8 Best Skechers Walking Shoes in 2022

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8 Best Skechers Walking Shoes in 2022

Besides being a fashionable sneaker brand, Skechers also has a fantastic collection of walking shoes that you can wear comfortably around the town. With a plethora of shoe assortment available on the market, it's definitely a daunting task picking which Skechers walking shoe suits your needs and style. 

Whether you're looking for a versatile pair to wear from the gym to the office or you're on a hunt for a kick that offers an amazing amount of support and cushioning, we've come up with our recommendations under various categories to help you out.

How we pick the best Skechers walking shoes

For fair and honest reviews, here's our process:

  • We buy these Skechers walking shoes with our own money to avoid unbiased feedback.
  • We put these shoes through a series of tests and comparisons to check their cushioning, support, and all other parameters. 
  • We rummage through the internet to get all available reviews from other wearers of these shoes. 

From the gathered data, we rank each shoe from 1 to 100. This scoring system called CoreScore will give you an overview of how the shoe performed across the board.

Best Skechers walking shoes overall

After testing, comparing and assessing more than two dozen pairs of Skechers walking shoes, we pick the Skechers Arch Fit as our best choice to date. Your hunt for an uber-comfortable pair of walking kicks ends at this highly rated Skecher model. 

This sneaker offers plush underfoot that makes our all-day striding on the streets easy and comfortable. Its Arch Fit insole contours cozily to our foot's shape, thus cradling it amazingly.

Its chunky midsole, meanwhile, is remarkably firm. As we pound the streets, it compresses a little and keeps our steps stable. 

Also, this pair is stunningly light despite its beefed-up shape. We never felt any dragging-down sensation at all! Wearing this for hours has never been a problem.

Walking on various pavements has been easy and worry-free with the Arch Fit. Thanks to its grippy outsole, this pair kept us on our feet even on slippery surfaces.

Arch Fit does not only work best on flat feet but also on various kinds of foot problems. This sneaker is podiatrist-approved footwear that we can indeed enjoy wearing all day long.

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Also bagging our recommendation as one of the best walking footwear in Skechers is the Skechers Arch-Fit Paradyme. This shoe is packed with so many incredible features which make our steps easier and comfier. 

As we slipped our foot into it, we were floored by its comfort. We could not believe how it instantly relieved the pains in our knees, back, and plantar fasciitis. Also, some of us who were suffering from arch issues reported quick relief from the said problem. This sneaker is definitely a pair worth trying!

It also feels so light on our feet! All-day walking felt so breezy, easy, and faster as this pair did not drag our feet down. 

With its affordable price range, the Paradyme surely gives value to your money. It offers you a tremendous amount of benefits without the need to shell out too much money. 

Its style is something you should not take for granted. It offers a versatile and pleasing flair that you can pair up with oodles of casual ensembles!

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Best slip-on Skechers walking shoes

Sifting through more than a dozen pairs of Skechers slip-on sneakers, we choose the Skechers GOwalk 5 as the best model to date. This footwear gave us so many reasons why this should be on the top of our list.

This shoe quickly ticked all the essential boxes when it comes to dependable daily walking beaters. It felt so comfortable on our feet even after wearing it all day. We felt zero pain after donning it for extended hours.

Its breathability is another feature we definitely should also highlight. Even after walking for hours during the scorching heat of summer, this footwear kept our feet dry and cool.

We also dig its versatile look! Thanks to its slip-on construction, this pair is easy to don with countless attires! Its flair is adaptable to plenty of looks, and we did not need additional minutes to think about what outfit to pair it with!

The Skechers GOWalk 5 is truly footwear you must add for your daily walking rotation. It has comfort, durability, and style to make your daily walks more fun and bearable.

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We also recommend the Skechers Arch Fit Iconic as one of our top choices in the slip-on category. This walking shoe provided a sock-like fit that made our strides easy and breezy!

After trying it for long walks and all-day strolls, this sneaker gave us a mind-blowing amount of comfort. Even our foot pain, we were dumbfounded how it instantly relieved! 

We also enjoyed its timeless style. It looks so simple and straightforward that it could be matched with different attire! 

Meanwhile, its easy-to-slide-in construction feels so effortless. We never needed to worry about tying or fixing untied laces with the Arch Fit Iconic. This shoe is positively suitable for users who are always rushing out the door.

We also highlight its premium construction and clean finish. We did not see any unfinished seams or untidy glue marks anywhere! Also, the materials used are definitely top-notch!

On top of all this, the Arch Fit Iconic is sold at an affordable price range! Enjoy all these and more with the Skechers Arch Fit Iconic without the need to shell out too much money!

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Skechers walking shoes with best style

When it comes to style, our best bet is the popular Skechers D'Lites. This walking shoe proved that it's not only a pretty face but also offers spectacular features that will make your strides more exciting and endurable!

As we walked around the city streets, this shoe gave us walking on a cloud experience. It feels so comfortable on the feet even our foot problem suddenly alleviated. This walking shoe is undoubtedly a must-have for users with foot and back pains.

While it may be heavy on the looks, this shoe is airy on foot. We felt cozy as we wore it the entire day because it felt so unbelievably light!

When it comes to durability, this model is certainly a beast! It remained unscathed even after wearing it multiple times! This shoe can surely survive as one's daily beater. 

When we slipped these on our feet, we loved how it added a few inches to our heights! We instantly felt taller and more confident as we roamed around the streets. 

Walking around the town, it's inevitable to receive unsolicited compliments from onlookers. We all love its neck-breaking features that scream '90s fashion.

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We are also captivated by the stylish look of Skechers D'Lux Walker. In fact, we highly recommended this and tagged it as one of the best-looking Skechers walking footwear to date. 

This sneaker easily landed as one of our favorite daily walking footwear. Right from the box, we adore how it instantly gave us comfortable strides. No break-in period is needed; it is truly worth owning. 

Despite its chunky sole, we enjoyed its superb arch support and remarkable foot stability. We did not worry about experiencing pain or twisting our ankles at all. 

Like most Skechers models, this sneaker is undoubtedly a durable one. After wearing it numerous times, we were amazed at how it remained intact. No signs of damage at all.

It also kept our feet well-ventilated and free from sweat even after wearing it all day. Thanks to its airy mesh upper that allowed free movement of air on and out of this footwear. 

Last but not least, it offers a stunning flair that makes our regular attire extra dashing. With its plethora of colorways provided on the market, this model can surely fit a wide array of styles and preferences.

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Best budget Skechers walking shoes

If budget is an issue, we highly recommend the Skechers Summits. This shoe will surely surprise you with jaw-dropping features despite its affordable price range.

We were enthralled by how this model provided an eye-popping amount of comfort to our feet after our long walks, standing, or traveling. After donning it plenty of times, we encountered no pain issues at all. It is as if we walked on pillowy clouds!

Since we have wide feet, slipping this shoe on did not put pressure on any area of our feet, and we had ample wiggle room for our toes. It feels so overwhelmingly cozy and no pinching point ever formed. 

We enjoyed how lightweight it is on our feet! It was barely noticeable, just like how most reviewers have shared with us. 

When it comes to style, the Skechers Summits did not skimp on fashionable flair. It looks so appealing that it can be easily paired up with any casual or sporty attire.

The Skechers Summits is definitely for footwear fans looking for a stylish and affordable pair that they could use daily.

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