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This is my first pair of Skechers running shoes. When I used to think of Skechers, I would always think of them as “mom” shoes.

Here in Asia, Skechers does not have a very good presence in the performance running department. Every mall has a Skechers store, but none of them sell the premium Skechers running shoes such as the Razor or the Max Road. This is the best Skechers running shoe you can purchase here.

After reading many, many good reviews on the Ride 7, I decided to see for myself what all the fuss was about.


Upper & materials

The upper is an uncomplicated one made from knitted material. It is not very stretchy and is not extremely soft either. It is quite thick and not very porous, so it keeps the heat inside.


The knitted upper does a good job of keeping the foot locked down.


The tongue is flat and not connected at the sides, but I didn’t experience any tongue slide or discomfort. Laces are flat, stretchy, and do not come undone during runs.


The tongue is flat but soft and does not move around.


The midsole is made from Skechers’ Flight Gen material. It looks like regular EVA from afar, but when you hold it, you get a sense of how light it is for its stack height.


The Ride 7 is true to size. It might not be suitable for runners with really wide feet because I find the fit to be perfect, and I have very narrow feet.

On the top of my left foot, I notice a bit of pressure from the top, but it doesn’t cause any pain or blisters.

Skechers gives you the option of running without the insole. I tried to take it out, but it felt too “bare” and roomy inside for my liking. I prefer the extra cushioning that the extra insole provides.

The heel is cushioned, and there is no heel slippage.


The Durapontex removable insole adds an extra layer of cushioning.

Ride experience

The M strike midsole is supposed to make you strike on your midfoot by making it in a U shape. While it is a good idea, I found that I still strike on my normal outer heel area.


The M Strike shaped midsole is supposed to encourage midfoot strikes.


The Flight Gen midsole provides some nice pop. Flight Gen has overtaken Boost, Everun, DNA Loft, and Fresh Foam in the foam rankings.

It is lighter, springier and more cushioned. The only foam which is more advanced than Flight Gen is ZoomX.


The midsole is a great balance of cushioned and responsive with a light weight.


Flight Gen has a lot of deep cushioning, which I use for marathon distances. The gentle midsole rocker and the pop it provides also makes it suitable for shorter distances.

One thing I don’t like about them is that there is a squeaking that comes from the removable insole rubbing against the back of the shoe.


I am flat-footed, so I overpronate, but I have had not had stability issues with these. I like the fact that the midsole cradles your foot as you strike.


The Ride 7 is very stiff, but it still flexes if you put a lot of pressure.


These feel really well built, and I expect them to last over 1000km. The upper is thick enough to withstand premature tears, and the cushioning feels as good now as it did out the box. I can find no weaknesses in build quality except for normal outsole wear and tear.

Outsole & wear

The outsole is completely filled with no cavities, which make the ride super smooth. There are lots of rubber, so grip is great on dry and wet surfaces.

The rubber is not as durable as Continental or Nike’s outsole rubber, so I can see some significant wear on my strike zones on the rearfoot.


There is no significant wear on the forefoot outsole rubber.


At $90, the Ride 7 is an outstanding value. And now that there is an update due soon, you can get them for even cheaper! This is a quality running shoe and one of my favourite releases of the past 2 years.

If I could change anything, I would make the upper slightly roomier, and prevent the insole from squeaking when it rubs against the back of the shoe. The knitted upper is also non-porous and runs warm.

I have been converted. There, I said it. I will definitely purchase another Skechers running shoe in the future even if they still look like ‘mom’ shoes.

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Hi, I'm Brandon. I have a running shoe obsession and addiction. I spend hours a day on websites and on review sites reading about the latest tech and upcoming releases. I run +-50km per week, and one of my favourite past times is going into shoe stores and testing salesmen on their knowledge of running shoes.

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I think I was a bit disappointed by the Skechers GOrun Ride 7, mostly because of the high expectations I had for it based on the reviews I had read. If I had not read anything about it, I think I might have thought it was a decent shoe.

It’s not a shoe with anything that will “wow” you, but it also doesn’t have anything that you will hate. For the price, it is not a bad shoe. Sometimes you get what you pay for, and this is an economy car and not a racer.

The first thing I noticed about this shoe was the stack height, which I never really got used to until I removed the sock liner (see below).  



Compared to the Saucony Kinvara, it sat higher and provided almost no ground feel. That would not be a problem if the shoe offered something great in terms of cushioning.

The Flight Gen cushioning was adequate but was nothing to write home about. It did work well on a road with sharp rocks and gravel, but overall, it did not impress me.  

This shoe uses the M Strike design to encourage a midfoot strike. Unfortunately, I tend to like a lower-profile shoe, which allows me to be in the driver’s seat. It felt a little like a stability shoe, which I have moved away from.

One of the benefits of the big stack height is that you can take the GOrun Ride 7 on muddy trails and most of the mud will not get on the upper. This worked well when the trail was flat.

Since the outsole rubber is very flat, however, I did slip when I tried to go around some of the bigger puddles. Since it has a flat outsole rubber, I think the GOrun Ride 7 is really made for the road.

The knit upper is good but is nothing to brag about. It’s durable and won’t tear and is breathable but is not as soft as the knit uppers used by Nike.   


Tongue & lacing

One of the things I liked best about the Skechers Go Run Ride 7 was the tongue and the lacing.

The tongue is soft and thin and is very comfortable. The lacing did the job, providing a comfortable lockdown without the need to do anything unusual.



Another pro is durability. The outsole rubber shows some very minor wear, but much less than I had expected based on the miles I had run. 



The shoe is also flexible and had a wide enough toe box for my foot. The shoe has a prominent pull tab, but the lacing system works so well, that you cannot really slip it on or off without untying it completely.


I think this shoe could work as a daily trainer, but it seems a little slow and a tad bulky, compared to the Saucony Kinvara and other shoes.  

After reading other reviews, I took their advice and removed the shoe liner, which is identical to the bottom of the inside of the shoe.



Removing the sock liner turned out to be an improvement. It was not a dramatic change, but it gave my feet a little more room to operate and improve my foot strike. 

It also made the shoe a little lighter, and a little faster. Overall, it did not seem any less cushioned, so I would also recommend trying it - I’m glad I did.

I really have no complaints about this shoe, and I think it could work as an affordable daily trainer for runners looking to save a little on running shoes. 

Overall, there were no cheap materials in the shoe, and it will last many miles.

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Hi, I’m Robert! I’ve run marathons and several half marathons — 10K’s, 12K’s, and 5K’s — to cross country races. I coach track and cross country and have seen how poor shoes can lead to someone getting hurt. I also don’t think you need to break the bank to find a good affordable shoe.

Updates to Skechers GOrun Ride 7

  • The Skechers GOrun Ride 7 is a road running shoe that is designed for runners who have neutral foot motion. It utilizes the high traction outsole. This durable material aims to provide added durability. There are strips of rubber in areas where they are needed the most to give enough grip on a variety of surfaces.
  • On the lateral edge of the outsole lies the midfoot strike zone. This technology keeps every stride smoother.
  • Integrated into the shoe is the FLIGHT GEN cushioning. This lightweight material delivers enough cushioning without compromising a responsive ride.
  • The upper uses the knit material which provides added breathability. Being described as nearly seamless, it offers an irritation-free fit as well.

Size and fit

The Skechers GOrun Ride 7 is true to size. It is available in medium widths D for the men and B for the women. It follows the standard running shoe length. Because of the shoe’s rockered-shape, it contours to the natural shape of the foot.


Integrated into the Skechers GOrun Ride 7 is the high-traction outsole. This component of the shoe provides added durability on a wide variety of weather conditions. It also provides enough grip, especially on wet surfaces.


The midsole utilizes the FLIGHT GEN cushioning. This lightweight material offers maximum impact protection. It also aims to provide added responsiveness. Some Skechers shoes including the Skechers GOrun 6 are also using this material. 

The shoe uses the Mid-foot Strike Zone technology in the midsole section. Its platform is strategically designed to let the runner strike more efficiently using the mid-foot. As a result, a quicker stride is accommodated.


The upper section of the Skechers GOrun Ride 7 uses the two-toned knit. This breathable material has a nearly seamless design. It results in a rubbing and irritation-free running experience without sacrificing the shoe's lightweight structure.

Added comfort is offered by the Gussetted tongue. This component is also significant in promoting a more stable and secure fit.

For easy on and off, the Pull tab feature is integrated into the Skechers GOrun Ride 7. With this feature, the foot is allowed to enter the shoe quickly.

Increased visibility is encouraged by the Reflective details. This feature of the shoe is essential in making the runner visible, especially in low-light conditions. It adds to the safety of the wearer as well.


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