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6 reasons to buy

  • The majority of the Adidas Microbounce T1’s reviewers love the shoe for its unique and stylish look.
  • The Three Stripes re-releases the Microbounce T1 in yellow and black, which a lot of buyers adore.
  • Almost all of the wearers praise the sneaker for its comfortability.
  • Many purchasers find the Adidas shoe easy to wear.
  • A large percentage of wearers state that they receive compliments while wearing the pair.
  • Several users comment that the upper materials of the shoe make it extremely durable.

3 reasons not to buy

  • One reviewer wishes for the Adidas Microbounce T1 to come with laces of the three colors similar to the ones on the sole.
  • A tiny percentage of wearers find the back of the shoe rubbing against their heel, which makes it a little bit uncomfortable to wear, but wearing a thick sock can solve this.
  • Due to its upper materials, breaking in will take some time, according to an individual.

Bottom line

With the Adidas Microbounce on your feet, you are set to stand out with this cool throwback sneaker that has a futuristic feel. The unique look of the retro Adidas sneaker steals the spotlight once again. After more or less 12 years, bounce comfortably back in beautiful tones with the Microbounce T1 against any pavements with the Adidas Bounce technology that this shoe features.

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Good to know

The Adidas Microbounce T1 is a unisex shoe that is available in men’s sizes only. For the ladies who want to cop a pair, it is recommended to get it in a size and half smaller than your actual measurements.

The Adidas Microbounce T1 is styled with the traditional lace-up closure. The sneaker also features a padded heel and tongue. With these components, the shoe provides a snug fit. Additionally, the lace-up closure can be adjusted to provide a customized fit.

Adidas re-releases the Microbounce T1 in two colorways: yellow and black. The yellow Microbounce T1 is tonal, while the black Adidas Microbounce T1 has a lovely palette of pastel colors. The Microbounce T1 is dressed with a weirdly beautiful midsole that is inspired by the early 2000s technology. The overall silhouette of the shoe is a fashion statement that bounces back negativity with a smile.

This Adidas sneaker can be worn with tracksuits and jeans since this can be used both on the tracks and on the streets. Some recommend pairing the yellow Microbounce T1 with a slim light blue denim or all-black denim.

The black Adidas Microbounce T1 is most famous for its pastel-colored Bounce midsole. The spring pods on the midsole come in turquoise green at the forefoot, then baby blue on the midfoot, and it finishes with light pink at the heel area. It also has an iridescent blue on the tip of the toe. The shoe also features a 3M reflective material around the rim of the shoe. 

The insole of the shoe is also removable. Once you remove the insole, you will see right through the bottom of the shoe. The insole is heavily padded and cushioned to make up for the fact that it is the sole cushioning inside the shoe.

A nylon pull tab is found on the heel and tongue to assist in wearing the sneaker. A bounce logo on the tongue and three stripes on the lateral and medial side of the shoe are placed for branding.

Adidas heavily relies on the popularity of the Stan Smith and Superstar and capitalizes on these sneakers by releasing a number of iterations and collaborations. However, the brand may want to deviate from this. Thus, it digs up from its archive the Microbounce T1, which was first introduced in 2008. Back in 2008, this silhouette was introduced because Adidas Running wanted to try something new. It features a split, open-air midsole, which was intended to propel runners better forward. 

This open-air midsole is known as the Bounce technology, and it comes in three parts. The lower semicircle uses a stiffer and more compressed rubber for stability and durable underfoot. The middle piece is a flat rubber that separates the upper and lower semicircle. This provides lateral stability throughout the shoe. The upper semicircle is a softer rubber that provides cushioning.

Today, it comes back as a lifestyle sneaker. Despite its unique style, some sneakerheads find the overall silhouette of this retro Adidas sneaker similar to the profile of Nike’s Air Max 97.

  • The Microbounce T1 uses circular compression units that flatten and snap back into their regular position to absorb and return the impact.
  • The cushioning material of the hollow design is made up of a high polymer material.
  • The shoe features a glossy patent leather mudguard for extra shine.
  • Before re-releasing in 2020, the Microbounce T1 was also re-released in 2011.
  • A Bounce logo and Adidas emblem is placed on the outsole.


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