and released his own version of it in 2017.

  The windowbox legacy

From a conspicuous element in vintage aerobic clothing, the windowbox evolved into something that even millennials and a good portion of the generation Z look out for. Adidas had been splattering some of their iterations with it and would continue to do so as long as the hype is on fire. Speaking of hype, celebrity icons soon came rocking down a pair of sneakers with that specific window branding on the side.

There is no other hottie in 2019 to better pull of a smooth piece of footwear other than Kendall Jenner. The sneaker of her choice-- the Adidas Sleek. Collating all that was discussed earlier, the sneaker glorifies the prestige of windowbox-infused iterations starting from Reebok (which is now a proud member of the Adidas Group) to his brother-in-law’s Calabasas.

Packed with all that jazz, the Adidas Originals Sleek first debuted on January 19, 2019, alongside another version with a plateau sole called the Hypersleek. The very first colorway for the Adidas Sleek was dipped in white with a glossy finish. A subliminal ray of perforations that resemble the classic Three Stripes radiate on the medial and lateral side.

  • A herringbone pattern outsole provides exceptional grip and traction.
  • Lockdown is administered by a traditional lace system with metallic gold tips.
  • Underfoot cushioning is provided by an OrthoLite insole.
  • The Three Stripes branding on the sides is perforated.

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