Who should buy the Adidas Pureboost Trainer

Adidas incorporated a host of innovative components and technology into the Pureboost Trainer to produce a highly versatile workout shoe. This responsive and durable trainer is a solid choice if: 

  • You are looking for a shoe that is efficient and comfortable to wear as a workout companion or even as day-to-day footwear.
  • You have a wide foot dimension and are looking for a roomy enough pair to accommodate such a profile.
  • You are into different fitness routines like jumping, running, and other high-impact activities.
  • You work out on different surface conditions.

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Multisurface outsole traction

A durable rubber material protects the bottom portion of the Pureboost Trainer. It extends up all around the shoe, entirely covering the midsole and partially enveloping the upper. That way the outsole not only shields the trainer but also contributes to the overall stability of the foot.

Adidas Pureboost Trainer Outsole1

The rubber has a jagged texture with both horizontal and vertical treads. It is meant to provide grip on various types of training surfaces, including smooth and wet ones.

Adidas Pureboost Trainer Outsole2

Responsive full-length cushioning

The hallmark feature of the trainer is its full-length Boost midsole. This unit is comprised of small TPU balls which have a lightweight and extremely springy nature. When molded together, these pellets create a platform that compresses upon impact yet quickly restores its original shape when pressure is removed.

Adidas Pureboost Trainer Midsole1

This responsive cushioning protects the wearer’s foot during training and running while also giving a little energy boost, as its name implies. Another highly-rated cross-trainer from Adidas that employs the Boost midsole is the Crazy Train Elite.

Adidas Pureboost Trainer Midsole2

Both the midsole and the outsole of this model are designed to be wide in the heel and the forefoot. There is also a protruding outrigger on the lateral side of the forefoot. Such construction ensures a stable stance for the wearer to eliminate the chance of foot wobbling and sliding off the sole’s edge.

Adidas Pureboost Trainer Midsole3

Breathable upper

The Adidas Pureboost Trainer utilizes a breathable knit material in its upper unit. It is created to conform to the wearer’s foot offering a snug yet unrestrictive fit. It allows the foot to bend naturally while also keeping it fresh.

Adidas Pureboost Trainer Upper1

The Adidas Pureboost Trainer's strap

There is a supportive strap placed around the shoe’s collar. It locks the fit in the ankle area to keep the shoe securely on. The elastic nature of the strap allows it to stretch when the shoe is put on and removed. Due to the low-cut design of the footwear, the strap does not hinder the freedom of ankle movement.  

Adidas Pureboost Trainer Collar1

Efficient lateral support

A lacing system is added to regulate the tightness of the fit. It is a little bit tilted towards the inner edge of the upper to provide a more efficient lateral support.

Adidas Pureboost Trainer Lacing System

Facts / Specs

Weight: Men 312g
Use: Workout / Gym / Cross-training
Width: Normal
Release date: Dec 2018
Collection: Adidas Pureboost
BRAND Brand: Adidas
Colorways: Black / White

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