3 Best Skechers Running Shoes in 2024

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3 Best Skechers Running Shoes in 2024
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Skechers found their way into the shoe industry first with their sneakers. But after a few years, they gradually added running shoes into their products. Fast forward to today, Skechers offers some of the most comfortable running shoes on the market. 

Apart from highly cozy models, Skechers running shoes are also composed of performance-oriented runners. Whether it’s a daily trainer, a high-mileage shoe, or a racing flat you’re after, you’ve got a lot of options from the brand.

This is where we get involved. We tested every shoe and examined them very closely while we were wearing them on our day-to-day undertakings. We selected the most superb pairs in various categories and we backed our decision with data and numbers from our lab!

How we test running shoes

Having tested a myriad of Skechers running shoes, we give you the best of the best. We have selected models from different categories to help runners of all types.

To be as objective as possible, we buy these shoes with our own money and we test them in our own RunRepeat shoe testing lab. To make sure we get down to the tiniest of details, we do the following:

  • We run in each shoe in different terrains and conditions. 
  • We slice them up in our lab and measure over 30 different parameters including midsole softness, breathability, flexibility, etc.

Best Skechers running shoes overall

What makes it the best?

The GOrun Razor Excess is the very definition of a do-it-all shoe. With its expert blend of race-caliber speed and excellent comfort, this lightweight trainer is capable of crushing just about every kind of run, which is why it's an easy choice for our top overall Skechers shoe.

At just 7.1 oz (202g), the Razor Excess is an extremely lightweight shoe. Forget comparing it to daily trainers, it's even lighter than most speed training shoes, which weigh 8.9 oz (251.7g) on average. 

And the Razor Excess performs like a race-day shoe as well. We felt that its Hyper Burst midsole, which is 42.9% firmer than the average based on our lab measurements, had a ton of pop to it. It has the lively ride of a lightly plated shoe, minus the plate. 

But the Razor Excess doesn't sacrifice weight for comfort like other speed shoes. While it has a lower stack height than average—5.8mm less in the heel and 3.2 mm less in the forefoot—we felt it still had enough cushioning for slower, longer runs. There is also sufficient padding in the heel and ankle collar, as well as a foam strip in the tongue to protect against lace bite, which is a nice touch.

The Razor Excess is quite a narrow shoe, though. We measured its upper toebox width at 95.7 mm, which is 2.2 mm narrower than the average. So wide-footed runners looking for more toebox space may need to look elsewhere.


  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Fast
  • Comfortable
  • Breathable
  • Grippy
  • Value at $140
  • Cool colorways
  • True to size
  • Fits wide feet


  • Narrow feet beware
  • Adaptation period needed
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Best Skechers running shoes for daily training

What makes it the best?

GO RUN Ride 11 delivers an unforgettable ride for any distance or pace, offering responsiveness without compromising comfort, making it the perfect daily trainer from the Skechers roster. With features like the Hyperburst Ice midsole, carbon-infused H-plate, and Goodyear outsole, the value of this shoe far surpasses its $125 price tag.

On days we wanted to pick up the pace, Ride 11 gives the energy return we need. Its HyperBurst Ice midsole is made through a unique gas bubble infusion, resulting in a plush yet energetic ride. Our durometer confirms our sensations with a below-average 19.0 HA reading. Further increasing energy rebound is the pronounced HyperArc rocker and H-shaped plate of the shoe.

Despite the carbon plate, the ride feels forgiving because of its strategic design. Our bend test reveals it’s even more flexible than average by 12.2%. This feels comfortable on days we want to go easy, together with the patented Arch Fit insole that provides much-needed support.

This Skechers pair boasts a high-quality Goodyear rubber outsole, offering excellent traction on various surfaces. Its soft 76.9 HC rubber ensures stability even on wet surfaces. Plus, it's highly durable, as confirmed by our rigorous Dremel test, promising long-lasting performance.

However, those with wide or square-shaped feet may lack the relaxed fit they prefer for a daily trainer. This shoe will feel a bit more snug for these runners.


  • Well-cushioned and comfortable
  • Lively and bouncy midsole
  • Carbon-infused H-plate feels responsive
  • Propulsive rocker geometry
  • Good for long distances
  • Generously padded and forgiving upper
  • Extremely grippy and durable outsole
  • Feels like a premium shoe
  • Great price per performance


  • Heavier than average
  • Not ideal for wide feet
  • Questionable upper durability
  • Finnicky rearfoot lockdown
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Best Skechers running shoes for long distance

What makes it the best?

The Max Cushioning Elite sounds like a shoe that should be perfect for long-distance runs, and our lab and run tests confirm that it certainly is. With its legit max cushioning, strong stability, and comfortable upper, the Max Cushioning Elite is our top Skechers long-distance shoe.

The Max Cushioning Elite certainly lives up to its straight-to-the-point name. It has a massive 42.3 mm heel stack, which is 9.1 mm taller than the average road running shoe. All that padding underfoot definitely did its job of dampening the harsh impact of the road during our long-distance runs.

Stability isn’t an issue at all despite its high stack height. By our lab measurements, the midsole is 83.7% firmer and the width in the heel is 9.9 mm wider than the average running shoe, giving the shoe a good amount of support. Meanwhile, the upper has a nice and roomy fit. It is also well-padded and has a soft sock liner for added comfort.

However, that max cushioning comes at the expense of weight. It weighs in at 11.85 oz (336g), which is 2.29 oz (65g) heavier than the average running shoe. So those looking for a more lightweight shoe for long runs should consider other options.


  • Excellent cushioning
  • Roomy toe-box
  • Good lockdown
  • Comfy upper
  • Great laces
  • Budget-friendly


  • No removable insole
  • Not very durable
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Jens Jakob Andersen
Jens Jakob Andersen
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