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8 reasons to buy

  • A majority of consumers liked that the Adidas Gymbreaker Bounce was lightweight and comfortable.
  • Many users appreciated the style of the shoe.
  • A good number of gym enthusiasts loved the pivot disc on the outsole.
  • Several people approved of the roomy toe box.
  • Some owners claimed that the floating mesh panel was supportive.
  • A few commenters were satisfied with the arch support.
  • Some reviewers loved the bouncy midsole.
  • A handful of testers welcomed the stretchy material of the upper.

7 reasons not to buy

  • Many owners did not like the long laces of the Gymbreaker Bounce.
  • Several users complained that the toe box was too wide.
  • A few wearers noted that the arch support wasn’t very noticeable.
  • People with high insteps found it hard to recommend the shoe because the sewn tongue did not stretch too far, making it difficult to put on.
  • Some testers were frustrated that the shoelaces kept getting untied.
  • A minority of reviewers did not appreciate that the shoe required a break-in period.
  • A few commenters did not like the position of the pivot disc because it was near the arch and it did not help during turns.

Bottom line

The Adidas Gymbreaker received tons of praise for being lightweight and comfortable. Users also found the design to be favorable, along with the bouncy platform and the pivot disc at the bottom of the shoe. Though it was well received, some were not satisfied with the arch support. Other complaints included the toe box being too spacious, the laces being too long, and the outsole being either too sticky or unable to provide any traction at all. The pivot disc also did not please several consumers because its placement rendered it inefficient.

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Good to know

  • The Adidas Gymbreaker Bounce uses the Bounce midsole. It is claimed to deliver more spring to an athlete’s step and is firmer than the Boost foam.
  • This shoe features a cleatie-like design. Together with floating mesh panels, the entire upper aims to deliver a snug fit.
  • It uses a non-marking rubber outsole with a pivot disc at the ball area of the foot. The goal of this round structure is to make it easier for the wearer to perform twists and turns, preventing injury or strain to the knee.

The Gymbreaker Bounce is only available in women’s sizes. It is true to size, but consumers are advised to try it in person to get a secure and comfortable fit. The width of this shoe is B - Medium. The shoe also features a cleatie construction which makes the opening tighter compared to shoes that have detached tongues.

The Gymbreaker Bounce employs an outsole unit that is designed to be hard-wearing, flexible and traction-ready. The rubber used in this model is non-marking, which means that it’s designed not to leave scuff marks on the floor. It extends to the front of the shoe to protect the toes during workouts.

The outsole has a pivot disc that’s centered on the ball of the foot. It aims to ease the turning motion of various exercises.

The entire bottom has flex grooves that compensate for the thick foam. The small trenches allow for multidirectional movement and better flexibility for the whole sole.

This training shoe from Adidas utilizes the renowned Bounce technology. This ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) foam has been engineered to be springy and responsive. It aims to deliver an energized step and a comfortable underfoot experience. At the same time, Bounce has a certain level of firmness to keep the foot stable during quick movements and weight training. 

The shoe also features a lightly padded footbed that adds another layer of protection to the foot.

The foam is thick in the heel area and becomes thinner towards the front of the shoe. This design allows the forefoot area to be flexible while also keeping the heel well cushioned.

The Adidas Gymbreaker Bounce uses synthetic and textile materials for the upper. The combination delivers a supportive yet flexible structure that keeps the foot moving naturally.

Some areas, such as the toe box and the tongue, are lined with printed overlays. This material serves to protect the fabric from abrasion and early deterioration.

It features a lacing system that keeps the foot secure. The flat laces pass through eyelets on the medial and lateral sides of the floating mesh. Tightening the laces draw the panels closer to the foot, resulting in a snug and supportive fit.

Both the tongue and collar are padded to keep the foot comfortable and to prevent accidental shoe-removals during workouts.

A breathable textile lines the inside of the trainer. This material delivers a smooth and comfortable wrap that prevents irritation from affecting the foot. It also makes the shoe easy to slip on and off.

How Gymbreaker Bounce compares

This shoe: 86
All shoes average: 79
57 93
This shoe: £80
All shoes average: £90
£30 £290
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