We spent 10.2 hours reading reviews from experts and users. In summary, this is what sneaker fanatics think:

12 reasons to buy

  • Most buyers like that the Reebok Furylite GW comes in fashionable colors.
  • A good number of customers valued its affordable price.
  • A large number of reviewers find the EVA midsole cushioning extremely comfortable.
  • Several users appreciate that the shoes look good on foot.
  • Quite a lot of fans tag the Furylite shoes as one of the fashionable sneakers from the brand.
  • Some buyers praised the textile upper material for breathability and durability.
  • Shoe pairs well with shorts, joggers, and pants.
  • Rubber outsole for the sneakers doesn’t easily chip away according to some wearers.
  • A few observed the sock liners give the Furylite GW a plush feel and added comfort.
  • Numerous reviewers love wearing these warm shoes during winter.
  • A select number of users find the speckled detailing at the heel back cool and stylish.
  • Shoe attracts younger sneaker fans as they find the design fashionable.

3 reasons not to buy

  • Some critics don’t like the shoe because it runs wide and affects fitting.
  • A few reviewers have advised that these are difficult to clean.
  • Many commented that shoe strings are too short and difficult to tie or untie.

Bottom line

The Reebok Furylite GW has excellent quality with a budget-friendly price. Sneaker fans will get value for their money for this pair of Furylites as it features solid midsole cushioning and a sock liner that makes every stride comfortable.

These sneakers definitely make a statement that the wearer doesn’t compromise style, comfort, and value for money treating all these qualities with the utmost importance. However, this shoe tends to attract a hip and younger generation than those in the middle to elder age brackets.


As a lifestyle sneaker, the Reebok Furylite GW has a narrow sock-like opening and kept snug in place by a short lace lock intended to keep the foot in place. The sneaker also has pull tabs on the tongue and heel for an easy insert that feels comfortable once on foot. The Reebok Furylite GW is available in men’s US size 3.5 to 13. The shoe width is at medium D for men.

In terms of style, the Reebok Furylite GW is one fashion-forward sneaker. Adapted from the game-changing InstaPump Fury of 1994, Reebok FuryLite captures architectural elements combining it with a cutting edge look with incredible comfort.

The Reebok Furylite GW was intended as a men’s winter sneaker and has literally convinced many fashionable sneaker fans to love its futuristic silhouette. With a good insulation material and textile upper with unique colors available, it is hardly difficult to notice this shoe as it will simply stand out.

With its design inspiration coming from the popular InstaPump Fury, the Reebok Furylite clearly exhibits noticeable similarities with the InstaPump. The difference, however, is that this classic-looking men’s casual sneaker that would keep feet warm and comfortable specifically during cold winters. This winter-ready technology is made possible by the Thinsulate material that keeps the feet protected from the cold.

The Reebok Furylite was first released in 2015 as the Reebok brand was looking for a design that would help move their slow sales. So with a little help from their popular InstaPump Fury design further boosted by an endorsement from then rising hip-hop star Kendrick Lamar, the Reebok Furylite came into being. 

Rehashing a classic sneaker, Reebok Furylite clearly has noticeable characteristics of the InstaPump Fury. The collaboration with Lamar resulted to the Reebok Furylite Jetsetter, a hip and edgy shoe with cutting edge looks and steadfast comfort.

The Reebok Furylite pushes us to look back into one iconic shoe, the InstaPump Fury. The Fury was designed by veteran shoe designer Steven Smith in 1994. Smith was also the man behind New Balance’s iconic 574, 996, 997 and 1500 models.  The Fury’s design is iconic for the Reebok brand and is the inspiration behind the Furylite’s silhouette with its geometric cuts and edgy design.

It was because of this particular design that Reebok was able to improve sales and soon released other models for the Furylite design after the Furylite Jetsetter. These are the Furylite Sheer, Furylite Geometric, Furylite Jetsetter, Furylite Candy Girl, and the Furylite GW.

  • Grammy-winning artist Kendrick Lamar endorsed and wore this shoe together with Reebok Ventilators in his concerts.
  • Standard-grade EVA and 3D Ultralite technology in the midsole give this shoe shock-absorbing and cushioning features.
  • The shoe has a low-cut design for freedom of motion and quicker transitions while an abrasion rubber outsole provides the shoe added durability for long walks and runs.
  • The casual sneaker also has a carbon rubber heel strike for extra traction for speedier and quicker movements.
  • Other celebrities spotted wearing Reebok Furylite shoes include American rapper Future, fashion blogger Red Reiding Hood and MMA star Connor McGregor.
Danny McLoughlin
Danny McLoughlin

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