Who should buy the Reebok Ridgerider Leather

The Reebok Ridgerider Leather might benefit you if:

  • You are looking for a shoe that could last months and months of heavy use.
  • You are on a tight budget yet prefer a well-built shoe that would not break the bank. 
  • You love wearing shoes with a muscular silhouette. 

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Who should not buy the Reebok Ridgerider Leather

The Ridgerider Leather might not appeal to people who have been sustaining foot fatigue lately. Some folks have complained that the shoe felt heavy on their feet. Also, those with foot conditions might not like how the shoe's arch section was built. A few users wish this Reebok pair offered more arch support. That said, having a look at other walking shoes that would suit their needs might alleviate their circumstance. 

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The comfiness of the Reebok Ridgerider Leather

Almost all of the owners are pleased with how comfortable the Ridgerider Leather felt on their feet. Unlike other Reebok models, this shoe offers a kind of fit ideal even for wide-footed wearers.

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While it might not be ideal for wearers with foot conditions like flat feet, still someone reported that this pair also stays comfortable even after several miles of walking. Thanks to its responsive underfoot cushioning for providing sustained comfort and a pleasant experience in every stride.  

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Its durability makes people smile

Many reviewers are impressed that this product held up well after several rigorous uses. Its sturdiness brings relief to owners who do not want to mess up their budget because they no longer have to worry about buying a new pair as a replacement for several months. Thanks to its leather upper, textured overlay in key wear areas, and full-length rubber outsole for amplifying its durability. 

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For the wise and thrifty wearers

Owners are more than happy to repurchase this pair of Reebok walking shoes because while it is affordable, its quality was not compromised. 

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Multi-surfaced optimized

According to plenty of folks, the Reebok Ridgerider Leather is suitable for walking on pavements and uneven surfaces.

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Big yet appealing

The Reebok Ridgerider Leather sports a heavy and rugged style that appeals to a lot of shoppers. Owners find the shoe beautiful despite its bulkiness. 

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Stench-free interior

Despite its leather upper, an owner commented that the shoes do not develop a foul-smelling odor even after sweating in them.

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Easy upkeep

The leather finish of this Reebok pair allows owners to wipe it clean easy and fast. 

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A wonderful present

A significant number of shoppers bought the Ridgerider Leather as a present for their loved ones. Most if not all recipients are thankful to have received this Reebok walking shoe because of its overall performance. 

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Facts / Specs

Arch support: Neutral
Use: For standing all day, City
Collection: Reebok Ridgerider
Closure: Lace-up
Material: Leather
Features: Cushioned
Condition: Heavy person

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