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There are many running shoes out there, and each can serve a purpose. These particular running shoes are meant for the road.

They do not look like they have much traction needed for trails, but the shoes probably will not be destroyed if they are used on trails. Here is a well-worn shoe.



I received no box with these shoes, but I tried them on, and they fit comfortably. There is plenty of room to move your toes, yet they fit snug. The shoes feel pretty light and good enough for racing.

There is a nice comfort wearing the Forza 3. These are shoes I could wear all day and not have any foot pain. I do not notice any big arch support. There are no pressure points to give you any issue.


The bottom of the shoe, the sole, is smooth. It is all pretty, even throughout. The bottom thread can last a long time, and mine has. You can see in a picture below, the bottom thread of the shoes after running over 500 miles. This part of the shoe still looks okay.



The Forza 3 cushion feels great. The shoes feel like you can just bounce in them. These shoes gave me a comfortable run for many miles.

After many miles, the cushion starts to gradually go away. The cushion does wear down over time, but then again, I have put on over 500 miles in these shoes.

These are stability shoes. I usually run with a neutral shoe because I do not need the stability. However, I had no issues with this. I am sure these shoes still will help someone who over-pronates.

The shoes do have traction. The shoes are for the road, and they do grip well. Rain can make it more slippery, though. The Forza 3 shoes work for some dirt trail running also.


The upper part of the shoe is comfortable and gives you room to move your toes. The material is soft and just forms to your feet. It is also very breathable and can help to cool on hot days.



The Forza 3 shoes are great for insole inserts. If you have a custom insole or your own desired insole, these shoes will work even better.

After many miles, I took out the Skechers insert, and I put in my own insoles I got from a foot doctor. The shoes were even more comfortable with plenty of room.

The top is soft, it stretches, and it is comfortable, but it is not quite durable. After a time, a hole developed in my shoe. This was just through wear and tear, and not some particular incident.

I have gone through many different running shoes, and I have never developed a hole at this spot through normal wear. You can see the hole pictured below.



  • Comfortable
  • Long lasting support
  • Affordable


  • Top not durable


The Forza 3 is a great shoe for marathons and half marathons. I have run a very good marathon wearing these shoes.

They are not the lightest shoes, but they are light for the excellent cushion the shoes give. For me, they are a little heavy for a 5k race, but they will work for many runners on shorter distances. The men’s are listed at only 9.2 ounces.

They are great road shoes, and not designed for trails. The upper material can rip on things like rocks or branches, so it may be wise not to run with these shoes on certain trails. Different shoes provide different purposes.

Overall, these shoes give you the support for long runs. The shoe is made to last. The top of the shoe can wear faster than the bottom.

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I run marathons, and I have for 10 years. I started pretty slow with the goal just to finish. Through running a lot and training, I have brought my time down enough to qualify for Boston. I have run the six Worlds Marathon Majors, including Boston 3 times. I run year round, always training and running 40-80 miles per week.

Updates to Skechers GOrun Forza 3

  • The Skechers GOrun Forza 3 is a running shoe that’s designed for the overpronator. It employs several components that are noticeably different from its predecessor, the Forza 2. A 3D structural mesh heightens foot support, flexibility, and ventilation. The design is minimal, a trait that is trending.
  • FLIGHT GEN™ is the material used for the midsole unit. But instead of a separate post for stability, this shoe employs foams of three varying densities. These three layers aim to improve durability, traction and foot stability. A rubber compound shields the platform from wear and tear.

Size and fit

The Skechers GOrun Forza 3 has a standard running shoe length. The available width for the women’s version is B – Medium. For men, the option is D – Medium. Its upper features a set of supportive components that hug the foot, maintain its shape and encourage its natural movement capacity.


A rubber compound engulfs the platform of the Skechers GOrun Forza 3, protecting it from the abrasive nature of the asphalt. A bevy of lines acts as traction centers for surface control.

Thin flex grooves allow the foot to move naturally throughout the running session. These shallow trenches cause the sole unit to flex in conjunction with the foot as it transitions from the heel to the toe.


FLIGHT GEN™ is a lightweight compound that offers reactive cushioning for the foot of the runner. It is also capable of protecting the foot against the impact forces generated during the landing phase. This midsole technology is also used in the GOmeb Speed 5 and other popular shoes from Skechers.

Triple density foams make the midsole more durable and intact. These compounds also correct overpronation because they stabilize the position of the foot and prevent the arch from collapsing.

The M-Strike is a midsole configuration that lets the wearer perceive the midfoot part of the full-length foam as the point of contact, thus enabling a faster and more efficient biomechanical performance. Heel striking traditionally puts more strain on the bones and muscles.


The upper unit of the Skechers GOrun Forza 3 makes use of a 3D structural mesh which is made up of a cloth-like weave that hugs the foot securely. A wraparound pattern helps the lacing system in giving a fit that adheres to preference. The heel has a tightly woven construction to ensure steadiness and prevent accidental shoe removals.

A supportive strap is added to the posterior section of the midfoot. It contributes to a lockdown coverage.

The back of the foot gets support from a padded collar and a molded heel counter. Both of these components stave off in-shoe wobbling and slipping.

A pull tab assists the runner when it comes to wearing and removing the shoe.


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