Our verdict

We believe that the Allday from NOBULL (previously known as NOBULL Ripstop Runner) is a daily trainer that's ideal for running newbies and casual runners alike. Although very stable and supportive, it doesn't feel flat. The shoe also has some bounce to it, making the ride fun. This NOBULL shoe doesn't disappoint us in the weight department either!


  • A fun and lively ride
  • Stable throughout
  • Very light
  • Breathable on warm days
  • Also great for gym and walking
  • Awesome fit for narrow feet
  • Grippy on any surface
  • Outsole is super durable


  • Needs lengthy break-in
  • Not for wide feet
  • Expensive
  • Thin tongue causes lace bites

Audience verdict


Who should buy the NOBULL Allday 

The  Allday  is a sure buy for those who want a: 

  • lightweight running shoe that's great for shorter distances 
  • versatile shoe that's also perfect for walking and gym training

Nobull-Ripstop Runner-review

Who should NOT buy it

If you want comfort straight out of the box, we found that the Hoka Mach 5 is a better alternative to the NOBULL Allday.

For a shoe that doesn't cause lace bites, consider the Brooks Ghost 15 instead. And because the NOBULL Allday is on the pricier end, we recommend getting the Reebok Floatride Energy 5.


The NOBULL Allday is not boring

The Allday amazed us with its running performance from the get-go!

We really enjoyed the shoe's adequately responsive midsole which made the run very exciting and far from dull.

Bring on the heat

Contributing to the shoe's light build is its thin and airy upper. Running in the shoe on warmer days, we found that the upper allows decent ventilation for a cool and nice in-shoe sensation.

As our smoke-pumping machine test shows, there is still room for improvement. So, if you often run in super hot conditions, it may be worth considering an even more breathable running shoe. For reference, the shoe on the right is Saucony Endorphin Speed 3.

This is not to say that the NOBULL lacks ventilation. We can see quite a few perforations in our upper transparency test below:

Firm and supportive underfoot

Because the midsole is slightly on the firmer side it provides a stable ride.

Based on our durometer measurement, the NOBULL Allday shows average midsole firmness. At 27.5 HA, it is indeed firmer than some of the popular daily trainers, like Nike Pegasus 39, for example (44% firmer!).

Disclaimer: We take durometer measurements 5 times to ensure accuracy. The photo is of one of them.


However, the shoe does require a break-in period. And we don't think its cushioning is soft and comfy enough to support longer distances.


We also checked how much a cold temperature would affect the foam density of the Allday. Based on our freezer test, it only gets 10% firmer, so it's not gonna turn into a brick on a chilly morning. Most foams get around 20% firmer on average.

Not a drag

Putting the shoe on our scale showed 10.5 oz (297g) which is about an ounce heavier than average. However, this NOBULL shoe doesn't feel heavy at all! It is quite airy on the foot.

The Allday is a hybrid

When it comes to function, this shoe is just as good for gym training and walking as it is for daily running.


We measured the heel-to-toe drop of the Allday at 11.4 mm. This is another solid characteristic that puts the shoe into the category of daily beaters.

And with 31.3 mm of heel stack, you've got plenty of cush for all-day wear.


Even more, you can also wear it for casual occasions, thanks to its simplistic yet compelling design.


The shoe's visual aspect makes it clear why there is so much hype around the shoe.

A good amount of flex for comfort

The NOBULL Allday turns out to be way more flexible than its counterparts. Using a force gauge to bend the shoe, we found that it is a whopping 75% bendier than the average of our lab-tested shoes!

Perfect for medium to narrow feet

The NOBULL Allday's toebox can be an issue for runners with broad feet. It is notably tighter compared to most running shoes.

With only 92.0 mm at its widest point, the shoe's forefoot is 6 mm narrower than the average! But the good news is that the upper knit fabric is stretchy enough to accommodate medium-sized feet.


The tongue could use more padding 

If your skin is sensitive to scuffs and lace bites, we recommend staying away from this NOBULL shoe.


The shoe's tongue is ridiculously thin. At 1.5 mm, it is 74% thinner than the average! Paper-thin.


Grip that doesn't disappoint

Whether running indoors or outdoors, the Allday's outsole pattern creates a very grippy ride. Whether it's pavement, track, or treadmills, the shoe clings!


What's amazing is that the outsole has not shown any serious signs of wear and tear after 30 miles of testing!

There is also a solid layer of rubber on the outsole. It is close to 4 mm, which is thicker than the average 3.5 mm on running shoes.


Digs into the wallet

At $140, we aren't sure if the price is justified given that the NOBULL Allday is not a performance running shoe.

We believe that it is more suited to casual runners and people who need one athletic shoe for jogging and all-day wear.l